My Editing

Captain Hotknives Sleeve Notes Zine

I created an album of for me what are Chris’s (Captain Hotknives) greatest hits, through finding what I think are the best quality versions out there of 13 well loved comedy songs, plus mixing and matching a few different versions together.

As well I edited together 3 volumes of folk songs, instrumentals & bonus tracks.

Finally I copyed the automatic transcripts, cleaned them up into lyrics pages and I’m working on building it into an illustrated sleeve notes zine which will contain lyrics, descriptions & more.

Unfinished Autobiography of Aileen Wuornos

A letter correspondence over many years between Aileen and her best friend from childhood Dawn was collated into a book, in the order the letters were sent.

Mixed in to the letters were long essays about her life on the road which she asked Dawn to keep safe encase she ever wrote enough that she could start knocking it into an autobiography.

As I was reading it, I found her experiences of the time she lived through so fascinating that I wanted to save each one and see it in perspective to her other memories in the timeline of her life.

So that’s what I’ve done here. And if it’s useful in the future to anyone’s creative pursuits, like writing non-fiction plays or graphic novels, or reflections on her life, or the 70s, or even fictional stories with characters based on Aileen, then all the better.