Matt Gauck

all 5 next stop adventure zines for 7 dollars over 200 pages of bike touring madnessall 5 next stop adventure zines for 7 dollars over 200 pages of bike touring madness

All five zines! I biked A LOT of territory in this amount of time! Normally this would be around 10 dollars, but you get it for 7, because you’re interested in my ridiculous life. Do you do a distro? Get in touch and I’ll give you a better deal if you want more. For real!

Bike touring, dumpster diving, camping wherever I can fit my body!

ALSO: for the overseas folks, I understand the shipping is really high, but these weigh a lot, and I have been losing money on them when I shipped them at the old price. So I had to even it out, and this way I break even instead. Sorry, but that’s the state of shipping today. Booooooo


Michelle / BusyWeekends

The Color of ThoughtThe Color of Thought

Hand written/drawn zine offering ideas and inspiration for spreading positivity around yourself and your world! Buy it, do it, color it, then pass it on!



Letters to My Therapist bundle -- all 5 issuesLetters to My Therapist bundle — all 5 issues

This listing is for all 5 Letters to My Therapist zines.

1 – Describing my cognitive traps– those silly little ways your brain keeps you down and depressed.
2 – Thoughts and experiences on using medication for mental health.
3 – My experiences with therapy, what worked, what didn’t.
4 – Feelings of detachment, dissociation, anxiety.
5 – I spat this out as the “recovery” zine but it’s more like, “these are all the reasons I have decided to stop writing this zine series.”

Beware: Breeding ground for various triggers.

These zines are usually $2 each, buy as a pack of 5 and you’ll get $2 off! A mixture of B&W and color, all quarter-sized, 15-30 pages each.

They are listed separately while supplies last. If you’re interested in distro’ing this series I will print for that, but otherwise this is the last run for quite a while. Get in touch — michelle [!at] busyweekends.com

BONUS! All bundles come with a 6th addition to this zine series, P.S. This zine is only sold with the bundle. If you would like an issue of P.S. but don’t want to buy the bundle, email me about a trade! P.S. talks a bit about what I’ve been doing since the end of this zine series, some thoughts on depression, community, changing the world, etc… and includes pages from my journal.


Maranda Elizabeth

 il_570xN.622197150_n5feTelegram zine issue 35

Telegram #35 is about suicide, borderline personality disorder, and friendship.

content note: suicide, gender stuff, self-injury, overdoses, ambulances, emergency rooms, coma, psych wards, ignorant cis people, doctors & nurses, traumas, transphobia, ableism, violent, violent thoughts, invalidation…!

This zine is a document of three admittances to the emergency room at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto, Ontario within a one-month time-frame, as well as another suicide attempt by overdose, resulting in a coma and almost heart attack, and yet another week on yet another psych ward. Notes on conversations with doctors, psychiatrists, nurses, blah blah, and experiences of transphobia, ableism, and invalidation.

Also, negative post-suicide-survival feelings! Psych med withdrawal, the desire but lack of motivation to make crucial changes in my life, the desire to stay the fuck away from hospitals but not knowing where else to go, the desire to focus on individual friendships while trying to get away from radical spaces but also still not knowing where else to go. Failures of mental health care systems, failures of radical communities. Etc.

In 2013, the DSM-5 came out, with a bunch of changes to the diagnostic criteria for Borderline Personality Disorder. I’ve included the more recent details of the diagnosis in this zine, and compared it to the previous diagnosis, which I wrote about in Telegram #23 back in September 2011, after being diagnosed while on another inpatient psych ward; also, a tiny brief examination of the “invalidating environment” believed to be a major cause of BPD, and how just about all environments (institutions, social circles, etc) are or can be invalidating so maybe I’m doomed to be sick forever!

I’ll write something more posi one day, I promise.

Telegram #35 is quarter-sized, 24 pages, 4,200+ words, black & white.

il_570xN.758863191_raqmTelegram zine issue 37 parts A and B split

I made a split zine with myself! It’s 12,000 words / 48 pages long!

Telegram #37 (part A) is about complex-trauma, resisting & (re-)imagining recovery, creating new boundaries, abandoning identity, navigating the city of Toronto with a cane, the ways the body remembers trauma when the mind cannot, winter survival & disability, embracing the present while mourning the past, self-protection, & gratitude.

{content notes: trauma, chronic pain, inaccessibility}

Telegram #37 (part B) is about learning how to stay present in my body, choosing compassion rather than empathy, learning about and practicing yoga, naming & learning how to embody my values, how MDMA made me want to stay alive, understanding suicide, & trauma recovery.

{content notes: psychedelic drugs, chronic pain, suicide, ableism, madphobia}

il_570xN.659006676_8cf3Telegram zine issue 36

Telegram #36 is about being uncool, walking under full moons, fighting cynicism, defining & becoming a peptimist, perpetually letting go of resentments & jealousies, recovery, Tarot, talking to psychics, being offline, chronic pain, hermit summer, night owls & early birds, dumpsters, exile, poverty, and death.

Telegram #36 is 5,000+ words, black & white photocopy, quarter-sized, 24 pages.

tgcoverfrontTelegram: A Collection of 27 Issues  

In the Telegram: A Collection of Twenty-Seven Issues zine anthology Maranda tells tales of daily adventures, friendship, gender identity, falling in love with bicycles, getting tattoos, moving out, going crazy, and their experiences with inpatient hospitalizations. They also write about their relationship with their twin sister, and learning how to take care of their mental health within and without conventional institutions, identifying as genderqueer, getting sober, living a creative and meaningful daily life, and finding reasons to keep on going.

At its heart and in its guts, Telegram is about seeking magic in the smallest things, staying crazy in a world that wants us to fake sanity or die, and learning how to take good care of ourselves and each other.

5.5×7″ paperback, B&W, 447 pages


Maxx / Reverse Cougar Years

reversecougaryears3The Reverse Cougar Years #3
I’ve been meaning to get this one in stock for a while, and here it is! This perzine is divided into two different topics – in the first half, Maxx writes about being a woman working as a sound technician, something that’s quite uncommon (in the real world, and also in zines – how many sound techs do you know??), and everything that comes along with it. Not just sexism in the workplace, but also a history of how she got into the profession, and a little checklist on how to not be a jerk to your soundperson. The last half is about anxiety – an exploration of her mental health both on and off of pharmaceutical medication, situations that can trigger panic attacks, important happenings and relationships that have contributed to her mental health and outlook on life, et cetera. Totally engaging read, and a nice introduction to a new friend!

reversecougaryears4The Reverse Cougar Years #4
In the previous issue, we learned about Maxx’s experiences working as a sound technician. In this one, we follow her as she joins a crew setting up audio equipment for an outdoor winter festival – lugging heavy equipment through the snow, and working with a bunch of dudes. It all starts when she goes out to buy steel-toe workboots only to find that smaller women’s sizes are tougher to get a hold of, and that PINK boots are on offer. At work, she notices casual sexism and homophobia coming from her co-workers. As a feminist, and someone who studied political philosophy in school, she finds it difficult to simply turn off that switch that makes her aware of those microaggressions. But at the same time, she calls herself on the assumptions she’d originally made about her co-workers, and the way she believed herself to know better because of her university education. I think we’ve all been in those situations where we have to decide when and if it’s okay to call a person out on these things, and whether it’s worth simply continuing to get to know them better, which is what Maxx does. As a woman working in a male-dominated field, this is a situation she is constantly learning and re-learning to navigate. Ironically, after the whole steel-toe boot debacle, she winds up at home with an unrelated foot injury and indeed writes this zine during the healing process. I gotta say, she is a really excellent storyteller.

reversecougaryears5The Reverse Cougar Years #5
If you know me, you know that I love a good OkCupid story, and this zine is full of ’em. Maxx begins by telling us a bit about her dating history and her decision to join the popular dating website – namely, loneliness, living among a small dating pool (punks!), and a desire to explore something outside of heteronormative monogamous relationships. This issue features the bold femme, the political speech writer (can you guess how it went?), and the hipster. So great!


The Miniskirt

miniskirtThe miniskirt zine

Powerful zine written by 3 survivors of sexual violence who “were lucky to find one another and who grew together by hearing each other’s stories.” Fierce stories about surviving multiple rapes by strangers; rage and calm, fighting not to be ashamed, superpowers and those powers being taken away, survival and rebuilding a life post-rape. – Cindy Crabb


Mend My Dress

mmdcoverfinalMend My Dress: selected zines 2005-2007

Neely Bat Chestnut has compiled her zines put out between 2005-2007, which include the first six issues of Mend My Dress, as well as Dear Step Dad and Grit and Glitter, in a comprehensive anthology of early work. Chestnut’s zines are well respected in the zine community.Her zines cover issues ranging from incest, self-harm, the riot grrrl movement, feminism, friendship, fairytale, and healing as she reflects on her childhood and coming-of-age.



Milo / Dig it Distro & Press

struggle4A Struggle to Stay Conscious #4
Small, pretty cut and paste zine with small stories about a bunch of things: romanticizing brokeness, sobriety, friends, zine reviews, queerness.



struggle5A Struggle to Stay Conscious #5
Ways that misogany has negitively impacted their life. Self-worth and sex and dissociation. I love this zine, the rawness of self-criticism and trying to find a way out.



struggle7A Struggle to Stay Conscious #7
Queerness and naming; meeting their new girlfriend at queer Dungeons and Dragons group, and it being amazing to be with another “trans crazy alcoholic…boderline punx,” frustration with their 12 step program but it also being helpful


Megan Twiddy/ Eliza Agar Press

Silenced feminisms, inspired by Spare RibSilenced feminisms, inspired by Spare Rib

For this zine I have chosen to respond to key articles in Spare Rib that I have found interesting, and that are annoyingly still relevant today. I am interested in activism and showing unrepresented and often unspoken stories, at least in mainstream media, that are important in challenging oppressive societal norms. This zine looks at social cleansing, racism, classism, transphobia, the 1984 UK miners strike, sex worker’s rights, Palestine, sex education and abortion. It also features xAx, Charlie Cragg, Dorothy Innerd, Lorraine Malyan, Samia Malik and Sutapa Biswas!

This zine will be available at the Feminist Library on 29th August as well as online here, after the event.

36 pages, black and white, images and text.


MEOW Magazine


Pets Issue

Are you ready for this? MEOW – IS – IN – COLOUR! We asked for some colourful submissions and we got them along with some very nice black and white images too. This is a ground breaking issue so snap one up for £2 while there’s still time!




Monsters Inc

International-nobody-monsterpedia“Monsterpaedia – Volume 2” – A Zine by International Nobody

“International Nobody makes pictures for walls, floors and ceilings. Sometimes people think about buying them.”
Message to rebels and those who operate under the laws of reverse psychology…
Don’t even THINK ABOUT IT!
To everyone else: Procure International Nobody’s work before Charles Saatchi snatches it right out of your hands!


Isy / Morgan Muffel

self defenceFighting Back: Self Defense for Women and Girls





Mythologising Me

Perzine Mythologising Me 10 zinePerzine Mythologising Me 10 zine

The usual trope about me not being able to make any kind of life decision whatsoever. I also talk about ‘treat yo’self’, paper rounds, falling in love with Manchester and organising Northwest Zinefest.

If you want to request pink, orange or yellow say so in the comments or I will surprise you! 🙂