UK Cycle Touring in Solidarity; A How To – #1 Travel Prepping

The two main tasks ahead of me are 1) Saving up for equipment & 2) Listing addresses and coordinates for things to do that I’ll plug into my gps navigator & have printed in a booklet as backup.


Table of Contents:

  • Travel & Event Locations – Collecting data on campaign locations, communal events & ways to be travel on the cheap and be self-reliant, so I can work it all into one giant travel map & a bunch of event calanders.
  • Goals & Hypotheses for creative writing – Creating a list of goals and creative writing ideas.
  • Baggage – My shopping list of worldly possessions.
  • Hard drive – Building up a large harddrive of campaign media and personal favourites to use and share.


Travel & Event Locations

I’ve built 2 large spreadsheets of resources that can either be downloaded onto a GPS navigator or used in google maps. The benefits of using a GPS over a smart phone is their long battery life and not having to rely on internet access.

I also plan to print a series of pamphlets seperated by areas of the UK to have and distribute as back up hard copies, which people can use with print maps.

In terms of quickly searching in a matter of seconds what you might want to see, that’ll just have to wait until I meet an ace web developer who wants to help make a custom map and search engine for campaigns & communalist goings on.

Click the links below to see:

For a sense of the size of the data and what data pools I’m drawing from, see the table below:

Main Necessary
Locations Bigger Than
Same as
Smaller than
Eating Dumpster Diving & Foraging Falling Fruit
Eating Real Junk Food Projects Facebook Groups Search
Eating Sikh Temples All about sikhs
Sleeping Wild Camping
Sleeping Food and Board for Good Work Diggers & Dreamers Wwwof, Helpx & Workaway
Sleeping Couchsurfing Couchsurfing & WarmShowers
Sleeping Mountain huts The British Mountaineering Council
Sleeping Traveller sites Government Traveller Sites Count
Washing Wild swimming
Washing Showering Motorway Services Online
Organising Bike Repair Find a bike shop
Organising Charging Stations Charge Point
Organising Wifi Wiman
Volunteering Freecycling Freegle Trashnothing
Volunteering Pick your own gardens Incredible Edible
Volunteering Foodbanks Trussell Trust – Find a Food Bank
Volunteering Animal Sanctuaries Animal Aid
Volunteering Mountain/Cave Rescue Training Mountain Rescue England and Wales
Studying Activist Centres Freedom News Updates
Studying Zine libraries UK and Ireland Zine Librarians
Studying Book libraries
Studying Museums Historic UK
Studying Art galleries Art Fund
Studying Radio Ranges Radio Stations & Shows Community Media Map
Exploring Caving Council of Northern Caving Clubs – Map
Exploring Urban Exploration UrbanXplor
Game Playing Ping-pong parlors Ping! England
Game Playing Chess in the park
Game Playing Volleyball Volleyball in London
Game Playing Petanque
Game Playing Basketball Basketball England




  1. Collect food and tat to distribute through Food not Bombs, Real Junk Food Projects, Foodbanks & Freegle.
  2. Gather data – Map skipping, foraging & hitchhiking locations. Update information on campaign/communalist event calanders, location maps & tables. Take notes of resources and swap pdf libraries to update personal favorites on my hardrive and both community resource directories.
  3. Discuss/advocate total liberation philosophy.
  4. Help restore wildlife habitat and save some foxes
  5. Distribute, swap & collect movement leaflets & zines.
  6. Listen to tons of audiobooks and podcasts through boneshaker headphones & read back over sections on an e-book at night.
  7. Go wild swimming, caving & hiking.
  8. See live music and swap mp3 libraries.
  9. Participate in outdoor sports & games e.g. chess in the park, ping-pong parlors, cards with strangers, kabaddi & volleyball.


Hypotheses for creative writing

  1. It will be easier on the road to get enjoyment from study, so long as I don’t reach a point where I only want to speed read volumes.
  2. The expense of not being able to spend as much time organizing in one place and to a timeschedule will be made up for in the quantity of people I can gather grassroots knowledge from and establish intellectual connections with.
  3. It would be worth sharing free food with strangers that contain animal products, but it wouldn’t be worth hunting/fishing to extend the length of the trip.



Category Item Aquired?
Bike Essentials Touring Bike .
Bike Essentials Helmet .
Bike Essentials Locks 1/2
Bike Essentials Lights X
Repair Kit Mini Fold-up Hex Wrench Screwdriver X
Repair Kit Pump & Puncture Repair X
Repair Kit Wd40 X
Repair Kit Gorilla Tape .
Repair Kit Cable Ties .
Repair Kit Cassette Tool .
Repair Kit Crank Extractor .
Repair Kit Bottom Bracket Tool .
Repair Kit Adjustable Spanner .
Repair Kit 10/12mm Hex Key For Shimano Freehub Removal .
Repair Kit Strips Of Inner Tube Rubber .
Repair Kit Hose Clamp .
Repair Kit Electrical Terminal Block .
Repair Spares Inner-tube X
Repair Spares Chain Links .
Repair Spares Brake Shoes/pads .
Repair Spares 3x Spokes (rear Drive-side, Rear Non-drive-side, Front). .
Repair Spares Another Inner-tube .
Repair Spares Spare Chain .
Repair Spares Gear Cable Set (inner/outer/ferrules) .
Repair Spares Brake Cable Set .
Repair Spares Hub/headset/bottom Bracket Bearings .
Repair Spares Canister Of Grease. .
Bike Accessories Pannier Racks 1/2
Bike Accessories One Wheel Trailer .
Bike Accessories Gadget Holders 1/2
Bike Touring Bags Bikepacking Bags .
Bike Touring Bags Pannier Bags 1/2
Bike Touring Bags Trailer Bag .
Bike Touring Bags Roll-top Dry Bags .
Day Ride Essentials Water Bladder .
Day Ride Essentials Filter Bottle X
Day Ride Essentials Iodine X
Day Ride Essentials Phone X
Day Ride Essentials First Aid Kit X
Touring Essentials Maps X
Touring Essentials Sleeping Bag .
Touring Essentials Head Torch X
Touring Essentials Clothing X
Touring Essentials Waterproofs X
Touring Essentials Sunglasses X
Touring Essentials Down jacket X
Touring Essentials Shoes X
Touring Essentials Neck Tube X
Touring Essentials Toiletries X
Touring Essentials Wallet X
Wild Sleeping Hammock-tent With Spreader Bar. .
Wild Cooking Lighter X
Wild Cooking Stove X
Wild Cooking Gas .
Wild Cooking Stove Repair Kit .
Wild Cooking Pan X
Wild Cooking Spork X
Wild Cooking Knife X
Wild Cooking Tupperware X
Wild Cooking Condiments X
Techno-Toys Gps Bike Computer .
Techno-Toys 128gb Mp3 Player With Radio Capability .
Techno-Toys Bone Shaker Headphones Or Helmet/handlebar Speakers .
Techno-Toys E-book .
Techno-Toys Hard Drive .
Techno-Toys Dynamo Bike Charger .
Techno-Toys Spare Batteries X
Games Playing Cards X
Games Ping Pong Bats + Balls .
Games 3 In 1 Travel Chess Set. .
Reading Material Leaflets X
Reading Material Periodicals X
Reading Material Books X
Extras Zip Locks X
Extras Passport .
Extras Journal + Pens X
Extras Sunblock X
Extras Moisturizer X
Extras Lip Balm X
Extras Insect Repellent X
Extras Travel Towel X
Extras Earplugs X


Hard drive

Personal Favorites
Articles Spreadsheets
Video X X
Music X X
Books X X
Screenplays &

Leftist Community Resources
Articles Spreadsheets
Video X X
Podcasts X X
Radio X X
Music X
Books X X
Zines X X
Periodicals X X
Articles X X
Screenplays &

Vegan Community Resources
Articles Spreadsheets
Video X X
Podcasts X X
Music X X
Books X X
Periodicals X X
Articles X X
Leaflets X X
Screenplays &



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