Playlist Updates: Activism – Current Political Movements & Projects


3 Animal Liberation Approaches + 1 Vegan Environmentalist Testimony

Open Rescue vs. Clandestine Rescue vs. Rewilding habitat & Reintroducing wild species. Plus one explicitly environmentalist vegan testimony that I feel we don’t hear enough from by George Monbiot the biggest vegan political journalist we’ve got at the moment.


Steffen Meyn report from the european resistance to coal, Rest in Power

Promoting reporting made by Steffen before he tragically lost his life.

With English superimposed titles. You can watch the original without subtitles here with german title. Also a collaborater wrote spanish subtitles you can access by hitting CC on the orignal video.


Tributes to Şahin Qereçox martyred in Deir al-Zour, Northern Syria (English Subtitles)

Edited this video to bring together the tributes to Sahin Qerecox (Waka), who died fighting ISIS in Rojava, Northern Syria. It’s said he went to learn from and defend the revolution when alliances on the world stage look their grimmest. Before Syria Waka was active in the UK and mainland Europe, working with communities to resist coal mining applications and expansion. He was a gentle man, welcome face around the campfire, a funny, intelligent and fiercely committed activist.

More Tributes by the YPG Press Office, Coal Action, Hambacher Forest, ceremony outside one & two.

Credit to Salem Medjahed and ANF News for the footage. As well as Osendale with help from FurcleTheKeh and Eisel Mazard for all the hard work on the translations


Campaigns & Remberences of Hêlîn Qereçox (Anna Campbell)

Long video, just putting footage back up that was taken down when YouTube deleted the international academies channel. Hopefully mine isn’t next, but I’ll just link to it on my account if so.

More online tributes made into a zine so I could print and share with people who don’t use social media.



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