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Arise for social Justice

New Arizine available!

She collected artwork from Arise artists (Ruben Santiago, Paul Midura), poetry from Arise poets (Norm Harris, Martina Robinson, me) and did interviews with many others, collecting their experiences in stories about fighting landlords, overcoming addiction, and reaching for their dreams.The zine is free for all low-income people, but we hope that those who want a copy and who can afford it will make a donation for our next edition!  Call the Arise office at 734-4948 or email us at 

Alex Wrekk / Brainscan

zine crushZine Crush Zine Volume 2

Zine Crush is back! Maybe someone wrote about you?

A collection of Zinesters seeking Zinesters including: Teresa Ferreiro, Dre Grigoropol, Kelli Callis, Jonas, Amber Dearest, Alex Wrekk, And serveral anonymos confessions of zine-ness. There is also the adorable results of the “Zine Crush” Box that was at the Richmond Zine Fest where people wrote down their crushes and they are shared with you here!

You know you want this zine! 32 pages of Zine crush stories and comics!


Billie Rain

  • riot grrrl dc and olympia

ZINE anactivistapproachAn Activist Guide to Domestic Violence

From Planting Seeds




Midwest Girl Fest (1996)

Kerry, Sarah Miryam Aharon-Wood, Sarah K., Shayna, Val, Erika Reinstein, Jessica Soilaeu, Michelle, Stephanie, Heather Lynn, Jenny

Riot Grrrl, Ladyfest, Feminism, Empowerment, Sexism, Racism, Classism, Violence against Women, Rape, Women’s Health, Mental Health

Fantastic Fanzine (1992)

…hmmm, well there were several things I wanted to accomplish through this zine;

  1. give my friends an outlet to express themselves cause they’re all totally cool,
  2. create an open forum for all kinds of expression- from art (which there is a serious lack of), to creative and personal writing, to political stuff and punk/music stuff,
  3. print peoples personal experiences with different subjects such as racism, abuse and violence. I think personal experience, to really talk about it, is very important. We talk so much in theoretical terms, but yet many times I don’t feel comfortable even in the most ‘liberal’ group saying “yeah, I know all about that. here’s how it happened…” Why is that?
  4. Get healthy because its sort of a cleansing- I get to write about what I think and what’s happened to me in my life and get it all straightened out on paper
  5. learn about doing stuff like layouts and all that. Apply the Do It Yourself principle of punk rock and see if it really works,
  6. HAVE LOTS OF FUN!! (i am, i am!).

Well now go on and read this but make sure you send letters/zines/contributions/anything else! (please)…

Fix me

Billie Rain & Jo

Riot Grrrl, LGBT, Queer issues, Lesbianism, Girl Love, Sisterhood, Abuse, Rape, Sexism

…i keep thinking about the word “heart” and what that means to me and how when i concentrate on where the heart is supposed to be inside my body it feels all clenched up and small and i’m just not sure if it’s even there. the heart shape i heard is actually a female symbol and not my beatingbeating heart but my cunt so i wonder why ♥this♥ symbol is called heart. maybe so we can all relate to it a secret girl power symbol maybe because the meaning was distorted or lost over time maybe the two hearts are supposed to be connecting rods love/fuck but maybe not…

Marika #3 (1993)

Erika Reinstein & May Summer    Riot Grrrl Press

Perzine, Riot Grrrl, Punk, Politics, Sexism, Child abuse, Sexual abuse, Poetry, Privilege, Racism, Classism, Stereotypes, Queer issues, Sisterhood

…there was once this girl who had a burning in her tummy. and it felt like this burning thing was gonna eat her alive sometimes. she had to stop it but there was no way except for staying at home all day nursing open sores.
fingers to keys. type out the thing inside…

Planting Seeds Community Awareness Project (3.12.01)

Activism, Politics, Class, Civil Rights, Violence against Women, White Privilege, Sexual Abuse, Racism, Poetry, Survival, Work, DIY Do-It-Yourself, Resistance, White Privilege, Suicide, Empowerment, Anti-Capitalism, Alternative Living,

…eliminate all forms of the verb “to be.”

  1. all those years
    it choked my subconscious
    mind the knowledge
    locked down guarded by
    viciously brainwashed
    pieces of me.

my captors so
creative the imagery they
used so vivid to
maintain control to
make me mindless…

wrecking ball;

for the child who should have been me

oh my baby
i will touch your soft throat
it will not hurt this time
i will stroke your insides
there are no razors
at the ends of my fingers
i am soft, like you
i will never choke you while you sleep
i will try not to hurt you
we can cry together.
its a loss that we cant be one
i should have been one
we should have been together

ill never be able to look into your eyes
but i can hold you.


Perzine, Child abuse, Ritual abuse, Mental Health problems, Dissociative identity disorder, Multiple Personality Disorder, Torture, Violence, Survival, Healing


Clementine Morrigan

11193299_369574893237789_2386605451614413052_nComplicating Veganism: Creating a more intersectional vegan movement

Complicating Veganism is a compilation zine edited by Nicole Davis and Clementine Morrigan. Eleven contributors complicate veganism by considering it in conjunction with disordered eating, mental health, trauma, sexual violence, autism, intersectionality, capitalism, colonialism, food justice, fat activism, sexual orientation and other topics. The goal of this zine is to undermine the single-issue oriented approach that much vegan activism takes, to call into question oppressive tactics that vegan activism uses and to open up the conversation about veganism in a way that is complex, intersectional and focused on justice. We are also seeking submissions for a second issue to continue the conversation.

“We need to address the fact that the figures at the frontline of the vegan movement are white, able-bodied, cisgender, thin and fit, wealthy settlers.” – Nicole Davis

“Veganism, which gave me a sense of safety and control, a sense of distance from violence, also was a way of coping.” – Clementine Morrigan


Dig Deep

il_170x135.583437665_5bp7Always and Forever: A Zine About Friendship

I had the honor of putting together this comp zine, which — in my honest (& biased) opinion — totally rules. It’s filled with stories & comics about friendships lost, about the difficulties of making new friends as an adult, about creating solid friendships, about friends as intentional community, and so much more. Every one of them is brilliant. Get stoked on this killer lineup of contributors:

  • Brittany Maksimovic (Playing Victim)
  • Caitlin Constantine (All I Want is Everything)
  • Celia C. Pérez (I Dreamed i Was Assertive)
  • Heather (Dig Deep)
  • Jamie Varriale Vélez (Sinvergüenza)
  • JC (Tributaries)
  • Jen T (Tongueswell)
  • Jenna Brager (The Sinew That Shrinks)
  • K (Lake Effect)
  • LB (Truckface)
  • Leslie Perrine (Sometimes the Sky Explodes)
  • Lily Pepper (PALS: The Radical Possibilities of Friendship)
  • Sara Bear (Grin & Bear It)
  • Sarah McCarry (Glossolalia)
  • With a cover designed by Marissa Falco (Miss Sequential)!

Half sized (5.5″ x 8.5″), 52 pages. Published in March of 2014.


Jeana Harris / Boise Zine Distro

Witch Bitch Issue #1

a mini perzine by Jeana Harris about the weekend of her Grandmother’s death and coming off of anti-depressants.

your beautiful byour beautiful brusied legs Issue #1

A zine of poetry and prose by Jeana Harris over a collage of personal treasures, letters, photographs and love notes. 22 doubled sided pages in black and white.

For (free) physical copies go to and send me a message with your address.


your beautiful 2Your Beautiful Bruised Legs Issue #2

a poetry zine featuring writing by Alfredo Landa, Nicole Berenger, Spencer Hudson, Amanda Capps and Jeana Harris.



your beautiful 3Your Beautiful Bruised Legs Issue #3

The latest issue of the collaborative poetry zine featuring writing by Cody Brown, Marisa Mejia and Jeana Harris.



Lost Maps

These Tiny, Infinite Things (Reading Copy)

Or purchase a hard copy by clicking on the image at left. 

“Our culture has probably deliberately moved away from [re-naming] as we’ve moved towards classifying and labeling everything. If a name is seen as a changeable, ethereal thing then it can’t be so sewn on to a prison uniform. It needs to be set in stone for our culture to have something to call us and something to write up in court papers and parking tickets and everything.”


Sari  & Rachel


No More Words is a perzine written by Hoax Zine co-editor Rachel.Topics include: strategies for managing depression and burnout, diy currency, working with teenagers in professional settings, social work, taking responsibility to inform others about unusual triggers, New York City living, femme community, misandry as a social media trend, eating disorders, and class privilege. 

HOAX Issue #6 is about feminisms & communication! [November 2011]

another super thick zine full of excellent essays and stories. This one asks the questions: How are knowledge/power transmitted through tone/word/body language? What makes us feel visible or silenced? How do we understand ourselves and how do others read us? How do we move forward after breakdowns in communications? and much more.

HOAX Issue #7 is about feminisms & change! [June 2012]

Feminisms and ChangeAnother great thick issue! Exploring “What are our goals for ourselves and our communities? Which methods do we use to gauge change and it progress ever quantifiable? In shwat ways do we knowingly and unknowingly showcase personal changes and how are these changes read by others?” includes a bunch of great essays and reflections! Includes: “Fat is Still A Feminist Issue,” “White Activism as Performance,” “Blood Alchohol Content: On Family, Assault, and Giving Up Drinking,” and a whole ton of others great topics!

HOAX Issue #8 is about feminisms & mythologies! [January 2013]

What is the role of storytelling and folklore in supporting women’s and trans* narratives? When do we keep and when do we discard traditions? How do we confront myths about sexuality, diversity, change and progress within our communities? Where do societal norms and values end and our desires begin? and more!

HOAX Issue #9 is about feminisms & vulnerabilities! [September 2013]

A ton of really great, powerful essays! How can vulnerability be used as a tactic for individual empowerment and social change? How do we establish healthy boundaries in the conxtext of community building work, and when does it become important to push ourselves past our designated limits? How do class, race, gender, and other markers of oppression and privilege influence our ability to ask for help and receive services and accommodations?

HOAX Issue #10 is about feminisms & embodiments! [September 2014]

“How are class, gender, race and other identity markers represented within and by our physical bodies? How can we controt our bodies to navigate our enviornments in ways that feel affirmative and safe? What does it look like to fully embody the values of anti-capitalist, anti-racist, queer, feminsit praxis? How are the body and the mind interconnected and what strategies can we employ to heal both simultaneously?…” Another thick, full issue of this great feminist compilation zine!

HOAX Issue #11 is about feminisms & strategy! [November 2015]

HOAX Issue #12 is about feminisms & healing!


tumblr_nciuzjq5Ds1rmq67qo1_1280SRVIV #1

The new zine, a collaboration. 52 pages, about how we survive and why.


The second installment of this excellent comp zine that answers the question “Why do you keep going?”

Pieces by: Jessie Duke, Julia Eff, Amber Garza, Adam Gnade, Marya Errin Jones, Eleni Mandell, John Jughead, Pierson, Trace Ramsey, Sarah, Sawyers-Lovett, Sari, Elizabeth Thompson, Anna Vo

(I really wanted to write for this and I hope there will be another one and I hope I can pull my thoughts of what gets me out of bed in the morning together)- Alex

“Includes stories by a bunch of friends and zine writers: talking about coffee and cats and crazy and politics and coping and thriving.” – Cindy Crabb


It’s the third and final episode of the incredibly excellent compilation series that asks “What Gets You Out of Bed in the Morning?” This issue of inspiring, hard, heavy, sad, beautifulness was curated by Jonas of Fixer/Eraser zine and has work from Joshua James Amberson of Antiquated Future, punk legend Alice Bag, Kelli Callis, Radical Domesticity’s Emma Karin Eriksson, Jenna Freedman, Nyxia Grey, Jennie Hinchcliff, Jim Joyce, Kendy Paxia, Artnoose, Liz Mayorga, Matthew Moyer, Aaron Weber, Jazz McGinnis, Jami Sailor, and Alex Wrekk! Total powerhouse this one


tumblr_nhd8to5ZHy1rmq67qo1_1280What Matters

featuring Adam Gnade, Alex Nall, Julia Eff, Jim Joyce, Rustbelt Jessie, Liz Mason and Jonas. For sale this Saturday, 7 pm at New Year’s Zine!



Eric Levitt

not trans enoughNot Trans Enough: A Compilation Zine on the Erasure of Non Passing and Non Conforming Trans Identified People

With over 30 contributors and 50 pages of writings, stories, poems, comics and images, this zine explores the multiple lived truths of trans and non binary people who feel, in some way or another, the pressure to ‘conform’ to dominate narratives of what it means and looks like to be trans. This zine explores the notion of trans authenticity created by cissexist ideas of gender ‘normalcy’ and breaks them down; tears them apart. This zine asks us if we can envision something new and broaden our ideas surrounding identity and gender. This zine is printed in colour and can be ordered with lavender, blue, green, yellow, or pink cover pages.

“Can we envision something new? Where femininity is celebrated; where violent masculinity isn’t acceptable; where intersectional experiences of violence and oppression are not removed from our gender identities? Where self-determination is seen as truth? My hope with this zine is that it becomes a stepping-stone on the path to growth and understanding, and while I know that it could never represent all experiences, I hope that it demonstrates that a wide range of truths exists, and that there is no such thing as not being trans enough.”

consentsusConsen(t)sus? Exploring Contradictions, Practice, and Politics. Also, Gay Sex

This is a compilation zine edited by Eric Levitt of Gay 4 Pay press and Jonathan Vallely of Broken Pencil. It consists of writings, explorations and personal reflections on and about consent from people who identify/or partially identify as men who have sex with men. Lots of text and great for anyone looking for a beyond Consent 101 read.

Writings by: Eric Levitt, Jonathan Vallely, Andrew Morrison-Gurza, Eddie of Gross Process/Doom Clouds Zine, Shakir Rahim and more.

Published October 2014

Gross Process IGross Process I

The very first issue of Gross Process, formerly Doom Clouds, moves on to a new time in my recovery. This issue is all about winter survival, prepping for the winter, xmas & hanukkah, worsening mental health, home, shitty landlords, chosen family, punk and ‘accountability’, partner abuse, decolonizing ideas around justice and dealing with community violence, vulnerability, love & my mom.

Written and published in November 2014.

Gross Process IIGross Process II

Gross Process II is about the complexities of gender identity and the trans/* umbrella, gender and gendered violence, trauma recovery, numbing with drugs, intimacy, ptsd, dealing with doctors, and feelings of hopelessness because of abuser apology. It’s about challenging the way we think about and treat survivors in our own communities, punk spaces, being a maker and art as a direct community action and a tool for healing. It also includes DIY recipes for depressed people!

Tender SummerTender Summer – Doom Clouds V

This issue is about surviving a horrible winter with depression, appreciating summer, working/not working, motivation, trauma recovery, regaining sexual agency through gay hook up apps, getting diagnosed with ptsd, gender & transition, mortality and fantasy.

Written and published in the late summer/early fall of 2014.

In It, Together, ForeverIn It, Together, Forever – Doom Clouds III

This issue contains heavy reflections on intimate partner abuse, trauma memories/journals. It also has writing on consent, alternative structures of support & mutual aid for survivors of abuse. Text Heavy.

Written in the fall/winter of 2013/2014, published in December 2014.

Saturn Return(s)Saturn Return(s) – Doom Clouds IV

Gross Process IV: Saturn Return focuses on surviving Saturn return. How do we create the lives we want to see for ourselves? This zine focuses on not only prioritizing our goals but our dreams and how to make the lives we want in a world that makes us feel undeserving of the best. The zine is also about dealing with ptsd and insomnia as a survivor of violence, exploring spirituality through magick, and also includes a list on how white punx can be accountable to black and poc punx in the scene (and ugh, also everywhere). Made in the fall of 2015.



Collide: On Physical and Mental Illness

From the editor: Collide is a collection of essays by those who are living with a physical disability and some form of mental illness.

None of this is easy. Discussing these two distinct but intertwined parts of ourselves, the dynamic, conflicting, challenging, hopeful parts of ourselves, is to be doubly vulnerable. It is to reveal the colliding parts of ourselves that are most intimate, and often hidden.

Issue One
Essays include:

Finding Meaning in Pain by Maranda Elizabeth (Telegram)

Wow by Synthia Nicole (Damaged Mentality)

Half and Half by JC (Tributaries)

When Disabilities, Dysfunctional Childhoods, and Mental Health Collide by Kerri Radley (Deafula)

With cover art by Anna Gk

Half letter-sized, B&W, 32 pages

Issue Two
Essays include:

Soul Meets Body by Ariane K (Chronically Yours)

Being One Person by Kimball Anderson (Hands, Unfolding)

A Funny Thing by JC (Tributaries)

This is Your Brain by Anina Ertel

The Obvious and Then Some by Synthia Nicole (Damaged Mentality)

Passing v. Omitting by Kerri Radley (Deafula)

Cover art by Sara Bear
Half letter-sized, B&W, 32 pages


Nyxia Grey


Girls Rock Camp Boston Zine

This 90-page, full-color, digest-size zine was made during the summer session of Girls Rock Camp Boston. The pages were compiled by girls ages 8-17. During the zine workshop I asked them to think about what frustrated them about being a girl. Not only was this workshop one of the most rewarding experiences of my life but the girls’ pages were amazing and beautiful and strong. After reading this zine, I hope you will have a renewed faith in feminism.

100% of the proceeds for the sale of this zine go back to Girls Rock Campaign Boston. The money is used towards tuition so that no girl is turned away because she cannot afford to rock.

Girls Rock Campaign Boston is a 501(c)3 non-profit, feminist organization located in Boston, MA. They offer week-long summer programs for girls ages 8-17. During the week, girls receive instrumental instruction (guitar, bass, drums, vocals or keyboards), form a band, write an original song, and perform at a local rock venue. In addition, girls attend workshops such as self-defense, songwriting, women in rock history, and screen-printing.



The Worst: A Compilation Zine on Grief and Loss

issue3coverThe Worst #3 – A Compilation Zine on Grief and Loss

This issue contains pieces from 22 contributors exploring radical, DIY, activist and community responses to grief and loss. It includes submissions exploring loss due to suicide and violence, complicated and disenfranchised grief, loss of siblings, parents, friends, and mentors, and anticipation of a loss during prolonged illness. Also includes an interview with a social center about their memorial altar, tips for how to write about the tuff stuff, and a resource list. 76 1/2 legal pages with handprinted cover.


Poor Lass zine

poor_lass_zine_front_coverPoor Lass #6

The Health issue!

A zine from the voices of poor lasses, a collection of stories of what it’s really like to be working class.
This issue focuses on health, mental, emotional and physical health, loved ones and not being able to afford health care and much more!

Collected by Em and Seleena who want working class voices to be heard!

poor lass zinePoor lass #3 – The family Issue!

A zine from the voices of poor lasses, a collection of stories of what it’s really like to be working class.
Issue three focuses on family. How you relate to your family, how your family function, families you build yourself, what family means to you and more!

Collected by Em and Seleena who want Poor Lasses to be heard.


working class queersThe Queer Working Class Zine Project

Oh hai! Working Class Queers #1 is back in print! £2.00, including postage. Paypal yr nuggets, name and addy to me using and snail mail joy shall be yrs