About Me


This blog was started a year ago in attempt to make available as many zines as possible that were lost when zinelibrary.info went offline, I scooped up all the zines under the label Interpersonal, now I think I have the biggest collection of Survivor Resources on the web including Post-traumatic Growth and Resilience, so when I find deadlinks to zinelibrary on important website resource pages I can point it out and link them here.

In my searching the web for copyleft downloadable zines I found a treasure chest of resources at archive sprout distro, (if you ever want to easily send one of the zines you find on here to a friend without the hastle of printing to correct proportions yourself, try heading over to sproutdistro). Anyways I enjoyed creating a page that could hold 100s of downloadable zines so much, I started making more from this archive.

It’s been nice being able to adapt, create and link to freinds so easily. Home printing just burnt through my wallet (what with all the black images), and sending it to the printshop always came back with mistakes. So I’m editing some of the zines myself to clear them up and invert the black backgrounds (witch hunt).

Now I’m hoping to expand from my Free Zine Library archiving into new areas, by creating a Catalogue of Radical Zinesters Work, which lists authors and their work alphabetically, with links directly to the authors website, plus a ‘Catalogue of Radical Zinesters contacts.’

In doing so I’m hoping to create a space where radical writers can come together and find collaborators to work on new projects together.

At the centre of it all is still the Catalogue of Radical Zines to be a resource for budding activists, and a source of inspiration for those unexperienced at journalistic writing, but wishing to submit to the compilation zine series Activist Journeys, a place to expand on experiences, where we’re going as a movement, what sustains you? and what motivates you as an individual?

That’s all for now, make contact, spread the word, read, network, submit, buy, copy and grow!

Email: activistjourneys@gmail.com








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