seasolPrintable Poster For Sea Sol Event

The poster relates to the event on Tuesday 18th September. http://nottingham.indymedia.org/events/2778

Solidarity groups and networks are a self-organised response to hassle from employers, landlords, letting agencies, bailiffs and debt collectors.

Locally, the Nottingham Solidarity Network has been going for over a year and has had some recent successes.

The Anarchist Federation, Nottingham group, is pleased to announce a workshop by SeaSol, a long running solidarity network in Seattle, USA.


In their own words,
“Seattle Solidarity Network (SeaSol) is a workers’ and tenants’ mutual aid group that you can join to fight back against bosses and landlords when they do something like steal your wages or your damage deposit. By supporting each other through collective direct action, and winning these small fights we build our strength, experience and confidence, we can take on bigger opponents and take back more from the bosses – and we start to realize that we can do far more than that – we can create a new world…

Join members of SeaSol in a workshop and discussion about why we believe that building solidarity networks or doing similar small-scale organizing in every city is one initial step towards building a movement of resistance based around people’s daily experiences and fighting back against the rich and powerful.”


atos 2Too much of this sort of thing’ Atos Two pamphlet

In September 2011 two Nottingham residents, a retired paediatric nurse and a wheelchair user, were arrested at the local Atos ‘Healthcare’ assessment centre.

This pamphlet looks into the wider context of their case. It also offers practical suggestions for persons who need to claim disability benefits & support and/or want to engage in direct action.

PRINTED COPIES available (suggested donation £1), please email nottsdefence[at]riseup.net



cheif inspect2014 Inspection Reports

An Inspection of Juxtaposed Controls – Nov 12 – March 2013  

Home Office Response to Juxtaposed Report 


2HMIC report into policing protest

“A review of national police units which provide intelligence on criminality associated with protest,” published today by Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC). This looks at the deployment of undercover officers into political groups in the aftermath of the Mark Kennedy debacle.



T1he paper Nottingham Uni doesn’t want you to read

Since the University of Nottingham put legal pressure on BISA to take down Rod Thornton’s paper, we thought it would be a good idea to make it available in as many places as possible. Enjoy!






Affinity 1,2,3 & 4


The Affinity booklet is now complete, the booklet contains the previous issues of Affinity along with some new articles on the topics of work and prison. We’d like to thank everyone who has contributed to the project.

We welcome feedback, comments, responses and criticisms. We don’t pretend to have all of the answers, and recognise that the road to a life of freedom, autonomy and dignity will be full of complications, tensions and contradictions. We are interested in having conversations about these.

Please contact us as well if you would like a print copy of the booklet.

You can email us at blackirispress@riseup.net.

Affinity issue #3 mental health

The third issue of Affinity explores the complexities of mental health, providing two personal perspectives on how the struggle to maintain a healthy mind can affect our battles for dignity and freedom against a sick society.

Affinity is an irregular zine providing space for analysis and critical reflection on strategies for resisting the dominant culture. Previous issues on privilege and violence can be found at blackirispress.wordpress.com.

We very much welcome comments, ideas or contributions for future issues. Please contact blackirispress@riseup.net.

AffinityAffinity issue #4 patriarchy

This is the fourth issue of Affinity, exploring the importance of challenging patriarchy in our struggle against the dominant culture. Many thanks to the contributors. The pdf can be found here.

Please be warned, this zine includes descriptions of sexual and physical abuse.



* A Crime Called Freedom: Os Cangaceiros – Wolfi Landstreicher

Os Cangaceiros was a group of delinquents caught up in the spirit of the French insurrection of 1968 who refused to let that spirit die. With nothing but contempt for the self-sacrificial ideology practiced by “specialists in armed struggle”, this uncontrollable band of social rebels wreaked havoc on the French state — attacking infrastructures of oppression, supporting popular revolts, stealing and releasing secret blueprints for high-tech prisons, raiding the offices of corporate collaborators, and creating their lives in complete opposition to the world based on work. This volume, translated by Wolfi Landstreicher, is the first substantial collection of the writings of Os Cangaceiros in English.

*Against the Corpse Machine: defining a post-left critique of violence – Ashen Ruins

A critical and insightful examination of anarchist discourse around the issue of violence, arguing that for too long anarchist critiques of violence have been clouded by assumptions and frames set by Leftist and Statist discourse. An eloquent and persuasive call for a re-assessment of the anarchist movement’s relationship with violence.

* At Daggers Drawn – Anon.

“One part of this society has every interest in its continuing to rule, the other in everything collapsing as soon as possible. Deciding which side one is on is the first step. But resignation, the basis of the agreement between the sides (improvers of the existent and its false critics) is everywhere, even in our own lives—the authentic place of the social war—in our desires and resoluteness as well as in our little daily submissions….It is necessary to come to daggers with all that, to finally come to daggers with life.”

* Beyond Amnesty – Anon.

An exploration of self-directed violence in the UK, examining the effects of growing up and living in an alienated and violent society.


* Feral Revolution – Feral Faun

Feral Faun was the pen-name of a frequent contributor to anarchist publications in the United States from about 1982 to 1992. His thoughtful, exploratory essays pose many challenges to radicals, urging the reader to delve deeper in their questioning, and provoking many an ideologue in to an impotent outrage. His remarks may be at times flippant and extreme, but they are always offered as catalysts for ongoing discussion, not as last words or condemnations. Most of the essays in this ‘zine were taken from back issues of the magazine Anarchy: A Journal Of Desire Armed (“AJODA”), to which Feral Faun contributed articles and a regular column called The Iconoclast’s Hammer. Since laying the feral pseudonym to rest, the author has continued with many writing and publishing projects, often employing the name “Wolfi Landstreicher”. Wolfi edits the insurrectionary anarchist journal Willful Disobedience and works on Venomous Butterfly Publications, a translating/ publishing effort currently based in Portland, OR.

* How Non-violence Protects the State – Peter Gelderloos

Peter Gelderloos’ immensely accessible and useful book, now available as a professional-quality, printable    booklet. A clear and convincing overview of the arguments against dogmatic pacifism.


* The Anarchist Tension – Alfredo Bonanno

“Anarchism is not a concept that can be locked up in a word like a gravestone. It is not a political theory. It is a way of conceiving life. And life, young or old as we may be, is not something definitive: it is a stake we must play day after day. When we wake up in the morning and put our feet on the ground we must have a good reason for getting up. If we don’t it makes no difference whether we are anarchists or not. We might as well stay in bed and sleep.”

* The Call – The Invisibe Committee

‘The Invisible Committee’s affirmation of insurrection is not without an affirmation of a different new world(s) in the shell of the old. Which is to say, their creative urge is articulated through the construction of new worlds that don’t seek to replace the current one, but instead, intend to be our homes during the demolition party. It would be nice to live in something, rather than just surviving somewhere.’ – Institute for Experimental Freedom



* The Insurrectional Project – Alfredo Bonanno

A series of texts exploring the details of what an insurrectional project might look like, asking how we might best organise and resist given recent developments  in post-industrial capitalism.





Issue 1: April 2011

Dangerous Conversations is a project born out of the struggle to end systems of domination. Our involvement in movements described as anarchist, activist, horizontalist, and so on has been at times inspiring and at other times disillusioning and frustrating. This zine is not aimed at Anarchists or Activists but at anyone who struggles against the many forms of domination that blight our lives: ableism, ageism, authority, capitalism, civilisation, caste and class systems, heteronormativity, islamaphobia, male privilege, speciesism, transphobia, white supremacy (and others that are still unrecognised).

Read online

Issue 1: Intro
No Pretence: Movement or why we aren’t one
Going beyond activism
Feminist power
No Pretence: Class or is anybody out there?
Disability is a feminist issue
Heteronormativity and the war of language
For the privileged ones: Moving on
No Pretence: Resistance or are we futile?
For the freedom of myself
Against prison society
No Pretence: Ideas into reality and what’s in between?
Strengthening anarchism’s gender analysis: Lessons from the transfeminist movement
Some resources
Some last words


Migration & Borders


Our materials

This Border Kills, our dossier of police violence submitted to France’s Human Rights Ombudsman

Calais YouTube channel

Calais Flickr

Articles on Calais & our work:

Radical Migrant Solidarity, a practical guide compiled by some activists working in Calais

Indymedia Lille

Resistance Magazine

Toward Freedom

New Internationalist

Shift Magazine (Interview about No Borders Camp, Calais June 2009)

Last Hours article on No Borders Camp

Resonance article on No Borders Camp

Zine about solidarity work in Calais

Regular articles can also be found on Schnews

Interesting BBC Q&A on Calais

Other videos:

‘City of the Faceless‘, a film made by Chris Grodotzki on Calais & our work

Escape from Calais‘, collaboratively made music video on Calais

Medecins du Monde video ‘Les invisibles de Calais’ – in French

Video of daily life of migrants/police violence in Calais in August

Video of the ‘dignified’ destruction of the ‘jungle’ in September

Guardian films about Calais:



Film about No Borders June 2009 Calais camp


Other resources:

(see also the blogroll on the right for a list of useful links)

– Information on migration in Europe:

Welcome to Europe


Clandestine English (news on migration in Greece)

Fortress Europe

Free Movement

– Migrants on migration control:

Birds of Immigrants (by unaccompanied minors)


Iranian Hungerstikers’ campaign (Greece)

– Protest and direct action:

No Borders (UK)

Stop Deportation

‘Movement’ (UK No Borders newsletter)

Paris No Borders day of mass action en fr

– Calais:

Calais Witnesses

Calais Hunger Strike

Photojournalist in Calais

– Personal blogs about Calais:

Defend Illegal Aliens

No Mercy

A Long Way from Eden