Culture SlutCulture Slut #25 by Amber Dearest

I pulled an all-nighter and finished my latest zine. Culture Slut #25 is about heartbreak, Patti Smith, quitting drinking, participating in research studies for cash, an obsession with knuckle tattoos, and life in Montréal.

Cut-and-paste, quarter-size, 30 pages. Please read it in a safe space; I had a rough year.



living not existing #2

“living not existing #2” is a 28 page black and white zine. it heavily discusses addiction, drug use, sobriety and recovery. this zine talks about using drugs, getting sober and maintaining sobriety. it emphasizes ways and strategies to support sober people. this zine touches on the experience of being mixed race and genderqueer. this perzine is intimate, personal and vulnerable.

living not existing

“living not existing” is a 28 page black and white zine. it’s the first issue of the new perzine series by geoff. it features writing, notes, posts on social media and doodles. “living not existing” is themed around living a life in recovery, being grateful for the struggles and being blessed by successes, whatever they may be. this zine shares experiences on addiction, substance use, recovery, sobriety, queerness, mixed race identity, genderqueerness, spirituality, struggles and opportunities for growth. “living not existing” is an intimate invitation into geoff’s personal life.


living not existing

8 1/2 by 11 full colour glossy print featuring collage and creative writing.

Beyond Bars: An essay about the impacts of intoxication culture and substance use on trans culture


Geoff & Clementine Morrigan

make all good things fall apart #3

this is the third issue of make all good things fall apart, a collaborative zine by geoff and clementine on the themes of addiction, sobriety and intoxication culture. this zines was made in halifax, unceded mi’kmaq territory, as part of the anchor archive zine residency program. topics covered in this zine include: different cultural understanding of sobriety, sobriety as an energy, connecting 12 step principles with anti-oppressive values, sobriety and sex, the mysticism of 12 step fellowships, abstinence and harm reduction are not opposites, experiences of active addiction, addiction as a disability justice issue and 12 step witches. The zine also includes original illustrations by both geoff and clementine.

make all good things fall apart #2

This is the second issue of the collaborative zine created by Clementine Morrigan and geoff. 40 pages in length, it continues to explore the function of intoxication culture in a western context. The zine analyzes intoxication culture in relation to consent, party culture, sober spaces, accessibility, addiction, hierarchies among acceptable substance use, sobriety, normative substance use as privilege and more. The texts are complimented with art pieces and pieces of culture jammed ads. The colour cover depicts the Three of Cups tarot card that symbolizes community, unity, coming together and being together. This second edition of make all good things fall apart continues to act as an invitation for the ongoing conversation around addiction, intoxication culture and accessibility.

make all good things fall apart #1

This half-size, 32 page zine, featuring a colour cover, is a collaborative project between Clementine Morrigan and geoff. It explores addiction, alcoholism, recovery, trauma, madness, radical sobriety, sobriety as resistance, intersectionality and the various ways in which addicts and alcoholics are constructed. A zine which steps out of the medical model, explicitly politicizing addiction, normative intoxication, sobriety and recovery, it is also extremely personal and intimate, daring to speak from the heart. In a world where addicts and alcoholics are frequently talked about, but rarely listened to, this zine is an unusual opportunity to hear two self-identified addicts speaking their own truths. It also functions as an invitation, asking us all to think critically about the role(s) intoxication plays in our lives and inviting us all to share our own stories and come to our own analysis.

Taryn Hipp

Sub Rosa #7: the sobriety issue

i recently reached two years sober & felt it was time to share my story of alcoholism & my recovery. this is the story of how i hit rock bottom & how i got (am getting) better. it may be triggering or it may be comforting, probably both.

Milo / Dig it Distro & Press

A Struggle to Stay Conscious #4
Small, pretty cut and paste zine with small stories about a bunch of things: romanticizing brokeness, sobriety, friends, zine reviews, queerness.

A Struggle to Stay Conscious #5
Ways that misogany has negitively impacted their life. Self-worth and sex and dissociation. I love this zine, the rawness of self-criticism and trying to find a way out.

A Struggle to Stay Conscious #7
Queerness and naming; meeting their new girlfriend at queer Dungeons and Dragons group, and it being amazing to be with another “trans crazy alcoholic…boderline punx,” frustration with their 12 step program but it also being helpful


you’ve got a friend in pennsylvania