Conspiracy theorists in our movements

So the attacks in Paris have sparked vibrant discussion about racism, marginalization, the prison industrial complex and working class disenfranchisement. But at the same time I see friends from my old life; piggy backing on events to espouse grand new conspiracies and it just makes me sad.

It reminds me when a friend shopped everyone into the cops at Rossport because he was a ‘Free man of the land’ with nothing to hide.

It reminds me of dealing with mental health cases on protest sites, and suffering with the bad reputation for looking after these people and creating an unsafe space for visitors.

I know I don’t have all the answers to circumvent the blind anger of disenfranchised youth who grow up with neocolonial nationalist despots and religion all they have to fall back on for some identity. But maybe that’s the point, the danger is in making a problem much worse by simplifying solutions, when a lot more effort and care has got to be put into healing deep wounds.

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