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Sweet, little Jennie is given a new life – free from slaughter!

Helping Wildlife Impacted by Hurricane Irma

A Hurricane Harvey Reunion

Texas Harvey flooding helicopter cattle survey

Hurricane Harvey: Animal Rescue Team Arrives Just in Time

Hurricane Harvey: Animal Rescue Team rescues animals from flooding in Beaumont, TX

LIVE: We’re on a boat rescuing animals in Beaumont, Texas!

Helping animals in the wake of Harvey

Hurricane Harvey: Animal Rescue in progress

Animals saved from Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey: Animal Rescue Team

Help save animals around the globe today

149 dogs and puppies saved from slaughter

Great Dane rescue puppies get second chance

Mistreatment at NYC pet store

Actor Daniel Henney says no to dog meat

Undercover at Pilgrim’s Pride

Great Danes Desperately Needed Help

Breaking News: More than 80 Great Danes Rescued from Cruelty

She Had Never Seen Sunlight

Actress Kate Mara joined advocates to urge the USDA to restore animal welfare records

Good news for 60+ chimps in Liberia

Dog saved from the dog meat trade, meet Sunshine

Abusive tiger training exposed at circus

55 dogs rescued from the darkness of hidden dog meat farm

B.B.’s Journey Out of Puppy Mill Darkness

Guardians of the Galaxy’s Dave Bautista Loves Dogs

Tớ là Tê Giác Bé nhỏ–I’m a Little Rhino

Mayim Bialik Debunks Animal Testing in 3 Steps

Tớ là Hổ Con Bé nhỏ–I’m a Little Tiger

Tớ là Voi Con Bé nhỏ–I’m a Little Elephant

Tớ là Tê Tê Bé nhỏ–I’m a Little Pangolin

Helping Guyana’s Street Dogs Have a Better Life

More than 350 Animals Rescued in Georgia

The Fund for Animals

Dodgers’ Chase Utley helps pets

Ag-gag: Attack on Animals in Arkansas

Ag-gag: Attack on Animals in Arkansas

Alaska’s Wildlife attacked by Congress

Ag-gag: Attack on Animals in Arkansas

Vote No on S.J. Res 18

Vieques Horses Get Help

Dahlia’s rescue came just in time

You won’t believe how matted he was!

Dog meat farm closed for good

Rescued dog meat dog delivers puppies!

Rescue dog takes first steps into new life

200 dogs rescued from dog meat farm

Horse rolls around in first snow of the year

Amazing Moments for Animals in 2016

TV Ad: Not Again

Helping street dogs all over the world

Dog Once Destined for Slaughter Finds Loving Home

Rescued Puppy Walks Again: Daniel update

How to make spinach artichoke pizza!

Opossums hanging out at SFWC

World’s saddest polar bear lives in Chinese mall

Babies grow in South Florida’s nursery

Breaking News: Rescuing animals impacted by Hurricane Matthew

Endangered Animal Parts are Being Sold in Oregon

Liberian chimps need your help

Daniel Bryan says “Yes! Yes! Yes!” to MA Question 3

140+ animals rescued from North Carolina puppy mill

Can Bostonians Survive the Cage? Vote YES on 3!

Breaking News: Puppy mill rescue in NC

Torrey DeVitto’s Beauty Secret

A day in the life of a dog meat dog

HSVMA-RAVS brings essential veterinary care to rural communities in need

Baby opossum rescued from pool

Rescued from a dog meat farm: Meet Faith, Hope and Grace

A chicken that does card tricks?!

USDA inspections find horse soring cruelty

Where do puppies come from?

66 dogs rescued from unsafe and unsanitary conditions in Ohio

Hawks take flight at the Fund for Animals

Breaking News: 70+ dogs just rescued in Ohio

Dog Rescued from Serious Neglect Thriving in New Home

Happy birthday chimpanzees Midge and Lulu!

No más peleas de perros en México

Rescued horses run to pasture at Duchess

Meet HSUS Michigan state director – Lydia Sattler

Meet HSUS New Jersey state director – Brian Hackett

Street dogs of Québec receive veterinary care

Animals rescued from cruelty in Arkansas

Cecil’s death: The club that encouraged the killer

Horsin’ around at Duchess Sanctuary

Would you eat your dog?

Undercover investigation at New England’s largest egg producer

Free chicken in NYC!

Great horned owls learn to fly

Baby raccoons learn and grow

Plant strong in South Africa

“Train wreck” cat- after rescue, Orren finds forever home

Sam Hammington Witnesses S. Korea Dog Farm

Orphaned songbirds at South Florida Wildlife Center

Martin Freeman wants us to Eat Kind

How to Make: Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins

From dog meat farm to new life with toys

Why 20 people are stuck in an elevator

UK Celebrities Support HSI’s #StopYulin Campaign

Join Sebastian Roché and Help Protect U.S. Horses from Slaughter

Rescued from a Korean dog meat farm: Cedric & Mendy

Duchess Sanctuary Horse Pool Party!

The Humane Economy Book Launch: With Wayne Pacelle, Cory Booker, and Kathleen Parker

The Humane Economy – Wayne Pacelle

Baby Skunks Get a Second Chance

Chimps Left to Die in Liberia

You Don’t Know Jack

Emergency Placement Partners: Making a Difference

Rescued! Korea Meat Dogs Love New Life!

Max Scherzer: Help pets and people with Pets For Life

LIVE: Rescued Korea Meat Dogs Run Around Outside

Rooney and Kate Mara Visit Abandoned Chimpanzees in Liberia

Cute & Cuddly Baby Opossums

Cat gets second chance thanks to Pets for Life program

South Korea Meat Dogs Need Your Help

Breaking: SeaWorld to End Breeding of Orcas

Puppy Mill Rescue: Daniel Walks Again!

Meet HSUS Iowa State Director – Josh Skipworth

Stuck To Death

295 Dogs Rescued from Arkansas Puppy Mill

HSI Mexico: Victories of 2015

Undercover Investigation Reveals Hawaii’s Illegal Ivory Trade

Beautiful Rescue Horses Run By

50 Dogs Rescued from Korean Dog Meat Farm

Pelicans’ Majestic Return to the Wild

Crows – Wild Neighbors

Prairie Dogs – Wild Neighbors

Yosemite National Park – Wild Neighbors

Redwood Forest – Wild Neighbors

Jhené Aiko Speaks Up For Sharks

LIVE from a South Korea Dog Meat Farm

Baby Owl Re-Nesting at the South Florida Wildlife Center

Kaley Cuoco Fights to End Horse Slaughter

Horses Rolling in the Fun at Duchess Sanctuary

All Animals Celebrate Ellen DeGeneres’ B-day!

Pets are for Life!

110 Horses Run to Pasture

Raptors Practice Flying Before Release

Mountain Lion Loves Life at Sanctuary

Ireland Baldwin Wants Fans to Adopt a Pet!

Ibis Bird Rescued in South Florida

HSI: Be the One to Help Animals

Lost Dog Rescued & Reunited with Family

John Salley Joins with HSUS to Take a Stand for Farm Animals

HSI Works with Mexican Senate to Improve Animal Welfare Legislation

Meet HSUS Illinois State Director – Marc Ayers

Korea Meat Dogs Rescued & Home for the Holidays

Dogs and cats living in filth, feeding off deer carcasses

South Korea Dog Meat Dogs Wait for Freedom

Lame Dog Carried from Neglect to New Home

Birds Eye View Look at Wildlife Sanctuaries

2015 HSUS Victories for Animals

Meet HSUS California State Director – Courtney Fern

Incredible Hippo Turns 42!

Pets For Life 100k Pets Served

Golden Tate on Adoption & Dog Poop?

Three Legged Black Bear

Caged for Costco

Kate Del Castillo habla sobre las fábricas de cachorros

Kate Del Castillo Speaks Out About Puppy Mills

Dog Meat Farm in South Korea Demolished


Life on a South Korea Dog Meat Farm

End Cosmetic Animal Testing in Canada

Ian Somerhalder Speaks Up for Animals

Horses: What Really Goes on Behind the Scenes

Helping Shelter Animals Impacted by Hurricane Joaquin

Christopher Walken Speaks Up for Wildlife

Lunes sin Carne

Dog Plays with a Toy for the First Time

Massachusetts Farm Animals Need Your Help!

Nikki Reed Wants Costco to Go Cage-Free!

ケシャからBe Cruelty Freeのメッセージ

I’m a Little Rhino

Dogs Fate Changed – Rescued from South Korea Meat Trade

María Celeste Arrarás habla por los Animales

María Celeste Arrarás habla por los Animales

Kesha diz: Liberte-se da Crueldade

Sox, Rescued from the Korean Dog Meat Trade

Flea Markets Exposed – Puppy Mill Dogs Being Sold

How to Prepare a Pet for Disaster

Rescued Horses Lovin’ Life at Oregon Sanctuary

Man Refused to Leave Dog Behind During Hurricane Katrina

A Haunting Look at Where One Dog Came From

Meet HSUS Kentucky State Director – Kathryn Callahan

Undercover: Horses Abused at Top Training Barn


Meet HSUS North Carolina State Director – Erica Geppi

Meet HSUS Massachusetts State Director – Stephanie Harris

HSI Celebrates 6 Years in Bhutan

Meet HSUS Vermont State Director – Barry Londeree

Creating a More Humane Society

Baby Hawk Released After Recovery

Cat Rescued from 700-Cat Hell

Meet HSUS North Dakota State Director – TJ Jerke

Meet Gremlin Von Cocopuff, a Dogfighting Survivor


Meet HSUS Pennsylvania State Director – Kristen Tullo

Animals Rescued from Cruelty in Mexico City

Helping Stray Dogs in Canadian First Nations Communities

Meet HSUS Arizona State Director – Kellye Pinkleton

Dogs Saved from the Dog Meat Trade

More than 150 animals rescued from filthy conditions in North Carolina

Lulu the Chimpanzee Has Her Blood Pressure Taken

Dumpsite Demi Rescued in Puerto Rico

Saving Lives at the South Florida Wildlife Center

Cute Cat Conquers Puppy Mill Past

Helping Pets and People in Los Angeles

Kesha Says Be Cruelty Free

Kesha Says Be Cruelty Free

Little Rhody Farms Keeps Birds Locked in Battery Cages

Keep Illinois Bobcats Protected

Costco Doesn’t Want You To Know What’s Wrong With These Eggs

You Won’t Believe it’s the Same Dog!

Baby Roadrunners Rescued

Chimps Abandoned by New York Blood Center

Winning the Battle Against Factory Farms

Black-crowned Night-Heron Makes Full Recovery at SFWC

Tornado Causes Damage to Sanctuary

Incredible Slow Motion Bird Release

2015 Commercial Seal Hunt Continues – GRAPHIC FOOTAGE

HSI Brings Much-Needed Help to Animals in Nepal

Nepal Earthquake Cow Rescue

Dog Meat Dog Adopted by Korean Woman

Meet Former Puppy Mill Dog – Roodle

Meet HSUS Louisiana state director – Julia Breaux Melacon

North Carolina Ag-Gag Commercial

Well Meaning Marsupials Get Their Marching Orders

HSUS CEO Wayne Pacelle Interviews Holly Reynolds, a Hero for Animals

Let’s Stop the Seal Slaughter

Animal Shelter Behind Bars – A Humane Nation

Mama Dog Never Gave Up

Stop the destructive “Right to Harm” bill in Oklahoma

Authorities Raid South Carolina Cockfight in Progress

Nikki Reed Speaks Against Breed-Specific Legislation

Brown Pelicans saved by SFWC

A Sweet Dog from the South Saved From a Puppy Mill

Jackie Evancho: A Voice for Seals

South Korea Dog Meat Dogs – Before/After

57 Dogs Rescued from South Korea Dog Meat Farm

Anjelica Huston for the Protection of Elephants & Rhinos

Take Your Dog to Work Day! #takeyourdog

Puppy Mill Dog Loses Eye Finds Loving Home

Loving Pit Bull Rescued from Dogfighting Raid – Meet Hank

“The Martian” Star Kate Mara Promotes Meatless Monday

Emaciated Dog Rescued from a Puppy Mill

A Royal Tern Soars Again

Dogs Rescued from Frozen Squalor at Arkansas Puppy Mill

Trash Entrapped Bird Returns to the Wild

Eating Mercifully

The Cost of Animal Care Laws

Meet HSUS Minnesota State Director – Christine Coughlin

Meet HSUS Colorado State Director – Aubyn Royall

Meet HSUS Maryland State Director – Emily Hovermale

Meet HSUS Virginia State Director – Matthew Gray

Meet HSUS West Virginia State Director – Heather Severt

Good Luck for Woodchucks – Humane Groundhog Solutions!

Injured Blue Heron Gets Another Chance to Take Flight

Holland Roden for Meatless Monday

HSUS CEO Wayne Pacelle Interviews NSA Chief John Thompson

What Natural Bridge Zoo Hid from the Public is Horrifying!

What Baby Tigers are Forced to do Might Shock You!

HSUS CEO Wayne Pacelle Interviews Moby

Join Us for Animal Care Expo 2015

Emaciated Dogs Rescued in Alabama

Reducing Demand for Rhino Horn in Viet Nam

South Korea Dogs Rescued from Dog Meat Farm

Spent Hen Slaughter Exposé: Birds Abused and Scalded Alive

Animals Rescued From House of Horrors

A New Life for All Animals – The HSUS’s Life-Changing Work

HSI: Victories for Animals in 2014

A New Life for Corey: Love is Blind

A New Life for Zoey, the 3-Legged Dog

2014 Victories for Animals

Rehabbed Brown Booby Released to the Ocean

Happy Hippo Enjoys Her Birthday Cake

60 Years of Celebrating Animals, Confronting Cruelty

Raccoon is Evicted from Attic Using One-Way Door

This Plate Might Change the World…See How.

Cute Bears Go Swimming!

Selling Puppies, and a Pack of Lies

50 Dogs Rescued from Suspected Dogfighting Operation

Bear Gives Camera a Kiss

Puppy Mill Bust, Again in Rutherford County

Trippin the Horse Loves the Spa

Whatever Happened to the Rescued Sochi Ten?

Woodpecker Regains Flight After Three Months

Dr. Jerry Root: C.S. Lewis & Animals Part 4 of 4

Dr. Jerry Root: C.S. Lewis & Animals Part 3 of 4

Dr. Jerry Root: C.S. Lewis & Animals Part 1 of 4

Dr. Karen Swallow Prior: Hannah More & Animals Part 4 of 4

Dr. Karen Swallow Prior: Hannah More & Animals Part 3 of 4

Dr. Karen Swallow Prior: Hannah More & Animals Part 2 of 4

Dr. Karen Swallow Prior: Hannah More & Animals Part 1 of 4

Eric Metaxas: William Wilberforce & Animals Part 4 of 4

Eric Metaxas: William Wilberforce & Animals Part 3 of 4

Eric Metaxas: William Wilberforce & Animals Part 2 of 4

Eric Metaxas: William Wilberforce & Animals Part 1 of 4

Dr. Jerry Root: C.S. Lewis & Animals Part 2 of 4

Live TigerCam at Black Beauty Ranch

A Tribute to a Chimp Named Kitty

Opossum, Where Art Thou? Rescue, Rehab, and Release

Double-Crested Cormorant Released After Recovering from Fish Hook Injury at SFWC

Actor Michael Vartan for Pets for Life

Who rescues the injured wildlife of southern California?

Pennsylvania: Say No to Cruel Pigeon Shoots

The Many Costs of Animal Cruelty

Meet HSUS Puerto Rico Director – Yolanda Alvarez

Join Theo Rossi in Becoming an HSI Street Dog Defender Today

Meet HSUS Alaska State Director – Michael Haukedalen

Ladder Rescue for Young Squirrels

Celebrate National Dog Day with The HSUS

367 Rescued Dogs 365 Days Later

Change Your Life and Theirs – Volunteer with The HSUS!

Adorable Pig Finds Forever Home

New Home for Big Cats at Black Beauty Ranch

Broken Leg, Mended Spirit: What became of Sasha

Meet HSUS Alabama State Director – Mindy Gilbert

A Must Do for Home Repairs: Check for Wildlife!

Charla Nash, Victim of Chimpanzee Attack, Speaks Out for Primate Safety

Meet HSUS Vermont State Director – Joanne Bourbeau

Meet HSUS Ohio State Director – Corey Roscoe

What Jon Bernthal thinks of pit bulls

Momma Fox and Her 7 Babies Have Left the Building

Take Your Dog to Work Day – A Humane Nation

Seaboard Pork Producer Investigation

Who’s That Rescued Squirrel in the Window?

Shockingly this Michigan Hound Hunter was Found Not Guilty [Warning: Graphic footage]

Passing Laws to Help Animals – A Humane Nation

Gopher Tortoises Rescued

Jackson Galaxy and the Hero Cat

Pets in Hot Cars — Retro PSA

A Burrowing Owl is Rehabilitated and Released

Daniella Monet for Meatless Monday

Big Horse Herd On the Move at Duchess Sanctuary

Meet HSUS Georgia State Director- Debra Berger

Ag-Gag Hurts Animals and People

Meet HSUS Utah State Director – Sundays Hunt

Meet HSUS Wisconsin State Director – Melissa Tedrowe

Spring Squirrel Babies Relocated to New Home by Mom

Meet HSUS New Hampshire State Director- Lindsay Hamrick

Herd of Horses at Duchess Sanctuary

Who Are Your Wild Neighbors?

Raccoon Rescued from Deadly Trap

Local Laws Restrict Puppy Mill Sales

The Seals That Got Away

2014 Canadian Seal Hunt Exposed

2014 Canada Seal Hunt – A Humane Nation, Ep. 3

Protecting Pets on All Fronts

New TV Ads Call for Passage of Federal Bill to End Horse Soring

HSUS 60th Anniversary Gala — Impact Award: Blackfish

A Humane Nation – Ep. 2 – Humane Society Intl.

Working to Protect Farm Animals

Raccoon Squeezes into Attic

Sochi Stray Dogs Arrive in DC

55 Rescued Arkansas Dogs Begin New Lives

The Great Crate Challenge

Baby Seals are in Danger

Be Cruelty Free Bloggers

Sochi Dogs: From Russia with Love

Adorable Squirrel Tunnels Through Snow

Jenna Dewan Tatum – Be Cruelty Free

We Are The HSUS!

180+ Animals Rescued from Arkansas Puppy Mill

180+ Animals Rescued – Suspected Arkansas Puppy Mill

Pigs Suffer at IRON MAIDEN

South Florida Wildlife Center Saving Lives

Rehabilitated Duck Release – Hooded Merganser

Taking Action for Animals – Join us this year at TAFA!

Idaho Ag-Gag Commercial

40+ Dogs Rescued in Alabama

Wayne Pacelle Vlog – A Humane Nation

Laura Marano Promotes Meatless Monday

HSUS Investigation of Catelli Bros. Calf Slaughter Plant

Saving Florida’s Gopher Tortoises

Baby Owl Returns to Nest

Rescued Skunk Gets a Bath

Meet LIL BUB, Internet Cat Sensation

When Squirrels Fly: A Humane Method for Evicting Flying Squirrels

Celebrate 2013’s Biggest Victories for Animals

Laboratory Chimpanzee Released to Sanctuary

Cute & Playful Prairie Dogs

Stella: From Distress to Diva

100+ Animals Rescued from Puppy Mill and Cruelty Situation

HSI: Heartwarming Rescue Stories from the Philippines

Paralyzed Dog Gets Wheels – Ricky Bobby

Rescued Goat Walks Again

Raccoons Sent Packing from their Parking Space Playground

Dogs & Puppies Rescued From Suspected AL Dogfighters

Pets For Life – Helping People Helping Pets

Press Conference: Georgia Regents University Investigation

University Animal Lab Investigation; Narrated by Kim Basinger

Adorable Skunk is Released Back to the Wild

Texas Puppy Seller Investigation

Burrowing Owl Release in Florida

Helping Birds on Migration Journey

Exposing a Rhino Hunt

Help Bears in Maine!

Agriculture Advisory Council for Ohio

Adopt Tony – The African Gray Parrot

Oryx and Fallow Deer Arrive at Ranch

Coyote Pups Released Back to Wild

Raccoon Mother’s Day: Appreciating a Maternal Bond

Ban Gestation Crates: HSUS TV Ad in New Jersey

Prairie Dogs Rescued from Colorado Flooding

What a Heroic Investigator Did For One Pig – Silver Telly Award Winner

Dogfighting Rescue Saves 367 Dogs

Baby Yellow Bats Eating

Welcome to My Humane Backyard

Dramatic Story of Reuniting a Mother Raccoon with her Babies

Donate Your Car to Help Animals!

Cute Kittens and Cats Pounce Around!

Meet HSUS Indiana State Director – Erin Huang

Chimney Swift Bird Release – South Florida Wildlife Center

Rescued Arkansas Dogs Start New Lives

HSUS: Animal Rescue Team

Super Cute Baby Screech Owls

Chimney Swift Rescue and Reunion at Georgetown University

More Than 90 Animals Rescued from Arkansas

Red Tailed Hawk Flies Again

HSUS TV Ad: We’re There

Birds & Turtle Release

Black Beauty Ranch: America’s Largest Animal Sanctuary

Rescued Mini Horses and Others Arrive at Ranch

Meet HSUS Kansas State Director- Midge Grinstead

Meet HSUS Hawaii State Director – Inga Gibson

Special Tribute: Roo Roo the Kangaroo

Meet HSUS Delaware State Director – Hetti Brown

Meet HSUS Nebraska State Director – Jocelyn Nickerson

Veg Appetit 2013

Join HSUS in stopping the dangerous NC ag-gag bill

Animal Hell In Mississippi

Baby Skunks Grow & Play

Cute Bobcats Like to Play

Vote No On SB 648

Rescued Tiger Loves His New Home

Mississippi Puppy Mill a Living Horror

San Antonio Dog Rescue

Big Cats and Other Exotic Animals Rescued in Kansas

You won’t believe where this dog came from!

Seal Watch Team is Watching

Michigan: Vote NO on SB 288

Seal Slaughter: Hard-Hitting Evidence

Silver Lining: Baby Seal Likely Survives the Slaughter

HSUS’s 2013 Tennessee Ag-Gag TV Commercial

Michigan: Vote NO on HB 4552/SB 288

End Fox Penning in Virginia!

Canada’s 2013 Baby Seal Slaughter Begins

Ke$ha Speaks up for Animals

Owl Released Back into the Wild

Meet HSUS New York State Director – Brian Shapiro

Injured Pelicans: Rescued and Released

The Stars Shine for Animals at Genesis

Squirrel Mom Reunites with Her Babies

Easter Bunnies

Animal Rescue Team: Meet Ashley Mauceri

Keeping Horse Slaughter in the Past

Meet HSUS Texas State Director- Katie Jarl

Meet HSUS South Dakota State Director – Darci Adams

100+ Animals Rescued from Neglect

Meet HSUS Oregon State Director- Scott Beckstead

HSUS Fur Investigation: New York City

Chimps: A New Life, Retirement

Maine Bears Need You

Dogs Rescued From North Carolina Breeder

All Animals Has Arrived!

Project Perry Helping Parrots Overcome the Odds

Raccoon Friends Reunited

HSUS: Pets for Life

Keep Pets Out of Shelters: Spay or Neuter

Give A Horse A Second Chance

Stop Puppy Mills in North Carolina

End Fox Penning in Virginia!

Raccoon Family of Three gets Humanely Evicted

All Animals Matter: Helping Animals Used in Cosmetics Tests

Billy’s Legacy

Woody Harrelson – Behind the Scenes for HSUS

What Hunger Games’ Woody Harrelson thinks of wearing Fur

Hurricane Sandy: The HSUS’s Animal Rescue Team

2012 Victories for Animals — The HSUS

Dave Pauli: Rescuer of Wildlife

Cute Smoke Shelf Elf Raccoon Gets Evicted From Chimney

Chicago Pet Store Undercover Investigation

Bulletproof Sam, Rescued From Dogfighting

BillyCam Live Recording

Meet Billy, Rescued From a Puppy Mill – 2013 CINE Award Winner

Abused Horses Receive Care and Training

Operation Montana Malamute Rescue

Streets of Hope: Helping Dogs in the Philippines

Hurricane Sandy: HSUS Sheltering Pets

H-Couture 2012: Fur-Free Fashion

Hurricane Sandy: Rescue Images

Hurricane Sandy: New York Relief Efforts

Fighting for Hope: Rescuing Animals After Hurricane Sandy

Humane Wildlife Services

The HSUS’s Animal Rescue Team Helping Animals and Families

Helping Pets in Hurricane Sandy

A Pig’s Tail

An Autumn Treat

Gopher Tortoises Rescued and Relocated to New Home

The Real Sea World

Habitat Under Threat

HSUS Agriculture Council for Colorado

New Jersey: Take Action for Mother Pigs

Jenna Morasca “Preparation PSA”

Jenna Morasca “Evacuate PSA”

Help for Haiti’s Horses

Rescued Camel Arrives at Ranch

Bats in the Attic? Humane Wildlife Services Can Help

Reptiles as Pets

Inside Illegal Wildlife Trade

Help Us Rescue More Animals

Kill the Cull, Not England’s Badgers

Give Wildlife A Hand

Partner Up to Save Animals

Dove Shooting: A Grisly Hunt

House Sparrow Chicks Re-nested

Stop Hound Hunting in California!

Wild Neighbors – Crow Roost

South Carolina Puppy Mill Rescue

H-Couture 2012 Charlotte Ronson Clip

H-Couture 2012: Kimberly Ovitz Clip

H-Couture 2012: Victoria Bartlett Clip

H-Couture 2012: Marc Bouwer Clip

Hurricane Isaac Relief Work

H-Couture 2012 John Bartlett Clip

Tennessee Walking Horse Abuse

Impactos de la cría intensiva de cerdos en comunidades de Perote, México

Caring for Ferrets

Raccoon Baby Rescue, Rehydration, and Reunion

Wildlife Decoys Helps Catch Poachers

Dogs Rescued in Michigan Dogfighting Raid

All God’s Creatures

A Sacred Duty

Speaking Up for Animals – Bishop John Bryson Chane

Protect Animals, Caring for Creation

Bishop Porter Speaks Out About Animals

Caring for God’s Creatures

Meet HSUS Tennessee State Director – Leighann McCollum

The Basics of Spay/Neuter – 1 of 4

Feral Cats

Flea Market Breeder’s Cruelty Exposed

Baby Raccoon Reunion

Roy Halladay’s “Spay & Neuter Your Pets” PSA

A Lion Sized Cat Tower

Investigación encubierta en granja de cría intensiva de Smithfield Foods

Jesse Eisenberg Highlights the Plight of Exotic Birds

Meet HSUS Arizona State Director – Kari Nienstedt

Dogs Suffer in AKC-Linked Puppy Mills

Victoria Moran

Cute Puppies Hate Chains

Meet HSUS Connecticut State Director – Annie Hornish

Meet HSUS Mississippi State Director – Lydia Sattler

Whales Need Our Help

All Animals July/August is Here!

Wendie Malick Supports for Animals

Tennessee Dog Rescue

Help Conserve England’s Hare Population!

Major Cockfighting Bust in California

Meet HSUS Maryland State Director – Tami Santelli

Meet HSUS New Jersey State Director – Kathleen Schatzmann

Meet HSUS South Carolina State Director – Kim Kelly

Taking Action for Animals 2012 – Register Today!

Baby Seal’s Sad Last Moments

Stop Hounding in California

Ke$ha Says No to Shark Finning

Baby Squirrels Get New Home

Saving Polar Bears

Ag-Gag Anti-Whistleblower Bills: Keeping Americans in the Dark

Tennessee Walking Horse Investigation Exposes Cruelty

Tigers and Public in Danger at Roadside Zoo

Get the App and Protect Seals

Angel’s Story (Winner of HSUS ‘Puppy Mills Stink’ Contest)

Flight to Freedom

All Animals Is Here!

Game-Changer For Puppy Mills

Shocking Animal Cruelty at Tyson Foods Supplier

Seals Need You Now More Than Ever

Cruelty by Design, with John Bartlett

Kaley Cuoco Urges You To Watch The 26th Genesis Awards

Baby Foxes

Pauley Perrette Urges You To Watch The 26th Genesis Awards

Carrie Ann Inaba Urges You To Watch The 26th Genesis Awards

One Day, The Seals Will Be Safe

Rose McGowan Urges You To Watch The 26th Genesis Awards

Uggie Urges You To Watch The 26th Genesis Awards

Barred Owls Rescued and Released Back into Their Habitat

Determined to Stop the Slaughter

Extreme Cruelty Exposed at Major Egg Factory

Californians Say No To Hounding

A Wild Easter Egg Roll

Mike Vick Dogfighting TV Commercial

Michael Vick Stands Up For Animals

The Bond – Paperback Edition

125 Dogs On To New Life

Watch Genesis Awards 2012

Shark Finning Cruelty

Canada’s Harp Seal Hunt

Give Harp Seals a Fighting Chance

Foie Gras

Chefs for Seals San Francisco

Puppy Mills Stink Video Contest

Dogs Rescued from NC Puppy Mill Cruelty

Meet the seals who need your help

Dog Rescued from the Rubble

Ke$ha Speaking Out For Seals

Shamayim V’Aretz Institute, Paul Shapiro, Farm Animal Protection

Alabama Cockfighting TV Ad

Justice Served for Dogfighting Victims

Baby Skunks Rescued!

Kitty Litter Jitters

Bird Feeding in Winter

Safe Stalls: Giving Horses A Second Chance

A Better Life For Egg Laying Hens

Dangerous Roadside Zoo Rescue

It’s Hungry Hungry Hippo’s 41st Birthday!

Come Together for Animals at EXPO 2012

Cockfighting and Religion

HSUS Gives Obama Administration a C-

Exotic Cats Rescued from NC Cat Mill

Keeping Pets Safe in Winter

Fox Penning, A Blood Sport

2011 Victories for Animals – The Humane Society of the United States

2011 Wrap Party

Rescued from Neglect, Meet Possum

Saved from Starvation, Meet Doris

Happy Hippo

Concerned Citizens Make A Difference For Dogs

Puppy Website Duping Consumers

Ke$ha: HSI Street Dog Defender

Rescued from Dogfighting, Meet Honey

Spaying or Neutering Your Pet – 1 of 4

Spay/Neuter: What to Watch Out For – 4 of 4

Why Spay or Neuter Your Pet – 3 of 4

Where To Go For Spay/Neuter – 4 of 4

Bhutan – A Country Overrun

What It Means to Spay/Neuter – 2 of 4

Spay Day For Feral Cats

Kitty Stuck in Tree Finally Rescued!

Puppy Mills Supplying NY Pet Stores

Where is Our Food Coming From?

Ohio Dangerous Exotics Pet Trade

Let’s Rise and Shine!

Braylon Edwards “My Connection with Dogs”

Meatless Monday

Dangerous Game

HSUS – 1 Million Facebook Fans

Ted Turner Protects Prairie Dogs

Philadelphia’s First Wellness Clinic

Going to the Dogs

New York Cockfighting Rescue

Caring for God’s Creatures

Rhino De-horning Cruelty

Humane Elephant Contraception

Donkeys Journey to Safety

The Purrfect Pet

ACE Documentary Film Grant

More Than 500 Dogs Rescued in Quebec

Vermont Dog Jumps for Joy

We are there to help!

Rescuing Animals After Hurricane Irene

“O God, Your Creatures Fill the Earth” YouTube Video Contest

Rescue Me

550 Cat Adoption Event

NC Hurricane Rescues

Ladybugs To The Rescue

Cat Adoption Day Update — Gainesville, FL

Hurricane Irene’s Impact on Pets

Cat Adoption Day — Gainesville, FL – Update #1

A New Beginning for Coyote-Dog Hybrids

Saving Wildlife By Saving Land

All Animals, Great and Small

Two Rescues, One Day

Helping Communities Everywhere

Cage vs. Cage-Free

Dogs Rescued From Vermont Puppy Mill

A Hot Car is No Place to Be

An Update on ‘The Bond’ Tour

Michael Vick Urges Congress to Support Bill

Be Responsible – Flashback to the 80s!

Big News For Hens

Fight No More

Prison Inmates Caring for Shelter Pets

Former U.S. Senator Robert Torricelli Protects Seals

Chefs for Seals – New York City

The Duchess Sanctuary

HSUS Investigation: Cruel Hunting Practices Exposed

North Carolina Puppy Mill Rescue

2011 Congressional Pet Photo Awards Ceremony

Captive Hunting Exposed, Monday, 9pm – Animal Planet

Leona Lewis Stands Up For Animals

The Shark-Free Marina Initiative – Celebrity PSA

Giving Makes it Happen

700 Cats Rescued From Cruelty in Florida

Not All is Lost in Tornado-Ravaged Missouri

Bullfighting Cruelty

Foxes, Coyotes Fight For Life in Pens

From The Floods, Come Dogs

A Horse Rescue at Black Beauty

Puppy’s Name Revealed to Facebook

Rescuing Cats From The Flood Zone

Baby Raccoon Relocation from Attic

A Safe Place To Go After Flooding

Charlotte Ross – Chimp Action Alert

Close the Cockfighting Loopholes

HSUS Helping Alabama Tornado Victims

Bird’s Eye View

133 Horses Rescued in Maryland

Separation Anxiety

Cruelty at Canada’s 2011 Commercial Seal Slaughter

Off Duty: Sarah Barnett

Want a Pet Rabbit?

Let’s Stop the Seal Slaughter

Seal Slaughter Bloodies the Ice

Before the Hunt Begins

Opossum’s Ordeal

The Bond Launch

The Bond

Dogfighting Suspect Arrested; Dogs and Roosters Saved

Congressman Adopts Puppy Mill Dog

Wilberforce Award Genesis 2011

The Reality of Puppy Mills

Animal Rescue Team Rescues Hundreds

The 25th Anniversary Genesis Awards

To Conserve and Protect

Puppy Mill Dog and New Mom Recover Together

Shark Finning

Spay Day Success

25 Years of The Genesis Awards

Alabama Animal Hoarding Rescue

Grey Seal Hunt 2011 – Hay Island

Cruelty in the Lone Star State

Serving People and Pets

Tennessee Puppy Mill Shut Down

All About Hamsters

Register Now for Expo!

Wild Animals Refuge

Dealing With A Wildlife “Invasion”

Missouri Puppy Mill Dogs Homecoming

Hal Sparks Speaks Up for the Animals

Stars, Chefs Say No to Canadian Seafood

Jackie Evancho Sings for the Seals

Inside The HSUS: Update Humane

Year in Review 2010 – The Humane Society of the United States

Dallas Cockfighters on the Run

Texas Horse Rescue – Warning Graphic Footage

When Veterinary Care Costs Too Much

Undercover at Smithfield Foods (2012 Webby Award Winner)

Animal Survivors: Second Chance

Honoring Emily Deschanel

Animal Survivors: Powell

Animal Survivors: Boomer

HSI Works With Haiti’s Street Dogs

HSUS Guide to Puppy Crate Training

Colbie Caillat Speaks Out For Dogs

HSUS Member Sues Perdue Over “Humane” Chicken

HSUS Exposes Largest Turkey Hatchery

Cal-Maine Egg-Laying Hens Suffering

Inside The HSUS: Update Humane

The Face of Dogfighting: One Dog’s Incredible Journey

Missouri: We Won for Dogs!

HSI Helping Bhutan Street Dogs

Happy, Healthy Pets in Louisiana

Walk for the Animals 2010

Oh Happy Day – Dogs Rescued!

Friends of Finn

West Virginia Rescued Equines Forever Grateful

FDA Inspection Affirms HSUS Investigation

Prairie Dogs Moved to Safety

40 Tons of Supplies Donated in Wake of Oil Spill, Economy

Cat Hoarding Case in Wyoming

High Risk Eggs – Dangers of Caged Hens Exposed

All Pets Can Make You Feel Young

Make Adoption Your First Choice

Make An Animal Shelter Your First Choice

Don’t Let Your Pet Down

Shelter Pets Deserve A Good Home

Shelter Pets Are The Perfect Choice

Walk for the Animals – They’re Counting On You!

Bear Baiting – South Carolina’s Shame

The Journey North For 100 Dogs From Louisiana

What Wildlife is Up Against

Fufanu Says “Fur Free”

Taking Action for Animals 2010 – Highlights

Cockfighting Raid in North Carolina

Mississippi Puppy Mill Raid

2010 Taking Action for Animals Conference

End Dogfighting Team: Atlanta

David Kirby on Animal Factories

Oh Happy Day – Dogs Rescued!

Sheryl Crow Makes a Difference

The PA Legislature Must End Live Pigeon Shoots!

Welcome to Paradise – Greener Pastures for Rescued Horses

Oil Spill Dog’s Journey

Babe Passes On

Stop Factory Farm Cruelty in Ohio

Latest in the Gulf – HSUS On The Spill’s Tracks

Rescue From a Research Lab

Pierce Brosnan Says Save The Whales

The Ones Who Got Away – Wildlife Rehab Center Releases Birds

HSVMA Mobile Veterinary Clinic Program

Chefs Say Stop The Hunt

Katrina Bowden for Stop Puppy Mills (Flip Cam Video)

Amy Landecker for Stop Puppy Mills (Flip Cam Video)

“One Tree Hill” – Robert Buckley for Stop Puppy Mills

Patrick Huesinger for Stop Puppy Mills (Flip Cam Video)

Alex McCord for Stop Puppy Mills (Flip Cam Video)

Bree Williamson for Stop Puppy Mills (Flip Cam Video)

Sasha Dahwan for Stop Puppy Mills (Flip Cam Video)

Boris Kodjoe for Stop Puppy Mills (Flip Cam Video)

Jesse Metcalfe for Stop Puppy Mills (Flip Cam Video)

Aldis Hodege for Stop Puppy Mills (Flip Cam Video)

Julissa Bermudez for Stop Puppy Mills (Flip Cam Video)

West Virginia Equine Rescue

Emergency Rescue and Shelter

Ready And Waiting To Rescue

All eyes are on the oil spill in the Gulf

Ellen Calls on Stamp Collectors to Lick Pet Overpopulation

The Loneliest Whale in the World

Rescued Dog Dancing with Joy

Living Humanely With Wild Neighbors

Earth Day’s 40th Birthday

The Genesis Awards Celebrate Tippi Hedren

And The Genesis Awards Winners are…

Genesis Celebrities Talkin Dogs

Switch on to The 24th Genesis Awards

Seal Hunt 2010: Protecting the Harp Seal Nursery

2010 Canada Seal Hunt: Raw Footage from the Ice

Report from the Seal Slaughter

Seal Hunt 2010: First Baby Seals Slaughtered

Seal Hunt 2010: Eve of the Hunt

Countdown to the 2010 Canada Seal Hunt

Undercover Investigation: Animal Abuse at Iowa Egg Factories

Animal Hoarding in Virginia

Genesis Awards 2010: A Night to Remember

HSUS – National Dogfighting Tip Line

Cancel the 2010 Commercial Seal Hunt

Tennessee Cat Rescue

Cruelty by Design 2009

SeaWorld Killer Whale Tragedy

Suspected Cockfighting Ring Busted

Graduation Day for the Pit Bull Training Team

Animal Care Expo 2010

Watch our team at work in Haiti

HSUS, HSI Helping Haiti’s Animals

Homecoming for Haiti Dogs

Samm Levine at Sundance (Flip Cam Video)

KayCee Stroh at Sundance (Flip Cam Video)

Cruelty-Free Shopping Tips

Emma Bell at Sundance (Flip Cam Video)

Ashlan Gorse at Sundance (Flip Cam Video)

Malin Akerman at Sundance (Flip Cam Video)

Brandon Molale at Sundance (Flip Cam Video)

Thomas Ian Nicholas at Sundance (Flip Cam Video)

100 Animals Rescued in Alabama

North Carolina Animal Rescue

Bring an Outdoor Cat In

Rescued Tennessee Horses Come Back To Life

Animal Survivor: Thistle

Don’t Buy Heartache for the Holidays

Animal Survivor: Sully

17 Dogs Rescued from Squalor

Animal Survivor: Fay

Puppy Mill Insider Speaks Out

Neglected Horses Rescued in Tennessee

San Nicolas Feral Cats Find New Home

Neglected Sled Dogs Rescued

19 Neglected Horses Rescued from Baltimore Stable

San Nicolas Feral Cats Find New Home

Cool vs Cruel 2009

Thistle the Mustang Finds a Home

Undercover Investigation: Veal Calves Abused at Vermont Slaughter Plant

Fashion to Help Fido

More Than 100 Animals Rescued from Arkansas Puppy Mill

Philly Eagles Gives to Animals

Walk for the Animals 2009

Michael Vick Talks to DC

“All Creatures” Music Tour Featuring The Myriad

Sneak Peek: Walk For the Animals 2009

The Shelter Pet Project

Swine Flu Prevention Tips

Indigo Girls Talk Pets

I Need Love — by Daylight for Deadeyes

“My Boys” Actor Reid Scott PSA: End Dogfighting

Reid Scott PSA: End Dogfighting in LA

Reid Scott PSA: End Dogfighting in Chicago

Reid Scott PSA: End Dogfighting in Atlanta

Meet the Pitbull Training Team

Michael Vick Talks to Chicago

Texas Puppy Mill Raid

It’s All About Guinea Pigs

Taking Action for Animals 2009

Dogfighters in Trouble

Hundreds Rescued From Alleged Hawaii Hoarder

HSUS Willing to Give Vick a Chance

Congressman Jim Moran Raves About Gardein (a meat substitute)

Actress Ginnifer Goodwin Turns Lobbyist for Animals

Animal Activists Descend on Capitol

Hot Weather Safety for Pets

Famous Chefs Save the Seals

Feral Cats

Liberty Bell: A Puppy Mill Survivor

Over 200 Dogs Rescued from PA Puppy Mill

Emergency Animal Shelters

Truth in Fur Labeling Bill

Behind the Scenes: The Shelter Pet Project

Dogs Rescued from Notorious Puppy Store

HSUS President Holds Town Halls

2 Alabama Dogfighters Busted

Cruelty Behind Tennessee Walking Horses

300 Animals Rescued in Wisconsin

Taking Action for Animals 2009

Swine Flu Pandemic

Nebraska Horses: Moving On

Major Victory for Seals

Nebraska Horse Rescue

Opt to Adopt: Shelter Animals Need You

Carol Leifer Encourages Spay/Neuter

PSA: Lily Tomlin for Animals

Tragedy on the Ice

The 23rd Annual Genesis Awards

Close Call for Seals

Canada Seal Hunt ’09 Continues [WARNING: VERY graphic footage]

Seal Hunt 2009 Begins

Stop The Bear Hunt: British Columbia Allows Killings

Harp Seal Nursery 09

Undercover Footage: Chimpanzees Injected with Sedatives

Undercover Footage: Monkey Restraint Devices

Undercover Footage: Chimpanzee Sedation

Undercover at the World’s Largest Chimpanzee Laboratory


Horse Drawn Carriage Cruelty

Urban Harmony With Nature

Horse Tripping: A Sadistic Sport

Fur Labeling in NYC: Undercover Fur Investigation

Chimps Deserve Better

North Carolina Puppy Mill Raid 09

Puppy Mill Rescue Cam: What the Rescuer Sees

Tipline Lands Dogfighters in Trouble

Horse Drawn Carriage Cruelty

Hundreds Protest Petland

Canadian Puppies Saved Again: Puppy Mill Rescue

2008 Victories for Animals

Eating Mercifully

Petland Investigation: Pet Store Sells Puppy Mill Dogs

Doggie in the Window: New Version of a Classic

End Dogfighting in Chicago

Making Peace with Geese: Civil Ways to Deal with Wild Neighb

Beavers Bounding Back: Ready to Build

Squirrel—Proof your Home:Keeping Wild Neighbors Wild

Winter Bird Feeding: Treat Wild Neighbors Right

Keeping Deer off Trees: Dealing with Wild Neighbors

Squirrels and Feeders: Dealing with Wild Neighbors

Woodchucks: Wild Neighbors

Bird Strikes: Helping Your Wild Neighbors

Urban Wildlife: Bird Watching in the City

Canada Geese: Your Wild Neighbors

Victory for Animals: Prop 2 Passes

The Philippines’ Illegal Dog Meat Trade

Walk for the Animals 2008

Get Your Pets Spayed or Neutered

Canada Puppy Mill Dogs Arrive to USA

Cruelty in Canada: Puppy Mill Bust

Stop the Hunt–A Rap about Seals

Rescuing Animals in Hurricane Ike’s Wake

All Creatures Great & Small (video 3)

All Creatures Great & Small (video 2)

All Creatures Great & Small (video 1)

Prevent Equine Cruelty: End the Slaughter of American Horses

When Disaster Strikes: Take Your Pet With You

Humor at the Genesis Awards

Genesis Awards Hits the Streets

Shelter from the Storm: Hurricane Gustav Rescue Day 3

Putting an End to Cockfighting

Jana Kohl Speaks Out Against Puppy Mills

West Virginia Puppy Mill Shuttered

Blessing the Animals

Taking Action for Animals 2008

Blood in the Water: Shark Tournament

Genesis Awards 2008: Cruelty in the Spotlight

Nigel Barker’s “A Sealed Fate?” Exhibit

TN Puppy Mill Rescue – Day 2

TN Puppy Mill Rescue: Day 3

Livestock Abuse: New Downer Cow Investigation

Tennessee Puppy Mill Raid

Saving Whales: International Whaling Commission 2008

Karakul Coats: A Look at the Sacrificial Lambs

No Escape: Wildlife Under Assault

HSUS Takes Dogs to Work

One Voice for Tigers

Hip Hop for Hounds

Matt Grant “The Bachelor” advocates for animals!

Brad Garrett Pans Puppy Mills

HSUS Examines Livestock Auctions

Annie Duke of Celebrity Apprentice says Dogs Shouldn’t Have to Gamble

Save the Seals

Rebecca’s Journal: Canada’s Cruel Baby Seal Hunt

We Aren’t Going Anywhere!

Star Power for Seals

Visiting The Harp Seal Nursery

HSUS Busts Dog Fighters in Arizona

Slaughterhouse Investigation: Cruel and Unhealthy Practices

The Prevention of Farm Animal Cruelty Act

Overlooked: The Lives of Animals Raised for Food

Pets of Bel Air: The Victims Tell All (part 2)

Pets of Bel Air: The Victims Tell All

Home for the Holidays: A Fresh Start for Puppy Mill Dogs

Holiday Shoppers Beware

Pets of Bel Air: Peddling Puppy Mill Pups

Did Your Actions Make a Difference?

Vick Receives Sentence; Sends Message to Dogfighters

Dogfighting: Life on the Chain, Death in the Ring

Be a Humane Hero with the Coats for Cubs Program

HSUS Puppy Mill Investigation Spurs Rescue

Russell Simmons’ Dogfighting PSA

Undercover Look at Puppy Mills: Investigation in Virginia

Saving Pets in Danger: HSUS Responds to California Wildfires

Caught in a Firestorm: Helping Animals in S. California

Victory for America’s Horses

A Dog’s Day in DC at the 2007 Walk for the Animals

Philippine Dog Investigation

Humane Society Walk for the Animals 2006

Michael Vick Apologizes for Involvement in Dogfighting

Protect Polar Bears

Crowds Protest Vick at Court

“Knock Out Animal Fighting” YouTube Video Contest

Michael Vick Dog fighting Charges Spark Public Outcry

Canada’s Cruel 2007 Seal Hunt

Dog Auctions Exposed

Celebs for the Seals

Use MySpace to Save Seals

Seals’ Habitat Being Destroyed

The Life of a Baby Harp Seal

Ryan Newman PSA #2

Ryan Newman PSA #1

Shark Finning — Mandarin language version

Truth in Labeling Law

Slaughterhouse Refuses to Shut

Cruelty for Sale Online

A Victory for Horses

Virginia Cockfighting Pit Raided

Scores of Sheep Found Starved

Jay Z’s 100th problem — Canine Fur Coats

Bird Flu

Web of Lies

Horse Slaughter: Cruelty Uncovered

Cool vs. Cruel

On Thin Ice: Canada’s Commercial Seal Hunt

Saved from the Slaughterhouse

The Horrors of Hoarding

Dave the Dove in “No Good Reason”

Hulk Hogan flexes his muscles against animal fighting

Dolphins slaughtered in shallow water

Stop Horse Slaughter

Horses Plunge to Death in “Suicide” Race

Suffering Shark

Baby Cows Born in Hell

End the Fishing Frenzy

They’re hunting whales again

What Really Happened in Canada

Massacre on the Ice

Humane Society Boat Rammed by Sealers

Seal Hunt Day One

Baby seals get help from friend Paul McCartney