This site was started in 2016 to promote the idea for a compilation zine series called… Activist Journeys, a place to expand on experiences, where we’re going as a movement, what sustains you? And what motivates you as an individual?

Before this site I had a small blog where I published my first zine and the beginnings of an online zine library.

In an attempt to make available as many zines as possible that were lost when zinelibrary.info went offline, I went through archive.org and scooped up all the zines under the label Interpersonal, now I think I have the biggest collection of Survivor Resources on the web including Post-traumatic Growth and Resilience, so when I find deadlinks to zinelibrary.info on important website resource pages I can point it out and link them here.

In my searching the web for more copyleft downloadable zines I also borrowed about a quarter from archive sprout distro, so if you ever want to easily send one of the zines you find on here to a friend without the hastle of printing to correct proportions yourself, you can try searching sproutdistro for a copy.

Anyways I enjoyed creating the Catalogue of Radical Zines where each page could hold 100s of downloadable zines and it’s been nice being able to adapt, create and link to freinds so easily.

I managed to conscript several essays for the compilation zine and solicited many promises, but I never got the diversity of subject matter I was looking for to go forward with publishing.

I do still plan to do another call out when I’m happy I’ve finished the ongoing projects I’m working on at the moment, laying out the best vegan advocacy videos on various subjects to make up the Vegan Video Resource Library, updating and archiving the Catalogue of Radical Zines, made library pamphlets introducing both, managing an online store & traveling distro to print & sell rare zines & books.

When I start up the compilation zine next time, I’ll also be ready to travel with quality equipment between projects to conduct interviews and collect video. I’ll upload these to the channel and transcribe parts for the zine.

So that’s where I’m at. I’m just seeing more potential in video and podcast collaboration at the moment.

Join my community discord directory server to share ideas, network and collaborate.

>>>> https://discord.gg/bYpfzRT <<<<<

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6 thoughts on “About

  1. Absolutely love this website! Lil question; when printing off the free zines, do I print them double sized and it’ll be all coolie or is there a specific way to print everything off cause I don’t wanna mess anything up. Cheers!


    1. Heya, thanks so much 🙂

      So yes, select “Print on both sides” + “landscape orientation”. Then if you see the option “Flip on the short edge.” That means the printer should automatically feed the paper back in and print the correct way. If it only prints one side you need to flip the half printed stack of paper over yourself on that short edge, then click a button to finish printing.

      You can also chose to only print the first few pages as a test, to make sure the borders all line up and then change the border spacing if it’s off, or if it looks good print from that last page number.

      Finally staple down the middle or use a sewing needle and thread to tie the pages together in the middle, then fold to create a spine.

      Hope that helps x


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