New Facebook Page For My Videos

I’m almost at 2000 subs on YouTube, so I’m setting up a facebook page on the off chance anything I do ever goes viral or if my channel ever becomes the main platform for some niche campaign I’m involved with because I can game the algorithm easier with already having a few subs and views.

I’ve uploaded my whole backlog of videos in a few days before promoting the page so that I could upload them without blowing up people’s notifications. But yeah consequently there may be zero discussion happening in the comments underneath the old videos for a while, if ever.

I try to write/record personal essays, political movement theory & philosophy. I’ve edited together footage of real-world activism in order to promote and archive significant political movement history. I’ve collated living and dead comedians’ discographies. And finally, I’ve been able to find and have great discussions on everything from philosophy & psychology to the legal animal rights movement.

Here’s a list of playlists you’ll find on the facebook pages’ video tab & YouTube:


  • Activism – Current Political Movements & Projects
  • Advocacy – Human Rights, Animal Rights & Environmental Protection
  • Philosophy – Ethics, Existentialism, Etc.
  • Politics
  • Veganism
    • Vegan Discussions
    • Vegan vs. Vegan Debate
    • Vegan vs. Carnist Debate
    • Deleted Vegan Video Archive
  • Comedy
    • The Theory of Comedy
    • Andy Kaufman’s Full Discography
    • Captain Hotknives’ Greatest Hits
    • Captain Hotknives Full Discography
    • Captain Hotknives Footage
  • Atheism
  • Film Clips & Analysis
  • Music
    • Kilnaboy
    • Fat Panthers
  • Podcasts

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