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Nietzsche – Do Morals Originate as an Expression of Power? by TrueDilTom

Thinks we should take from Nietzsche that we need more feudalism.

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What’s My PhD On? by AnarchoPac

Sounds like a really interesting dissertation, to be turned into a book on how we should go about seeking society wide social reform.

What do people think about their distinction between moralists and realists, was a little confused why she was calling moral realism an antidote to the kind of armchair hypothesizing of most analytical philosophy, as I saw in realism only a further stultifying into a too easy outsider calculations of populations values or required actions through unwavering commitment to absolute rules. But I listened to a bunch of Raymond Geuss, which was new to me, and feel they ask all the right questions about existing society, plus cultures and are humble about what we’ll find out about ourselves as we change. So maybe they were just using the term realist to describe philosophy that is embedded in practice.

I’ll include Benjamin Franks short run down of different anarchist philosophical traditions, and  2 essays responding to it also. He arrives at a kind of existential virtue ethics which views “political structures as the manifestation of internal goods, such as enhancing wisdom and the embodiment of social relationships that disperse social power.”

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BadMouse goes further down unchallengeable Marxist-Leninist hole

For those who consider Communism and Fascism as the same, like Suzzane Evans:
No matter what occurred during the 20th century what matters is the theory.
I’ll say it unflinchingly, you can find incredible guidance and knowledge from Lenin & Mao, not so much from Hitler or Gentile

Imagine if someone looked at the countless atrocities committed during the history of liberalism and responded by saying “no matter what occured during the 19th to 21st century what matters is the theory. John Rawls offers so much guidance and knowledge.

Farmer Geddon
as someone from the welsh working classes becoming influenced in early adulthood by m-ls alienated a lot of folks around me from the radical left, that is why im unapologetically critical

So what have you read from the MLs then?

Farmer Geddon
I can pull out the books in the forbidden box when im home (currently in mid wales away from home) but lots of lenin, state and revolution, what needs to be done, left wing communism, lots of stalin and mao dialectical material, history of the ussr, practice and contradiction…

Ok fair doos. Well if folks alienated from you thats either yours OR their problem.

Reminds me of my attempt at exploring religion’s real world outcomes with kanadajin3

all your misunderstandings can be clarified at your local mosque. . . Now if you would have went to these places and learned about my religion in a false way then you can come back to me with your concerns. . .

All Glory to SOROS

Talks about the Dalai Lama being a feudal lord fighting a terror campaign against China, he’s a Marxist democrat who couldn’t be more happy with community infrastructure projects, so yeah he was scaremongering them wanting to keep some of their culture alive against the glorious ML country who thought in their infinite centrally planned wisdom to swap all Tibet’s crops with something that wouldn’t grow in the climate and left millions to starve.

Why ‘Communism’ is Important

You may have noticed that Lenin has received a bit of a renaissance and interest in recent times, even many self-proclaimed anti-authoritarians have admired his intellect or at least mildly relative to others. This is not an accident, it’s only because people took it upon themselves to remove the historical baggage which had been attached to it, to talk about it, to demystify him in proper context, if this had not occurred, Lenin the intellectual would have still been Lenin the dictator to the world at large. If this was the case for Lenin, I wonder who’s going to be next.

People to this day still have the overwhelming feeling that the USSR was simply a society of bread lines, hunger and famine. A more plausible reality is that famine’s only represented the earlier period up until 1934.