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Facts and information

Adopt don’t shop

Generally it is preferable to adopt pets from local shelters and have them neutered than it is to buy pets like a commodity from pet stores. The pet stores sources are breeder mills where animals are bred in often unacceptable conditions in cages etc and excess animals are often culled.

There are many animals in shelters that are actually in need of a forever home so it is better to adopt them than buy from pet stores. Also its better to “adopt” as a pet or family member rather than own which is something we use for commodities.

Spay/Neuter your pet

Unnatural Vegan wrote:Spaying and neutering can help to reduce the desire to roam that make your cats happier as indoor pets. . . the only thing more cruel than leaving a cat intact with a powerful sex drive and keeping it away from any mates would be to let the cat out doors to breed multiple generations of feral kittens who are doomed to suffer follow the Golden Rule here assuming you could never have sex you had no way to release any sexual frustration remember cats don’t even have porn would you rather have a stronger sex drive or a weaker sex drive in such a situation I would want to be spayed or neutered to reduce my suffering.


Female cats can be fed vegan, if it’s a properly formulated diet.

Here are some good recommendations:

Male cats can have urinary tract problems, so generally speaking, it’s hard to feed most of them vegan.

I would recommend feeding male cats partly vegan, and partly freegan meat. Insects or worms might be another option to freegan meat, which are less sentient and more sustainable than tetrapod meat.


It’s important you exercise your pets to the full range their bodies needs, with big dogs that can mean two 1 and half hour walks every day, and with cats testing to see if they’ll will walk with you on a leash.

Also using lots of interactive toys with them each night.

If you live near a main road, it’s not recommended you let your cat out, where it can easily get run over by traffic.

Domestic cats are also highly skilled predators that are glutenous for enjoying the hunt more than the food, which means often torturing their prey and giving you half-dead animals as presents. Unlike the common ancestor they share with wildcats which are quick killers, consume all their food and have a working niche that is threatened by domestic cats.

If you want to take one step towards limiting the carnage, the RSPB recommends to:

Keep your cat indoors when birds are most vulnerable — at least an hour before sunset and an hour after sunrise — especially between March and July when baby birds may be out of the nest waiting to be fed. Also, keep your cat indoors after bad weather to allow birds to come out and feed.

You can also build an outdoor enclosed cat run and some inside the house to effectively increase your cats play area.


Dogs and particularly cat feces can be quite toxic and produces a lot of methane if left on a landfill to rot, finding an allotment or empty plot of land far away from houses to hot compost is the best solution.



Adopting pets probably does not qualify as effective altruism due to the large cost and small impact, but if you want to do it for personal reasons, rescue female cats from no kill shelters which you can feed vegan (let meat eaters adopt the male cats and feed them the meat they may need to avoid urinary issues).

Feed your female cats a properly formulated vegan diet, and keep them indoors to prevent them from killing animals or being harmed themselves. Build a cat patio or provide other enrichment, and consider adopting two female cats instead of one so they have play mates.

It’s not clear what extent of boredom, confinement, or isolation over a lifetime make it better to have been euthanized, but be mindful that adopting an animal and making it miserable is probably worse than not adopting at all and keep in mind the difficulties involved in providing for the animal before making that commitment.

Virtue / Existentialist

Existentialists see mountains of food waste, a disorganized network of rescue efforts and an untapped reservoir of compassion that simply needs to be directed towards simple tools for ending the suffering of these domesticated animals. By making the choice to be good industrious owners, we affirm that it is a valuable thing to do for our pets and those around us.

If you have the capacity and heart to, adopting the most vicious, scarred, mangey looking old dogs and cats from low demand, over-populated, no kill shelters is the most ethical choice you can make, but any will do for extending that carrier capacity of loving homes.

Enticing feral cats with freegan, vegan food will significantly improve their well-being to know they can have a food source they can rely on. Just be mindful that if you pay feral cats any attention they can return with a half-dead bird as a present in return.


No responsibility and always wrong to own them, to total responsibility and always right to feed them meat plus let them hunt.