New Playlist: Educational – Vegan/Freegan/Low-Impact Advocacy

An introduction to the philosophy behind reducing your impact on the living world and going vegan for ecology & ethics.



Mod Vegan: The Future Of Veganism & Vegan Technology

Chris: Are we going to reach that ultimate vegan world? Do you think its’s in our grasp?

Margaret: I think it is, I think that it may take some time to reach you know a hundred percent level, obviously I think that’s going to take a little bit longer to achieve something like that, but I think it’s easily achievable for it to become the majority way of living in the future and I can see people looking down on meat eaters in the future as people who just you know won’t get with the program. I think that that’s more likely, what we’re going to see is this, just because it comes easier to do it, becomes more affordable, I think a lot of people are going to have kind of a post-hok justification of their behavior, a lot of people are going to eat plant-based food, drink plant-based milks, not necessarily because they’re such great people, but because it’s more affordable and then they’re gonna say well I’m vegan, you know? I think that’s gonna happen.


Love this answer by Ethologic on Freeganism


Penan Relationship To Animals – Nomadic Hunters Against Livestock Farming

I got the boxset of Tribe on my 14th birthday, I think, used to watch them on my playstation in the corner of my bedroom after everyone had gone to sleep. This spurred me into insisting on getting to join and fundraise for a company taking school groups to Malaysia. The start of my wonderlust. Living with peasent rice farmers and building bamboo bridges over rainy season tributaries with villagers who would blowdart frogs for a late night snack to be roasted on the campfire. I would openly reject the frogs and rice wine to the dismay of my teacher / group leader, a service relationship for tourists in which they didn’t feel the least agreeved, but I did form a welcome bond with many asking sincere questions about what was plain to see of the still mostly feudal society.




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