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Either Durianrider Goes to Jail, or I Do.

Durianrider Controversy (on defamation lawsuit, permanent vacation philosophy and diet pseudoscience)


Don’t Move to Thailand.

A Critique of the Permanent Vacation Philosophy: Ted Carr.


Cowspiracy, Vegan Review (a Pol. Sci. Perspective?)

Book Reviews (Politics / Vegan Politics)


ASOIAF: Preston Jacobs is 100% WRONG on “Seven Times Never Kill Man”.

ASOIAF (“A Song of Ice and Fire” & “Game of Thrones”)


Alcohol & Caffeine: Unnatural Vegan is WRONG

Unnatural Vegan Controversy (on critique, consequentialism and pet domestication)


Cory McCarthy: A Racist, White Supremacist Vegan Bodybuilder. (2 of 2)

Critiquing Bad Vegan Advocacy


How I learned Pali (Theravada Buddhism) and my Positive Experiences in the Field

Buddhist Philosophy


The Ethical Omnivore: Melanie Murphy. (vegan / vegans / veganism)

Ex-Vegans and Diet Pseudoscience (Intuitive eating, Paleo)


Vegan vs. Noam Chomsky (on Animal Rights)

Public intellectuals


What I Eat in a Day (Lately), Vegan in Kunming, China.

Food products/ Recipes


Vegan Gains is WRONG about “Canada Goose”.

How I Became Vegan (My Vegan Story)