Vegan Video Resource Library

Building on small youtuber’s ability to draw people into engaging educational videos and follow up channel content, their journey and how it impacts you, I’d like to build a resource library for making that content more accessible and maybe even encourage dialogue about what goals we share in common rather than the already plentiful dramaful takedowns.

Step 1) Is collecting lists from diverse youtube channels, in the process of listing I can help point out videos that don’t belong to any playlists on the users channel for easy updating:

Step 2) Is grouping together the same type of content like ‘What I eat in a day’ or ‘Ethics’ on one page to give people many channel options for diverse youtuber’s broaching similar issues from various takes that appeal to them.

Step 3) Is transcribing more video educational resources into text for quick consumption, skimming, sourcing and linking, which is what I’ve been doing in the hopes that it could one day form part of a wiki or text resource library, but we’ll deal with that when there is enough energy for the project, at the moment I will host them on this site for easy application into closed captions:

and for commentary and discussion:

So let me know what you think? How you would go about organizing different playlists into an over-arching theme and if you recommend any vegan channels, or even want to list them yourself and link in the comments below, all you need to do is tell me if you’ve captured a list of all the videos or just in part the most important vegan ones.

That’s all for now folks.


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