Ocean Capewell

high on burning photographs

issue #4

i feel a little weird about the fact that these random people scanned in the entirety of issue #4 without even sending me an email and making sure it’s ok. buuut….i know they only did it because they really liked it. and i like this issue a lot too. so here you go!

on sobriety, singledom, and the world’s single best proposal: “will you, ocean capewell, by my a-official law unabiding partner in oil can romping, floor stomping, catchphrase poppin, jawdropping, mischief-copping amazement, till our travels do us part?”

issue #5

a split with a friend who was incarcerated at the time.

high10issue #10

“I love ocean’s stories. This zine includes sections from the memoir they wrote and then decided not to publish when they found out one of the main characters is a rapist… Obviousy, they don’t reprint the parts about that person, but do include wonderful stories about their first “punk community” in Philly when they were 19, with big queer dance parties. Drag night, race and gender and sex. Also stories about oceans life now, working as a social worker in SanFrancisco, and how shitty people in the tech industry are about homelessness, socialwork, and everything.” – Cindy Crabb


Olympia Street Medic Collective

don't rape each otherDon’t Rape Each Other!

Consent is a community issue!