Ongoing projects

  • Vegan Resource Library
  • Compilation Zine Series
  • Library + Shop
  • Html code
  • Archive
  • Network


Vegan Resource Library

Vegan Video Resource Library

Building on small youtuber’s ability to draw people into engaging educational videos and follow up channel content, their journey and how it impacts you, I’m building a resource library to make that content more accessible and maybe even encourage dialogue about what goals we share in common rather than the already plentiful dramaful takedowns.


Compilation Zine Series

Activist Journeys; a call out for submissions

A rolling call out for submissions as a place to expand on experiences, where we’re going as a movement, what sustains you? and what motivates you as an individual?


Library + Shop

Catalogue of Radical Zines

Recent Radical zinesters work categorised by subject.

A source of inspiration for writing the compilation zine series Activist Journeys,

Copyleft zines that have been given the all clear to share for free as a resource.

Onscreen viewing is almost finished, just need to print into a booklet and publicize now.


Html Code

It’s been pointed out to me that logs IP addresses and tracks information of downloads, if your thinking of starting your own blog I’d recommend which has all the same capabilities as wordpress plus the added anonymity.

In an effort to make the site as accessible and easily replicatable as possible,  if someone wanted to replicate a page onto their own blog, or use / copy bits of material on this website, I’d be happy to provide the html code for a clean cut and paste, I’m moving all my downloadable pdfs to which is a safer location, that way all the pdfs will already be hyperlinked so you won’t have to download them one by one.



Catalogue of Radical Zinesters

A list of recent radical self published works, collected from every well publicized distro, campaign or zinefair in the world.

Catalogue of Small YouTubers Work

The same for small consciousness raising youtuber’s advocating for international causes rather than chasing fame for fame’s sake.



Catalogue of Radical Zinesters contacts

Creating a space where radical writers can come together and find collaborators to work on new projects together.

A list of radical zinesters in alphabetical order plus contact details and short biography including; preferred method of contacting e.g. Email titled ‘Work: subject’, and whether the contact only writes for free publications / on commission / money up front. and have the largest list of zinesters going, but it’s unstructured, so it’s pot luck if you can find the type of writer your looking for.

I’d like to see a list of those most recent radical writers that are

  • still producing work,
  • actively looking to collaborate / contribute,
  • and write from a radical personal / political standpoint,

which would also be

  • easily accessible and replicatable,
  • that could all reduce down to a chapter in a book, it’s very own zine or 1 blog page that you could scrole through with ease.

The idea for this page came from seeing lists of radical writing markets where people could get their work published ‘for the exposure’ and deciding that a list of zinesters could offer a much higher standard of collaboration than any journal which asks us to contribute to advance their own agenda.

People come to zines from all walks of life, particularly for young writers and those self-employed who often put many more hours in to a project trying to make a name for themselves than they ever get back in commissions; finding sanctuary from the open market in a network of their own choosing, where writing is another language that flows from people’s own enthusiasm for action and ideas, not just the vanity of aesthetically pleasing affect.

Zinesters get a reputation for being shadowy figures, blurring the lines between styles of narration; some handwritten zines finish their life as a blurry mess from the very last photocopying attempt, some zinesters become the lead singers of stadium filling bands (Misanthrope), some are research graduates who just want to ditch the jargon and get back down to earth (Radical Mycology).

If you like the idea of creating a network of radical zinesters, you can help by sharing this blog! or you can get involved by emailing me at