Aileen Wuornos pamphlets

Childhood trauma

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childhood trauma

Hitchhiking hooking

Sex Work – click to download

  • Standards
  • She works hard for the money
  • Hooking as a way to get warm and showered
  • ‘I loved taken you there and getting some with that hooker money I made.’
  • ‘75¢ an hour. . . to 50 bucks for sex. And that did it for the slavery job’
  • Brothers attempt to buy her off the road
  • the discreetness of hitchhiking hooking
  • the beach – natural looking hooking
  • Cop stories
  • Transcript of interview with Nick Broomfield
  • ‘Even though I became a pro in being a prostitute . . . I still believed on the Road anyway’
  • ‘I’m guilty of shedding there blood. Unwillingly. But then they are to. For being crooked and forcing a human life to run scared. And do such to survive. hook’
  • good girl gone bad
  • Commenting on current news


Relationships / Sexuality

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