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I’ve been coming up with these question lines and testing them on chat service to see what works best at encouraging critical thinking, don’t get me wrong it’s for my own entertainment, but I try to always be courteous.

I’d be curious if anyone has suggestions what question lines they’d like answered, or think would be interesting / provoke critical thinking.

You often hit a brick wall with the standard responses, ‘gods the person you should be asking’, ‘reading BOM is the best way to know if its true’, ‘praying the right way’ etc. So I’m trying out different openings like talking about organizing with Quakers who believe in continued revelation (which is true), it’s a softer way to be seen relating to Mormon scripture. Also role-played a specific situation as a Mormon because it was the only angle I could see working.

Results below and on

Edit: I’ve enjoyed writing these scripts so much I might create a hand drawn pamphlet on conversation starters people can have with Mormon missionaries they meet for free download and sale by post on etsy, expanding on this article as an introduction and then a selection of these chats as examples. Obviously with a warning to be aware of your emotional state at the time or if a tragic event has occurred recently so as not to get suckered into their totalitarian belief system.

Church Policy:

Using Critical thinking:

Oppressive doctrines:

r / chats

When I need some distraction and in a random mood I like to go on omegle, some day I might write a zine that strings together all the surreal conversations I’ve had on here.

These are just some provocative questions I’ve asked to get strangers talking:

revenge rape 3revenge rape 2revenge rapelucky pervertshoot the pedo