Comedy Archive

I’ve been compiling a library of comedians content to be able to listen to, transcribe and study their work over their life:

Comedy Archive – Spreadsheet

I’ve got through transcribing a bunch of live sets from the first person I chose and made an album out of my fav Greatest Hits. If anyone is interested in writing up transcripts, text analysis and/or reviews let me know.

Here it is in short:

Comedian Content Type Title Date Transcripts
Ade Edmondson
Sitcom The Young Ones 1982–1984
Stage play Bottom Live 1993
Alexie Sayle
Sitcom The Young Ones 1982–1984
Sketch show Alexei Sayle’s Stuff 1988–1991
Andy Kaufman Stand up concert Carnegie Hall 1978
Ardal O’Hanlon Sitcom Father Ted 1995–1998
Bill Bailey
Sitcom Black Books 2000–2004
Stage show Remarkable Guide to the Orchestra 2009
Bill Hicks
Stage show Relentless 1992 Text
Stage show Revelations 1992 Text
Stage show Austin Texas Laff Stop 1993 Text
Billy Connolly Stage show Billy & Albert 1987
Captain Hotknives Compilation album Greatest Hits 2020
Charlie Brooker TV Special Charlie Brooker’s Yearly Wipe 2010 – Present
Chris Rock
Stand up concert Bring the Pain 1996 Text
TV Stand up Saturday Night Live 1996 Text
Stand up concert Bigger & Blacker 1999 Text
Stand up concert Never Scared 2004 Text
Stand up concert Kill the Messenger 2008 Text
Stand up concert Tamborine 2018 Text
David Mitchell and Robert Webb Sketchshow That Mitchell and Webb Look 2006
Desiree Akhavan Web series The Slope 2010–2012
Don DeLillo Novel White Noise 1985
Dylan Moran
Stand up concert Monster 2004
Stand up concert Like, Totally… Dylan Moran Live 2006 Text
Stand up concert Off the Hook 2015 Text
Eddie Izzard
Stand up concert Unrepeatable 1994 Text
Stand up concert Glorious 1997 Text
Stand up concert Dress to Kill 1998 Text
Stand up concert Circle 2002 Text
Stand up concert Stripped 2009 Text
Eddie Murphy
Stand up concert Delirious 1983 Text
Stand up concert Raw 1987 Text
George Carlin
Stand up concert On Location with George Carlin 1977 Text
Stand up concert Again 1978 Text
Stand up concert Carlin at Carnegie 1982 Text
Stand up concert Playin’ with Your Head 1986 Text
Stand up concert Doin’ It Again 1990 Text
Stand up concert Class Clown 1972 Text
Stand up concert Carlin on Campus 1984 Text
Stand up concert What Am I Doing in New Jersey? 1988 Text
Stand up concert Jammin’ in New York 1992 Text
Stand up concert Back in Town 1996 Text
Stand up concert You Are All Diseased 1999 Text
Stand up concert Complaints and Grievances 2001 Text
Stand up concert Life Is Worth Losing 2006 Text
Stand up concert It’s Bad For Ya 2008 Text
TV Stand up Saturday Night Live Monologue 1975 Text
TV Stand up Saturday Night News with George Carlin 1984 Text
Hugh Laurie Sketchshow A Bit Of Fry and Laurie 1987
Jennifer Saunders Sitcom Absolutely Fabulous 1992–1996
Jo Brand Stand up concert Barely Live 2003
Joseph Heller Novel Catch 22 1973
Josie Long Stand up festival Romance and Adventure 2012
Lee Mack
Game Show Would I Lie to You? 2007–Present
Stand up concert Live 2007 Text
Stand up concert Going Out Live 2010 Text
Les Dawson Sketch show The Les Dawson Show 1979–89
Maria Bamford
Stand up concert Old Baby 2017 Text
Stand up concert Weakness Is the Brand 2020 Text
Mark Thomas
TV Stand up Mark Thomas Comedy Show 2005
Stand up club Sex, Filth and Religion 1995
Mitch Hedberg TV Stand up Strategic Grill Locations 1999 Text
Moms Maybley Stand up club Moms Mabley Breaks It Up 1962
Monty Python Sketchshow Monty Python’s Flying Circus 1970
Morecombe & Wise Sketchshow The Morecambe & Wise Show 1978–83
Peter Cook & Dudley Moore Comedy album Derek and Clive 1976
Richard Ayoade Film Submarine 2010
Richard Pryor
Film Silver Streak 1976
Stand up concert Live & Smokin’ as Himself 1971 Text
Stand up concert Live in Concert as Himself 1979 Text
Stand up concert Live on the Sunset Strip as Himself 1982 Text
Stand up concert Here and Now as Himself 1983 Text
TV Stand up Saturday Night Live 1975 Text
Ricky Tomlinson
Sitcom The Royle Family 1998
Stand up Laughter Show 2008
Rik Mayall Sitcom The Young Ones 1982–1984
Robin Williams Stand up concert Live on Broadway 2002 Text
Ronnie Barker Sketchshow The Two Ronnies 1971–1987
Sam Kinison TV Stand up Saturday Night Live 1985–1986
Stewart Lee
Stand up concert Stand Up Comedian 2005 Text
Stand up concert 90s Comedian 2006 Text
Stand up concert Carpet Remnant World 2011 – 2012 Text
Stand up concert Content Provider 2018 Text
Tim Minchin Stand up concert So Live 2007

Finally as a bonus, here’s a great dark comedy & yet barely known about radio show. Written and performed by Dylan Moran in 2010:

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