Jeana Harris / Boise Zine Distro

Witch Bitch Issue #1

a mini perzine by Jeana Harris about the weekend of her Grandmother’s death and coming off of anti-depressants.



using space

The story of Sabotaj published by Muujinga / hloupochku




Jacq Applebee

body imageBody Image, fatness and blackness

Thoughts, poems and some body-positive erotic fiction!

16 pages long, A5 half size, typewritten with black and white illustrations.

Over 18s only due to the erotic story


genderGender questioning and me

Ever feel not quite the sex you’ve been assigned at birth? You’re not alone. This Zine is a result of my thoughts about gender, and my attempt to come to a happier place with who I am.

Contains poems, prose and some gender twisting erotic fiction!

16 pages, A5 size


veganI’m not VEGAN, but this zine is! (And it’s Gluten-Free too!) Recipes, Smut, Poems & Thoughts

Yes, there are vegan recipes in this Zine. There are also two vegan erotic stories, a couple of poems and my thoughts about food and the vegan scene. For over 18’s only, due to the smutty stories.


abuseThat Doesn’t Happen to Black Kids!

This is my Zine on surviving child abuse and violence. It has personal stories and resources. I’ve also included a short letter you can customise and copy for handing out at potentially triggering situations.

Zine is handwritten in black and white. A few hand drawings and a photo. 36 pages half size (A5)

Surviving CSA zine

I decided to put the complete zine on surviving child abuse up on this blog for free.  You can download, print and read it.  You can also repost it with Credit to Jacq Applebee.

There is a massive trigger warning – abuse on this zine.  Please be gentle with yourself whilst and after you read it.

Why free?  Survivors of childhood abuse (especially People of Colour) are more likely to experience poverty.  I usually sell this zine, but it is too important a subject for me to keep aside for those able to buy it.  Plus, with many of my followers living outside the U.K, postage costs are prohibitive.  So I hope everyone gets something out of this free resource.

get lostGet Lost! A guide to running away for adults

Everyone needs to get away sometimes. Running away doesn’t have to be forever. For adults who need to get themselves gone, use this guide to help you do so more safely. Learn about how to care for your physical and mental health, before, during and after running away. And check to see if running is the best option for you.


growing oldA blaze of candles on my cake Growing old when you’re BISEXUAL, black and disabled.

Does getting older fill you with dread? For many lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people, this fear may be justified. But our future doesn’t have to be full of fear. I explore some of the realities of being black, bisexual and disabled in a world that can be rough. I hope to spark hope for anyone reading this.


Judith Arcana

Janebill: Keesha and Joanie and JANE

Written by Judith Arcana, one of the members of the JANE collective that provided abortions when they were illegal, this is a short play set in the near future, when Roe v. Wade is overturned. A group of women trying to figure out what to do invites JANE members to discuss ideas, memories, and strategies. A great starting point for our own discussions about what to do about the increasing limitations on abortion access.



cheer1-500x500CHEER THE EFF UP #1 

This zine came in the mail and there what something really unnerving and intriguing about the cover. Something about this zine reminds me of the 90s, but it is current. It feels familiar and it is awesome. It is written by a fictitious “Jonas” for a friend in the hospital to, you know, cheer the eff up. So, if you need some cheering up you should get this zine. (I met “Jonas” at the Chicago Zine Fest and he is actually really cool and no unnerving at all!) -AW

CHEER THE EFF UP #2 cheer2-500x500

I wasn’t really sure what a second issue of this zine would be like but it is also really great. There are like a billions layers going on in this zine by “Jonas” and it totally engrossed me. I’ll just put this line from the intro “What you’re about to read is part fiction & part true but all the important parts are true” I’d like to think all zines are that way, but maybe this one more than most. -AW

CHEER THE EFF UP #3  cheer3-500x500

I won’t lie, I love this zine! I also really like Jonas, the guy who makes it. But I gotta say that this zine confuses me but interests me and makes me want to keep reading. In this intro to this issue Jonas touches on how hard it is to describe this zine by saying it is about “MEH” is a horrible way to describe this zines! I mean, not horrible in the way that people who don’t understand humans might write off this zine because they found the cover confusing. But horrible in the “you spent a lot of love and time putting it together and you owe to your zine to have a better answer.”

CHEER THE EFF UP! walks a fine line between fiction and reality and has characters that might be real people with conversation may be written as they should have come out by not necessary did come out. Reading this zine is like being in an alternate reality that exists in Jonas’s head, and I think I really like that reality.

This issues touches on thoughts during different meals with co-workers and friends, something about a cake pony and Future Wives. Also stuff about Occupy Wall Street, the NATO summit Protests, and Cancer (the stupid disease, not the Zodiac sign)


tumblr_mjlq1379wO1rmq67qo1_1280CHEER THE EFF UP #4 

Is it truth? Is it fiction? Doesn’t matter! it’s great! Issue #4 of Cheer the Eff Up talks about growing up awkward. It’s about anxiety and depression and how to cope. It’s about being male without anyone showing you what to do with your feelings or how to grow into your body. Jonas writes about his friends and how they help him, encounters with others that make an impact on him, and working a 9-5 job for 10 years and counting.

I love Cheer the Eff Up, and this issue is no exception. -KA


tumblr_mqpz9yXhHD1rmq67qo1_1280Cheer the Eff Up #5

“The longer I work an office job, the older I get, the stronger I feel about anarchism.” More wonderful stories including all the best charactors/friends, the old highschool FTL crew (the way we form cohesion), wanting to be part of a community again but feeling alienated. Stories about his dad and grandpa, and finding out he’s going to have a son after wishing he’s have a daughter. The ways identity can describe but not define.the way bell hooks talks about saying “I advocate feminism” rather than “I am a feminist, focusing on belief rather than which box you fall into.

tumblr_myj9dyUs421rmq67qo1_1280CHEER THE EFF UP #6 

This is the very last issue of CHEER THE EFF UP whih makes me really sad because I love this zine. Jonas intended this zine to be like letters to his kid with storeis about struggle and friends and expereinces, but I think in the end this series of zines will prove to also be letters to future Jonas about where he came from and how he got to wherever future Jonas is.

This issue examines death and loss (not always related to death) and how we deal with it, but in this really conversational way that isn’t burdensome or heavy.

Also, Jonas is a father now and that makes this whole zine series all the more real.


tumblr_myj993LFAa1rmq67qo1_1280The Greatest Most Traveling Circus

An anthology of stories about vampires and superheroes, giant killer robots, psychics, love potions, bar fights over stolen angel wings, imaginary monsters, magical traveling pants and the devil as a red-headed con man. But it’s also a novel about overcoming depression, struggling with suicide, handling loss, and trying to find meaning in a world where the supernatural isn’t the hardest part of life to accept. Above all, it’s about finding friendship when it is least expected–but most needed.

” I love this book! Written by Jonas of Cheer the EFF Up zine, this is a bunch of fictional little stories including my favorite superhero Amazing Man. I’m not totally sure how to describe it all, but it’s so great. Curses and forlorn love, kindergardeners and punks. All these sad, strange slices of people’s lives so strange they are clearly fiction, but so simple they could be true. ” – Cindy Crabb

Fixer Eraser, four brand-new issues bundled together as one!


Jonas of Cheer the Eff Up zine has released issues 1-4 of his excellent new series, Fixer Eraser, as a bundled pack! Here Jonas writes about love and good boots, pain and survival, about getting up when the world is telling you to stay down. Always one of our favorite writers, here Jonas has hit a new level of strong prose, well-formed ideas, and relatability. Part beautifully-written per-zine, part self-care pep-talk, Fixer Eraser is the best new series we’ve come across this year. A Hard Fifty Farmhouse favorite. Much recommended.

Julia Arredondo / Vice Versa Press

Read Once & Destroy, and more

Julia Eff has been writing all sorts of zines for over 10 years. They’re mostly known for their zines about gender issues, “Every Thug Is A Lady” and “Whatstheirname”, but they also like writing about myspace bands and the people that love them. They’ve been straightedge for longer than they’ve been making zines and enjoy riding their scooter and drinking tea. This is their first


Julia Eff Every Thug Is A Lady

Julia Eff’s book. It has the sort of rage & humor & reflection & passion that inspires me, reminds me what got me into zines yrs ago & why I want to continue making & reading them now. It is a voice on fire, crushed but not defeated, bruised but laughing. It’s settling into an identity & having to defend it every day from everyone.

Next to it, unrelated, is a statuette of one of those boy band kids. He’s clearly either been possessed or turned into a zombie. This is in full view at my work cubicle & somehow, my coworkers haven’t realized that I’m only 13 yrs old.