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Esperanto and Anarchism by Will Firth  –  Download

An anarchist living in Germany complained with respect to the barriers to international comprehension:

“More or less in isolation from one another, (we) work and fight, without engaging in an exchange about our victories and defeats, and without supporting and encouraging one another. Intensifying contact above the regional level with people having similar ideas and aims should be an important component of our work, in order to make effective active solidarity possible.” (Graswurzelrevolution 183, p. 13).

This observation hits the nail on the head: our attempts to practice solidarity on an international scale and to get ourselves networked usually stay within very modest dimensions. One of the chief causes of this is the problem of linguistic comprehension.


Enrollments for Esperanto course, Leningrad, Russia, 1919Revolutionary Linguistics: The Ideology of the Soviet Esperanto Movement, 1917-1938  –  Download

Work detailing the history of the Russian then Soviet Esperanto movement, its relationship to the government, its linguistic work and eventual repression.


The Yiddish Language – an introductory zine – Buy

A full colour, illustrated zine that explains what Yiddish is!
Where did it come from?
Who spoke it?
Who speaks it?
Why is it important?
All the things!!!