Catalogue of Radical Zines

  • Recent Radical zinesters work categorised by subject.
  • A source of inspiration for writing the compilation zine series Activist Journeys,
  • Copyleft zines that have been given the all clear to share for free as a resource.
  • Onscreen viewing is almost finished, just need to print into a booklet and publicize now.


When it’s finished this page is hopefully going to be the most important on my blog, it comes down to why one writes, not only how you can improve the work you put out there, but the reasons you go into a project or event in the first place, and what ideas and tools you can bring with you to help you along the way.

I’m going to try and split it down into 3 categories but these are open to change:

  1. Having an experience in order to record events, (Studying)
    • This could be putting yourself on the ground to record research or media.
  2. Writing to record an event after the fact (Living well)
    • How to draw the truth out of a specific experience.
  3. Writing to serve a function, group together ideas (Practical Work)
    • How to draw together many experiences into one coherent idea, that can be used as a tool.

Any useful articles on the process can go into Creating Culture.



An old index library in need of updating:

Writing Styles

A Variety of Experiences:


Writing Styles

Zines based on similar personal experiences with anarchism


Hitchens’s Cosmopolitan journalist ideal


Anarchist Theory




Direct Action


Christian Terrorism

Libertarian Vigilantism





  • Earth Repair: A Grassroots Guide to Healing Toxic and Damaged Landscapes

Leila Darwish

  • Amazonmycorenewal
  • Mycorenewal summer camp – John Michelotti
  • The Female & Fungi
  • Wild Child Santa Cruz – Maya Elson
  • The Radical Mycology Movement: Healing the World with Mushrooms

National Parks vs People


Mental Health










Philosophy and Education

Free will: Wage slavery vs Leisure work



Bigoted Atheism

Against exporting secularism


Post-traumatic growth and resiliace

Table of Contents


About Consent


Resources for survivors of sexual assault


Resources for Supporters of Sexual Assault Survivors:


Resources for People called out for Sexual Assault


Resources Specifically for Male-Identified Perpetrators


Recourses Specifically for Female-identified Perpetrators


Accountability Processes, Communities Responding to Sexual Assault


About sexual assualt, rape, sexism and racism


Radical zines


Community Struggle – Empowerment


Toolkits and personal stories of winning

Sex Critical

  • FUCKED: on being sexually dysfunctional in sex-positive queer scenes zine
  • 2Fucked2Furious
  • this is about more than who we fuck (and who fucks us)
    • For Lovers and Fighters by Dean Spade
    • A new way of doing this shit by Caytee
    • Fuck free love by Olivia
    • one ring to rule them all: Impossible promises and pragmatic politics by Liam
    • A comic on communication by Jess B.
    • open letters
    • Some thoughts on being/feeling ‘secondary’ SAFER SPACE MEANS ATTACK (or: creating strength and courage within emotionally vulnerable relationships) by Maria and Dave
  • This is about more than who we fuck (and who we don’t) #2 REAL
    • Manipulative Friend by anonymous
    • Bromance A Love Story by Caytee
    • Untitled by Olivia
    • Open Relationships
    • Encrypted Emails by Boskote
    • Love Letters by anonymous

Abuse and feeling ok about sex negativity

Limited sexuality in a sex positive movement

  • Flying – Kate Millett

Against Normative

Against therapeutic acceptance of social norms

Against False Positive Essentialism

Against Uncritical Liberation of Desire (privileged lifestyle politics)

Towards a radical subjectivity

Sex Positive

Sex Negative

Sex Militant




Psychology and Rebellion

Emotion Work

Privilege and Power of Suggestion

Relationship Anarchy



Solidarity Activism


Personal solutions to complex community organising