propagandaThe Propaganda Maker by Suzy Subways

Short story (fiction) by the amazing Suzy Subways. Suzy is a really good writer. This story I don’t exactly know how to descibe – it is about a person who is basically imprisioned, living in a part of a bridge with someone who makes propaganda. Sometimes she gets out – turning into rat and sneeking out. The whole story is kind of creepy and really intriguing and seems like it’s symolic for various policial and emotional and realtional things.- Cindy Crabb

eyesThe Eyes of the Man by Suzy Subways

this is a fiction story by my friend Suzy Subways. it’s about a girl who kills her mom’s rapist. and about queerness and activism – Cindy Crabb


Subways by Suzy Subways (2003)

with stories and interviews about NYC communities

Delivery Dyke by Suzy Subways (1996)

about my adventures as a pizza delivery girl in Brooklyn