The Scoundrel

Greetings and welcome to a new paper that we hope will give the powers that be some discomfort over the coming months. The Scoundrel is an offensive and probably illegal publication that isn’t too bothered about becoming respectable or even acceptable. We want to bring a bit of oxygen to the glowing embers of social warfare that lie all around. The Scoundrel is not a mouthpiece for any organisati…

The Scoundrel #2

Welcome to the age of austerity – where the poorest are punished whilst the rich make a profit. Where the vulnerable are the subject of popular hatred and the robber barons are put on a pedestal. If you have to rely on benefits you are a dirty parasite who must be forced into work and put under constant surveillance and harassment by the state. If you are ‘fortunate’ enough to have a shitty jo…

The Scoundrel #3

<!– @page { margin: 2cm } P { margin-bottom: 0.21cm } –>For the third issue of The Scoundrel it’s time to do something different. Having worked out a formula that could be run with forever, it’s time to break up the pattern and develop something new. For this issue The Scoundrel will be examining the local anarchist milieu and running a critical comb through the find…

Notts Uncut Newsletter No. 1 April 2011

The first of Notts Uncut newsletters. Come to the next event and take action against corporate tax avoiders! Also check out the new website


Notts Uncut Newsletter Issue 2

Notts Uncut have released issue 2 of our newsletter. We are also in the process of planning our latest action – we’d love to see you there.

Notts Uncut Newsletter September/October

Notts Uncut September/October Newsletter

Notts Uncut Newsletter The Pride Edition!

Welcome to our special Pride edition! If you have any contributions for future issues please e-mail

Notts Uncut Newsletter 3 The Strike Edition!

Please print and distribute if you can.

Notts Sos Newsletter #3

The third edition of the Notts SOS newsletter is now available. This weeks edition includes reports on action around libraries, Sherwood Forest and tax avoiding companies. There’s also a list of upcoming events.

Notts Sos Newsletter #4 March/April 2011

Issue No. 4 highlights NHS, Academies and Save Sherwood Forest local campaigns. Previous newsletters are here: No. 3 – Feb 2011 No. 2 – Dec 2010 & No. 1 – Nov 2010

Notts Sos Newsletter No. 5 May 2011

The latest offering from Notts Save Our Services bringing together anti-cuts ongoings in Nottingham and Nottinghamsire. You can visit the Notts SOS website for a Word version and back issues of the newsletter.

Notts Sos Newsletter No.6 June 2011

The latest Notts SOS newsletter (no.6) for June 2011 covers the recent ‘Save Our NHS’ protests at the government ‘listening events’ in Nottingham and Notts, the outstanding success of the campaign to save the Hayward House Daycare unit on the City Hospital site, and update on the Sherwood Forest campaign, sustained protest in the city about corporate tax avoidance by Notts Uncut, pl…

Notts Sos Newsletter No.7 November 2011

The anniversary issue of Notts SOS newsletter, no. 7, November 2011 is out. Our latest newsletter includes an overview of the year’s campaigning plus forthcoming action. We welcome new and updated information about local campaigns and about cuts to services.

Straight White Male Vol. 1

Straight White Male Vol. 2 How I Had the Gay Bashed Out of Me

Another hit from the beloved and super awesome Anonimus Maximus

Straight White Male Volume 3 How I Had the Gay Bashed Out of Me Literally

Another chart topper by everyone’s favorite pop star!

RockPaperScissors – Issue 1 July 2011

“Successful Failure” by Jorine van Delft

“Monkey” by Joe Miles

“Overload” by Judith Sevestre

“Selfishness” by Judith Sevestre

RockPaperScissors – Issue 2 Aug 2011

“An Open Letter” by Joe Miles

“All One” by Adam Pellant

“Talked To Death” by Joe Miles

“Big Baggie Coat” by Judith Sevestre

“To Be Human” by Judith Sevestre

“Blown Apart” by Romany Garnett

“The Big Question” by Sophie Ellis

RockPaperScissors – Issue 3

RockPaperScissors – Issue 4

RockPaperScissors is a magazine published each month.

We’re like-minded people, following the same path. We’re not so concerned with where this path started, but more with where it goes – towards a sane and sustainable way of living.

There are problems which need solutions, and we’re concerned for the most part with the solutions. We have an understanding that only flexible and creative minds will create the sane and sustainable environment we crave for and work towards.

Our revolution will come about only when we individually, subjectively and creatively revolutionise our thinking, made all the more thorough, uncomfortable, fulfilling, beautiful – and realistic – when we work with each other. And it is truly work.

In this magazine you will find some of the thoughts and ideas we’ve had while walking this path. We’re all learning, evolving, ever-changing beings, and this is the record of that evolution. Of our personal, subjective and creative revolutions.

We work together because we know each other, and we are hungry for a sane and sustainable way of life. If you feel you are too, and you would like to comment, contribute or meet up – drop us a line in the contact section of our website.

Goto for contact, past and future issues.

RockPaperScissors – Issue 5

RockPaperScissors – Issue 6

RockPaperScissors – Issue 7

| Curiously collaborative | Indignantly Independent | Disgustingly DIY |

Where helpful opinions flourish, useless points of view come to die, and where we stand for what we believe until, or unless, life shows us to believe otherwise. Bringing you views, news and reviews from across the globe.

We write this zine for us. It’s part of a gratifying and possibly futile attempt at holding onto our own sanity. We edit, re-edit, lay out, throw away and start again because it will always be something we’re proud of.

We’ve read, researched, laughed, listened, cried and conversated – and this zine is one way we can get our heads around the things we’ve seen, the things we know and the things we’ve learned.

Where before we may have ceded our responsibility for our own education, this has come to an end. We no longer cede our responsibility to learn or keep learning, cede our decisions to those who would happily decide for us, or cede our attention to those who would happily entertain us.

Remember folks, if the emperor looks naked, the emperor is naked. It’s time we got together, point out what we know and move on.

Visit us at or drop us a line at

RockPaperScissors – Issue 8

RockPaperScissors – Issue 9



RockPaperScissors – Issue 10 (Readable)

RockPaperScissors – Issue 10 (Printable)


RockPaperScissors – Issue 11 (Printable)

RockPaperScissors – Issue 11 (Readable)

RockPaperScissors – Issue 12 (Printable)

RockPaperScissors – Issue 12 (Readable)

After spending a couple of months agitating in other areas, we’ve got Issue 12 laid out and full of some fucking cool stuff from 6 contributors.

RockPaperScissors – Issue 13

Another issue of creative non-fiction from a variety of viewpoints, with some awesome subvertising and poetry thrown in..

For past and future issues visit & podcasting (almost) weekly at to see more about who we are and what we’re about, or just read and enjoy. Contributions, comments and feedback are welcome –

RockPaperScissors Radio is a weekly show presented for Australian community radio and podcasting alongside the monthly RockPaperScissors zine. Content developed and produced by the RPS Crew.

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