Native American Feminist Musings

1-copyEmpower Yoself Before you Wreck Yoself: Native American Feminist Musings

This zine covers a bunch of different personal and political issues: Speaking the Unspoken rather than “breaking the steriotype,” Flash Fiction about Annie Mae + a short bio of Annie Mae who was part of AIM and the 1973 Wounded Knee Reoccupation; cultural approriation and mascots; “my own feminist empowerment manifesto,” and more. – Cindy Crabb

11759043_1146281088732017_1974571232_nNizhoni Beat: Native American Feminist Musings

…this issue talks about decolonization, art and traveling, coming out and gender identity, going to a black lives matters protest and the mixed feelings about white male anarchists insigating confrontation and disapointment in the online arguing and animosity resulting from an event that was supposed to bring people together with a sense of community.- Cindy Crabb


neik glasshouse

framed-1024x1024How to Sleep

In June 2014, I wrote a 32+ page zine called How To Sleep. I’ll send it to your for free if you want it! It was handmade with love and I hope you enjoy it.

You can also read the whole zine below! If you like what you see, consider getting the zine because there are some special things in it that can not be expressed the same here online.

achromatic dissolutions

a zine i wrote. you can get a free copy by contacting me.




A Visitor in Myself #1

A stream of consciousness zine that is reflective of my BPD traits and the gratitude I have for those who have stuck with me over the years.

Typewriter, handwritten, and magazine collage. Sewn binding.

Perzine : 1/4 size : 32 pages

il_570xN.725927229_qdeyA Visitor in Myself #2

A continuing narrative about mental health, self-care, memory, and learning to love and appreciate life as it comes. Other stories include a bad drinking experience, friendships, and finding kinship through zines.

Perzine : 1/4 size : 32 pages

il_570xN.725929755_jsz3A Visitor in Myself #3

An on-going narrative written during a harsh winter. This zine includes stories about reclaiming Valentine’s Day, pen pals, traveling more in 2014, necessary touch, music, and making it through the cold.

Typewriter, handwritten, and magazine collage. Sewn binding.

Perzine : 1/4 size : 32 pages

il_570xN.728450200_exds.jpgA Visitor in Myself #4

A narrative from late 2014 into early 2015. This zine includes writings on nightmares as scars, the need to desexualize intimacy, winter care, platonic love, life as stories, depression, zines, and more.

Typewriter, handwritten, and magazine collage. Sewn binding.

Perzine : 1/4 size : 32 pages

il_570xN.921807956_q5s0A Visitor in Myself #5

A stream of conscious narrative divided into stories of asexuality, embracing fear, relieving anxiety, knitting, hand-lettered quotes, stories of friendship, a new acne scar, and more.

Typewriter, handwritten, and magazine collage. Sewn binding.

Perzine : 1/4 size : 40 pages

il_570xN.852796494_40p9Pieces 6: On Commuiting

One of my favorite zines is back in print for a short time!

This text-heavy issue of Pieces was written in 2011 and is filled with stories about my first month commuting to a job in Chicago via the South Shore electric line from Indiana. This journalesque issue touches on changes, human isolation, connectivity, and transient strangers.

Perzine : 1/4 size : 86 pages : Text-heavy

il_570xN.615565834_2sxtPieces 6.5 / My Aim is True 5

This split zine was made with my friend Carrie. We tell two very different stories about body image, but when you get to the salt of each narrative, the feelings are quite similar. Pieces covers an acceptance of acne and scarring. My Aim is True covers acceptance with weight. Both are about the need for self-discovery, self-love, and the people who helped get us get where we are today.

Perzine : 1/4 size : 82 pages

il_570xN.615689619_kan8Pieces 8: On Twelve Years of Running

This text-heavy zine is a series of snapshots of the last twelve years. Stories include: avoiding therapy and medication for fear of stigma, starting intermittent therapy, and finally–twelve years later–beginning continual therapy and medication . This zine is a narrative of the constant battle of wanting help but working hard to appear as normal.

Perzine : 1/4 size : 64 pages : Text-heavy

il_570xN.615579092_muu1Pieces 8.5 / The Flip Side

This is a split zine I did with my mother for the 24-hour Zine Thing. Zines have been a way for me to communicate with her some difficult things about myself, and I wanted her to share this medium of expression with her. I was delighted when she accepted! This is a lighthearted zine filled with stories about the library, transient pets, a recipe, favorite numbers, quotes, and blackout poetry.

Perzine : 1/4 size : 36 pages

il_570xN.923202280_mhoqPieces 9: On Death / The Escape Artist 11

This is a split I did with Jolie Ruin about death, grieving, and the questions we have about how something so weighty fits into our everyday experiences.

Perzine : 1/2 size : 32 pages : Text-heavy


Pieces 10 / My Aim is True 10

This is a split zine with Carrie of My Aim is True and Gender Matters.

Carrie writes about her right to exist as a fat woman, how life is too short to remain angry, street harassment, and things to remember being in the world as a fat person.

I write about accepting myself as I am: acne, scars, depression, and everything else, how I’ve come to embrace (and like!) my acne scarring, weight standing in the way of starting medication, and how conversation can be the most healing thing of all.

Perzine : 1/4 legal size : 50 pages

il_570xN.620992838_7e4cPieces 11: On Connecting Through Friendships, Letters & Zines

This text-heavy zine is about connecting with others through friendships, letters, long distance acquaintanceship, and zines. Stories include moving beyond diagnoses, courage found through zines, slipping letters to strangers in coffee shops, a girl on the bus, creating second homes, and Chicago Zine Fest 2014.

Perzine : 1/4 size : 56 pages : Text-heavy

il_570xN.766832749_hrp7Pieces 12: On Travel

An issue about my solo travels of Summer 2014. Places visited include Seattle, Portland, Toronto, and Sleeping Bear Dunes. This overarching narrative highlights folks I met along the way, the homes I stayed in, friends, strangers, a DeLorean, 2014’s Portland Zine Symposium, stargazing, finding Self in unknown places, and a whole bunch more.

Perzine : 1/4 size : 82 pages : Text-heavy


Nyxia Grey

Everything is Fine

The first three issues of my perzine “Everything.is.Fine” which addresses eating disorder and recovery, grief, sexual consent, feminism, body politics, and self-esteem. The third issue is a special edition of color collages.


Issue 1: digest size, 34 pages. B&W text with collage.

This zine is about haivng an eating disorder and writing the zine as part of working to change. Talks about body hate and social expectation of thinness; sexual maipulation and the way we are taught “no means no” but also that we aren’t supposed to say no and should just go along with what the other person wants. Nver feeling a sens of belonging in general or belonging in her body. Finding paganism and a new story.


Issue 2: digest size, 34 pages. B&W text with collage.

This issue addresses eating disorders and recovery, grieving the death of my father, the Salem magical community, messages written on public restroom walls, and dreams.

This zine might contain triggering scenarios so please take care of yourself. I would love for you to read my zine and reach out.

il_570xN.739396062_sblxIssue 3: 11.5 x 8 inches, 16 pages. Full color, glossy with handwritten text and collage. 

I discuss feminism, being a bad feminist, body politics, eating disorder recovery, joining Ladies Rock Camp Boston, being in a punk band, and suicide.

Some of these issues can be very triggering so please take care of yourself.

il_570xN.750905700_c183Your Table is Ready Zine      

This mini-zine is FULL color and double-sided. It is jammed packed with tips on tabling at zine fests so that you have the most amazing wicked good time.


il_570xN.735610632_8k9xRad Rag: Your Flow is Fly!

This full color 1/4 size zine is all about talking to young folks about menstruation. Like, why it is awesome, how our cycles are connected to the Moon and the Goddess. I also talk about certain myths surrounding menstruation and end with some helpful information about alternative feminine products and why pads and tampons might not be the best fit.

This zine is in full color with vintage ads and clippings from 1940/1950’s women’s magazines. Text is typewritten. 24 pages.

il_570xN.797261615_pwd5Cure Huntington’s Disease

This full-color, 22 page, digest-size zine chronicles my father’s story of being diagnosed with Huntington’s Disease. The second half of the zine focuses on what HD is, what the symptoms are, what treatments look like and additional resources.

100% of all proceeds will go to Kindred Laurel Lake, a nursing and rehabilitation center in Lee, Massachusetts that helps those with Huntington’s Disease.

For more information: http://www.laurellakerehab.com/

Please consider purchasing this zine to helps those who are in need of special care.

Thank you so much.

il_570xN.763654282_6q41Did that hurt? Self-advocacy for a safe and awesome tattoo experience 

This full cover digest-sized zine is 26 pages of awesome information about tattoos! Sections include how to look for a reputable tattoo studio and artist, what kinds of infections you could get, patron bills of rights, tattoo aftercare and a helpful FAQ section.

This zine was created in partnership with my husband who is not only a tattoo artist but an owner of a highly reputable and successful tattoo studio.

The purpose of this zine is to give you all the information you need to make the best decisions when it comes to getting a tattoo.

il_570xN.744937673_jo8mNYC Feminist Zine Fest – Here I Come    

This quarter-size zine is 50 b&w pages that chronicle my travels from Boston to the NYC Feminist Zine Fest. This zine discusses tabling for the first time, reading for the first time in front of any audience, meeting and greeting zinesters and zine-enthusiasts. Also included are thoughts and ramblings I had throughout the journey and my feelings about discussing my eating disorder with folks outside my support group.


Nyky Gomez

BRZD_001Skinned Heart Zine Issue #3

Yo soy una Mexicana and I write a personal/political zine. [Skinned Heart Zine is a] Personal Political Mexicana perspective zine dealing with issues such as mental health, health, abusive relationships, race issues, sexual abuse, and generally living and learning.

Well it is my zine, so I like it because it allows me to connect with other like minded people in the world struggling with the same things that I struggling with.

“ The power of female friendships and support; fallouts and exploring the causes; sexism and wanting to learn from the collective pain and miscommunications; being a radical feminist in denial of the abusive relationship she was in; the loss of a few white friends; gardening; “I think a lot about punk and activism and the impression that each of those communities have left on me. I think about how much I have learned about people and communication.I think about how much my friends mean to me and how much they have meant to me. I can’t imagine who I would have been if I had not come into contact with these people… I started to forget what I was all about. I really lost a sense of my own culture, my sense of Browness, and I forgot how to connect with people who weren’t punks…” ” – Cindy Crabb

skinned4Skinned Heart Quatro
About recovering from an emotionally and physically abusive relationship – some of the details of it. I am always so proud when people have the ability to write about what exactly was the abuse, because emotional abuse is so commonly not recognized when we’re in it, and it can really help to see other people’s experiences – to be able to say “yes! That is what it was like for me too!” And it is also so good to read about her becoming herself again – learning to have confidence, taking care of herself, her current healthy relationship, still caring about the world and people.
Also about Assimilation and Resistance, living away from her family and longing for her cultural roots (living in Seattle instead of the South West), family history and that feeling of living in dual realities, and assimilation being hard to stop. – Cindy Crabb

jskinned5Skinned Heart Cinco
A small issue dealing with dark mania and rapid cycling, trying to remember the path out of the self-destructive feelings.- Cindy Crabb



skinned6Skinned Heart Numero Seis
This issue is about her relationship with her dad, the similarities and difference between them, and how her life has been influenced by his drug addiction and his on again off again incarceration. It includes a critique of racism and the prison industrial complex and who is legitimized in activist circles as “political prisoners” when every imprisonment is political. Reflections on how, despite the racism, sexism and homophobia that exists in punk, punk and anarchism have provided a way in to finding connection to other radical people of color, and other people who work on developing politicized language and action around racism.- Cindy Crabb

The Norseman zine

the noresmanThe Norseman

This is our zine cover, it was drawn by David Zacharis of The Smittens!

James Franco, Seth Rogen, Linda Cardellini and Jason Segel



North West Break the Silence

How To Put Together Your Own Consent WorkshopHow To Put Together Your Own Consent Workshop

The title of this zine, How To Put Together Your Own Participatory, Community-specific, Radical Consent Workshop, is pretty straightforward and a great description of the zine’s contents. In addition to the general theme of how to put together a workshop on consent, the zine also provides tips on facilitation, space and accessibility, and additional resources. The bulk of the zine is an outline with ideas on what to say, activities to do, and materials to include.