deafula5deafula #5 interview with my mother

“Kerry interviews her mom on what it’s like to be a hearing parent of a deaf child, growing up in a time when there were a lot less resources for deaf people, and not getting much information or guidence about what to expect or what to do. The interview includes a really sweet story that her mom remembers about when Kerry first got her hearing aids.” – Cindy Crabb

d6Deafula zine issue 6

On March of 2013, I went on a week-long zine tour. It was one of the best experiences of my life.

Deafula #6 is TOUR STORIES. In this issue I blissfully recount my experience of my first zine tour, especially presenting on the Chicago Zine Fest 2013 panel on disability and zine writing.

Confessions of nerves, sweet moments, and funny stories, but also: struggling with requesting accommodation, what it’s like to be the lone deaf person traveling with a group of hearing people, and navigating the murky waters of good intentions versus reality.

Quarter-sized, 50ish pages, photocopied, cut and paste.

d7Deafula zine issue 7

Deafula #7 is a very special issue, as it was the result of a grant I received in late 2013: the Leeway Art and Change grant.

This issue centers on disability access in our local zine / radical communities and how we can better our approaches. A truly important issue that is very close to my heart.

Half-sized, 50ish pages, photocopied, cut and paste.


The issue explores what it is like to be a deaf person married to a hearing person. I look at my past relationships with hearing persons and then trace the journey my hearing husband and I took to come to a place of mutual support and understanding when it came to my deafness.

When only one person has a disability in a relationship, it can complicate things. You both want to retain your independence, but also be able to rely on that person in the way that partners do — except your version of “relying” looks a lot different than an abled bodied person’s does. Where is the line? What is “too much”? When do you move from “this is what partners do for each other territory” and into over-reliance and being a burden?

On all of this and more: ableism, protection, expectations, feelings of burdensomeness, resentment, and the joy of mutual support. Includes a special Q&A with my partner (the light of my goddamn life!).

Quarter-legal-sized, 44 pages pages, photocopied, cut and paste. Cover art by Sara Bear.

Danger Unheard: Deafness and the Police with support from Research and Destroy 2014


Dean Spade

more than who fuckthis is about more than who we fuck (and who fucks us)

This zine was born out of one part desire for a writing project and one part desire for more writing to be out there about the place of personal relationships in the struggle (against authority, oppression, domination…). The things that destroy us aren’t just the cops and the prisons, but the models of relationships that are implicit, taken for granted and sap us of our ability to imagine something different. These writings, in different ways, attempt to lay out some glimpses into fights against the things the writers were taught about sex, love and close relationships

more than who fuck 2This is about more than who we fuck (and who we don’t) #2 REAL

We said before that this zine was born partly out of our desire for more writing to be out there about the place of personal relationships in the struggle (against authority, oppression, domination, and all the bullshit). I think the same holds true this time around. We’re still fighting against all the things we’ve been taught about relationships, and we’re still figuring out hot to have radically different kinds of relationships than those we were taught to desire, and still figuring out how to bring politics into our relationships and relationships into our politics, and this zine is just a few people writing about that fight.

Please email us with thoughts, comments, etc.


DysphoriaDysphoria Collective

We’re a trans health collective. we commission work (art and literature) to broaden knowledge around the trans lived experience.




he said, she saidhe said, she said

a zine of conversations. some through talking, some through typing… some are funny. some aren’t. some may possibly only be funny to me.

quarter sized.
28 pages
black and white.

i will trade if you will trade. talk to me.


Dig Deep

il_170x135.524438984_jx0sdig deep zine #1

The first issue of Dig Deep! In the intro of this zine, I write that I’m working to figure out how to live a life that’s important to me, and this zine reflects a lot of that. Inside are stories about the idea of home, a spontaneous dance session on an empty train car, & the projects that I do to create the life that I want to lead. There are stories about my public library & a rundown of the out-of-town libraries that I’ve visited. There’s also a list of zine love, ten word reviews, & a sweet cut and paste layout!

Quarter sized (4.25″ x 5.5″), 32 pages. Written October of 2010.

il_170x135.524448476_dqy7dig deep zine #2

Dig Deep #2 starts with a piece about my favorite t-shirt – the history behind the shirt itself & also my adventures while wearing it. Following that is an account of my trip to Paris with one of my best friends, revealing the best & worst parts of it all. I also write about my struggle in dealing with the ever-present street harassment happening on the streets of Chicago (ugh), and then end the zine with a piece about the emotions I felt when pushing past my fear to do something that I’ve always wanted to do. There’s also some lists of things I’ve done since my last zine, things I want to do in the near future, & the books currently checked out on my library card.

20 pages, 4.25″ x 3.5″. Written in March of 2011.

il_170x135.524535533_fsp0dig deep zine #4

Issue 4 of Dig Deep! In this issue, Heather dives into two things she is insanely grateful for: her friends and the awesome projects she’s involved in. Heather writes about her wonderful female friendships in a way that is both endearing and enviable. She also outlines a bunch of projects in her life that bring her happiness, like a zine reading club, a postcard project, and one of Heather’s pride and joys: the Chicago Zine Fest. This zine will leave you feeling positive and hopeful, and wanting to go hang out with your best friend and then buckle down and get shit done. (Thanks to Kerri of Deafula zine for the description!)

3.25″ x 4.5″, 48 pages. Written in July of 2012.

il_170x135.524476108_jvasdig deep zine #5

Issue 5 of Dig Deep is another well-written, honest, and insightful zine from Heather. #5 recaps Heather’s experience embarking on Bad Zine, Everyone’s Fault zine tour in the summer of 2012. In her retelling of the tour’s events, Heather perfectly portrays just how meaningful of an experience it was, while also tenderly showing the emotions of what it’s like when “real life” continues to go on while one is adventuring away from home. Heather was a super important and supportive influence in my own decision to go on a zine tour in 2013 – I think everyone should read this zine so that they too can experience that (loving) shove they need to do something that might be scary and terrifying, but in the end is so rewarding and worth it. (Please note the trigger warning for suicide. And thanks to Kerri of Deafula zine for the description!)

Quarter sized (4.25″ x 5.5″), 20 pages. Written in March of 2013.

il_170x135.583434163_i38xdig deep zine #6

The newest issue of Dig Deep has stories about friends, projects, adulthood, keeping your head up, etc etc. You know, the usual. (How do I write a description for my own zine, anyway? It’s the worst! A real description written by someone else is coming soon!)

Quarter sized (4.25″ x 5.5″), 32 pages. Written in March of 2014.