Catalogue of Activist Journeys

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Writing Styles

A Variety of Experiences:

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Personal solutions to complex community organising


Writing Styles

Zines based on similar personal experiences with anarchism


Hitchens’s Cosmopolitan journalist ideal


Anarchist Theory




Direct Action


Christian Terrorism

Libertarian Vigilantism





  • Earth Repair: A Grassroots Guide to Healing Toxic and Damaged Landscapes

Leila Darwish

  • Amazonmycorenewal
  • Mycorenewal summer camp – John Michelotti
  • The Female & Fungi
  • Wild Child Santa Cruz – Maya Elson
  • The Radical Mycology Movement: Healing the World with Mushrooms

National Parks vs People


Mental Health










Philosophy and Education

Free will: Wage slavery vs Leisure work



Bigoted Atheism

Against exporting secularism


Post-traumatic growth and resiliace

Table of Contents


About Consent


Resources for survivors of sexual assault


Resources for Supporters of Sexual Assault Survivors:


Resources for People called out for Sexual Assault


Resources Specifically for Male-Identified Perpetrators


Recourses Specifically for Female-identified Perpetrators


Accountability Processes, Communities Responding to Sexual Assault


About sexual assualt, rape, sexism and racism


Radical zines


Community Struggle – Empowerment


Toolkits and personal stories of winning

Sex Critical

  • FUCKED: on being sexually dysfunctional in sex-positive queer scenes zine
  • 2Fucked2Furious
  • this is about more than who we fuck (and who fucks us)
    • For Lovers and Fighters by Dean Spade
    • A new way of doing this shit by Caytee
    • Fuck free love by Olivia
    • one ring to rule them all: Impossible promises and pragmatic politics by Liam
    • A comic on communication by Jess B.
    • open letters
    • Some thoughts on being/feeling ‘secondary’ SAFER SPACE MEANS ATTACK (or: creating strength and courage within emotionally vulnerable relationships) by Maria and Dave
  • This is about more than who we fuck (and who we don’t) #2 REAL
    • Manipulative Friend by anonymous
    • Bromance A Love Story by Caytee
    • Untitled by Olivia
    • Open Relationships
    • Encrypted Emails by Boskote
    • Love Letters by anonymous

Abuse and feeling ok about sex negativity

Limited sexuality in a sex positive movement

  • Flying – Kate Millett

Against Normative

Against therapeutic acceptance of social norms

Against False Positive Essentialism

Against Uncritical Liberation of Desire (privileged lifestyle politics)

Towards a radical subjectivity

Sex Positive

Sex Negative

Sex Militant




Psychology and Rebellion

Emotion Work

Privilege and Power of Suggestion

Relationship Anarchy



Solidarity Activism


Personal solutions to complex community organising