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il_570xN.686328755_2aklMy Feminist Friends by Kate Angell

My Feminist Friends is a zine which features interviews with five feminists: a librarian, a psychologist, a union organizer, a gender studies student/professor, and a market researcher/women’s health care advocate.


Always and Forever: A Zine About Friendship by Dig Deep

I had the honor of putting together this comp zine, which — in my honest (& biased) opinion — totally rules. It’s filled with stories & comics about friendships lost, about the difficulties of making new friends as an adult, about creating solid friendships, about friends as intentional community, and so much more. Every one of them is brilliant. Get stoked on this killer lineup of contributors:

  • Brittany Maksimovic (Playing Victim)
  • Caitlin Constantine (All I Want is Everything)
  • Celia C. Pérez (I Dreamed i Was Assertive)
  • Heather (Dig Deep)
  • Jamie Varriale Vélez (Sinvergüenza)
  • JC (Tributaries)
  • Jen T (Tongueswell)
  • Jenna Brager (The Sinew That Shrinks)
  • K (Lake Effect)
  • LB (Truckface)
  • Leslie Perrine (Sometimes the Sky Explodes)
  • Lily Pepper (PALS: The Radical Possibilities of Friendship)
  • Sara Bear (Grin & Bear It)
  • Sarah McCarry (Glossolalia)
  • With a cover designed by Marissa Falco (Miss Sequential)!

Half sized (5.5″ x 8.5″), 52 pages. Published in March of 2014.


You’ve Got a Friend in Pennsylvania #7: On Queerness, Introversion, & Friendship Theory by   –  Buy

In the 5 sections of this zine, sari attempts to hash out their thoughts on the process of making and keeping friends, how their various identities intersect and affects friendships, the spaces in which friendships are cultivated or cut off, and how they can improve their friendship skills.