New Facebook Page For My Videos

I’m almost at 2000 subs on YouTube, so I’m setting up a facebook page on the off chance anything I do ever goes viral or if my channel ever becomes the main platform for some niche campaign I’m involved with because I can game the algorithm easier with already having a few subs and views.

I’ve uploaded my whole backlog of videos in a few days before promoting the page so that I could upload them without blowing up people’s notifications. But yeah consequently there may be zero discussion happening in the comments underneath the old videos for a while, if ever.

I try to write/record personal essays, political movement theory & philosophy. I’ve edited together footage of real-world activism in order to promote and archive significant political movement history. I’ve collated living and dead comedians’ discographies. And finally, I’ve been able to find and have great discussions on everything from philosophy & psychology to the legal animal rights movement.

Here’s a list of playlists you’ll find on the facebook pages’ video tab & YouTube:


  • Activism – Current Political Movements & Projects
  • Advocacy – Human Rights, Animal Rights & Environmental Protection
  • Philosophy – Ethics, Existentialism, Etc.
  • Politics
  • Veganism
    • Vegan Discussions
    • Vegan vs. Vegan Debate
    • Vegan vs. Carnist Debate
    • Deleted Vegan Video Archive
  • Comedy
    • The Theory of Comedy
    • Andy Kaufman’s Full Discography
    • Captain Hotknives’ Greatest Hits
    • Captain Hotknives Full Discography
    • Captain Hotknives Footage
  • Atheism
  • Film Clips & Analysis
  • Music
    • Kilnaboy
    • Fat Panthers
  • Podcasts

Life & Projects Update

For the first time in my life for a good while now I’ve been able to stay more or less in one place and I’ve really benefited from the solitude to simply do a lot of reading and discussion online, to grow as a person, as well as the routine of going for long hikes & mountain biking with the dog everyday, immersing myself in the beautiful Welsh countryside.

At the same time, I’m really ready to stretch my legs again and aim to start working with more groups like Food not Bombs, going out hunt sabbing and gleaning, visiting forestry centres, rewilding projects & fruit tree farms. I hope I can play a part in building up projects, connections and, where useful, write up or talk about my experiences here.

Speaking of which, I have 8 narrated videos planned I’m excited about producing, 5 of which the plan is to mirror on the Philosophical Vegan YouTube channel, to build up that space for discussion also:

  1. Intro to the channel and why now
  2. Surprise subject
  3. How best to approach online media (as consumer, commentator, collaborator and/or creator)
  4. How different forms of media have impacted my life
  5. How best to use the Philosophical Vegan Wiki
  6. Introduction to the Vegan Video Resource Library
  7. Vegan & Anti-Vegan Joint Taskforce (against hosting violent/extremist people)
  8. Against anti-natalism in the vegan movement

I’m going to start posting all my backlog and future videos to this site because I just think it’s a nicer user experience. People who make articles linking my articles get pingbacks, there’s less of a divide between commenters and creators when people can easily create great text blogs, you’re not distracted by tons of clickbait, only category’s of other posts to look back on, etc.

I also recommend everyone getting an RSS aggregator like feedly or inoreader for this reason.  It saves you spending hours aimlessly browsing through social media when you can choose exactly who you want to be updated by from various websites.  That way any other time you spend online can be limited to meaningfully researching subjects.

You can click to read about other ongoing projects I’m working on related to this site. Also, stalled projects, things I still get emails about but have had to put on the back burner for now.

The side bar of links is up, listed in order of things I think will be most relevant to people arriving at this website; vegan & socialist content, campaign groups & networks, adventure and other art/media.  It was a nice moment finally getting this resource up as I’ve admired the blog, a girl and her thumb since I was a fledgling and her sidebar of links was a directory of every anarchic project she ever visited (which was a lot).  It gave me confidence to keep on exploring.

I’ve taken down my first zine of my early years writing.  I really liked breaking into the zine world with something significant.  It’s just far removed from the headspace I write from now.  That said, I’m really grateful for the conversations it opened up and responses it garnered.

I’ve still left 4 essays up and of course have prints lying around I can still share or send the pdf to confidants:

That’s all my updates for now, have a good one.

New Beginnings: A Vegan Video Resource Library

Building on small YouTuber’s ability to draw people into engaging educational videos and follow up channel content, their journey and how it impacts you, I’d like to build a resource library for making that content more accessible and maybe even encourage dialogue about what goals we share in common.

Part 1) Is collecting lists from diverse youtube channels. In the process of listing I can help point out videos that don’t belong to any playlists on the users channel for easy updating:

Part 2) Is grouping together the same type of content like ‘What I eat in a day’ or ‘Ethics’ on one page to give people many channel options for diverse youtuber’s broaching similar issues from various takes that appeal to them:

Part 3) Is transcribing more video educational resources into text for quick consumption, skimming, sourcing and linking:

So let me know what you think? Have you seen any channels not already listed broaching important points of nutrition, lifestyle, advocacy, activism or philosophy related to veganism? If so let me know in the comments below.

Here it is in it’s early beginnings:

Vegan Video Resource Library

That’s all for now.