a poetry zine featuring 12 Boise writers by Samo~Supertramp and Sparky Sparx



Screen_shot_2013-04-24_at_1_14_21_AM_125x160The Love Notes You Know Exactly Where You Misplaced

a mini poetry zine by Alfredo Landa. 7 loves, 7 poems. Very cute.



Stunned Lungs by Tara Jay

Stunned Lungs is a poetry zine — Poems about sex, anxiety, class & poverty, family, illness, grief, hair-pulling, dogs, bodies & gender, street harassment, etc, etc.

stunnedStunned Lungs #1

If you have ever read the poet Shannon Olds, you know how poetry can tell a story stronger than a story itself. That’s what this zine is like. If you like poetry at all, you should get this. It is amazing. The poems tell a story of their mothers home a feeling of vertigo and suffocation; a story of body and sex, and such deep everything you really must read it. – Cindy Crabb

stunned2Stunned Lungs #2

another beautiful haunting poetry zine from Tara, with poems about love and bruises, annihilation and jellyfish, the last desperate thing we did. With a beautiful block print cover, each one hand printed and sewn. – Cindy Crabb