Captain Hotknives’ Greatest Hits, Sleeve Notes & Poll

I created an album of for me what are Chris’s (Captain Hotknives) greatest hits, through finding what I think are the best quality versions out there of 13 well loved comedy songs, plus mixing and matching a few different versions together.

Secondly, I edited together 3 volumes of folk songs, instrumentals & bonus tracks.

Thirdly, I typed up the lyrics and I’m working on building it into an illustrated sleeve notes zine which will contain lyrics, descriptions & more.

Finally, I’m working on helping Chris get both up on his Bandcamp, so that 100% of music sales will go back to him & I’m keeping a tally of sales so that 50% of book & zine profits go back to him.

Click the links below to see:a1400372308_10

Track List

Vol.1 Comedy Songs

  1. Mushrooms
  2. Prejudiced Wildlife
  3. Scuse Me Mate
  4. Glue
  5. The Pigeons Told Me To Shoplift
  6. One Good Thing About Buckfast
  7. Johnny Depp Wi’ Me Bird
  8. Hotknives Are Good For You
  9. I Skanked Me Nanna
  10. Anti-Gravity Cats
  11. I’m In An Anarchist Squat Punk Band
  12. Bob the Amazing Sheepdog
  13. I Hate Babies

Vol.2 Folk Songs

  1. Travelling Free
  2. Hustlers Lament
  3. Into The Valley Of The Timber Wolves
  4. Let The Sorrow Come
  5. Smugglers Bold
  6. Out Of Sight

Vol.3 Instrumentals

  1. Say Farewell
  2. Demented Pixie Music
  3. Manchego
  4. Five Pound Junkie Shades
  5. Walking Through Morecambe
  6. Banjoy Division
  7. Mollys Song
  8. Into The Valley Of The Timberwolves (Instrumental)
  9. Riff for Paco
  10. All The Kings Are Gone
  11. Lying To Your Mum
  12. Coming Down Slow

Vol.4 Bonus CD – Stand Up, Sketches & Stories

  1. Soundchecks & Singbacks
  2. Day 3604 In The Big Tory Workhouse
  3. Steward Skit
  4. Electric Distortion
  5. Riley In A Can
  6. The Light Side Of Psychosis
  7. The Story of Captain Hotknives

Sleeve Notes Zine

Click the hyperlinks below to see:captain hotknives front cover

* If you try printing the full thing, the papers edge sticks out a fair bit in the middle. So what I do is print this cover on a cut up A3 piece of card to make it wider than an A4 sheet. Then stitch together Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 & Part 4 to each other and the cover.


Rank Your Favourite Captain Hotknives Songs In Order

Let me know your favourite comedy songs and if it’s wildly different to the greatest hits list I’ve collated I can rejig the list of downloads:

Captain Hotknives’ Platforms

Watch his new videos on his Facebook, his FB Fanpage & YouTube

Donate to him on Bandcamp.

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