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mrr_368_cvr-300x390Maximum Rock and Roll: Queer Issue by Maximumrocknroll

if you’ve never seen MRR, it’s a big huge punk music DIY magazine, all volunteer run. This issue is the Queer Issue, and it’s got a lot of really great articles about old queer bands, and new queer bands. If you have never read it before, beware of the columns in the beginning, some of their columnists are horrible horrible shitbags. But some columnists are good.

Nasty Facts, Gary Floyd, Jos Seein’ Red, GB Jones, Younger Lovers, Vaginal Davis, Josh Ploeg, Teu Pa Sabe?, Schwarzer Kanal, Bromance, Extra Tounge, Queer punks in Texas, Brooklyn, Berlin, Brazil, Portland, Why Gay Marriage Is the End of the World, etc.


il_570xN.686336103_ik0dWhen I Remember What to Say: You Will Know NICO Again by Kate Angell

When I Remember What to Say: You Will Know Me Again (Issue 1) is a psychobiography of the musician Nico. Famous primarily for her brief but lasting time in the Velvet Underground, Nico also had an amazing solo musical career which the author believes is underappreciated. This zine is equal parts scholarly project and perzine.

il_570xN.686214190_p4dzA Thousand Times Yes: Reflections on Yoko Ono by Kate Angell

A Thousand Times Yes: Reflections on Yoko Ono is an edited zine celebrating the life and accomplishments of artist/musician Yoko Ono. The zine includes wonderful illustrations and interviews with about 20 artists, musicians, and writers, including Kathleen Hanna, Gina Birch, and Barbara Hammer.


Bad mouthBad Mouth: Issue #1 by Bad Mouth

A music, art and politics fanzine

This is a zine for people who like music, art and questioning the way things are. Profits go into creative workshops on activism and personal politics such as the What is Your Activism? series which runs here at The Boileroom (check our What’s On page for the next date!).

Bad Mouth Issue #1 features an insightful interview with Girlpool, a free patch, poetry, essays on relationships and the alternative scene and loads more. Contributions from Martin Ruffin, Megan Andrew, Ryan De Freitas and Girlpool, Krishna Istha, Joe Fuller, Anni Movsisyan, Duncan Smith, Lizzie Coan, Jacob Joyce of Screaming Toenail, Jess Bridgeman, Mike Foster, X-ALLIN, Eva Cookney and members of sorryyoufeeluncomfortable.