Re: Stef Sanjati “Why I won’t go vegan”

Re: Stef Sanjati “Why I won’t go vegan” (some thoughts on transphobia)

Published on 11 May 2017
Stef says she wants to try veganism for the month of May. In return, she’d like vegan activists to call out transphobia when we see it. So here we go.

Hey guys so several weeks ago youtuber Stef. . . uploaded a video ‘why I’m not vegan,’ where she talks about why she hasn’t been vegan in the past and why she wants to try it and it’s really, really great and I’ll share just a few clips here but I definitely recommend watching the whole thing, so yep the link is in the description: [1]

Stef Sanjati: I think if you’re going to eat meat, like I said I do, own it, understand that is an animal, understand that it likely suffers when it was being killed, understand that those, those are the things that you’re accepting when you eat it and like I do, it does make me feel kind of bad, but I still eat it because I have it in my fridge and I don’t know, I think maybe I shouldn’t, see you guys constantly telling me you can do better is making me do better, so you’re annoying as fuck but thank you, you know what I mean, because if people weren’t on me about it I wouldn’t have thought about it, I would just do the easy thing.

“Vegans don’t care about me so why should I care about animals” which was, that’s bullshit, that is absolute bullshit, that’s like saying “Oh an activist of this group doesn’t care about me, so why should I care about the people that they’re trying to support,” that’s terrible, that is absolutely terrible, awful. I just know that I see a lot more people coming at me when I reference eating meat or I eat either cook with meat in the video more than I see people coming at other influences or other content creators for saying something or doing something transphobic.

I am seriously going to try to consume no meat or animal products for the month of May, any make up I run out of in the month of May I’m going to try to replace with a vegan or cruelty free brand.

If you are vegan I want you to do a similar kind of challenge, I want you for the month of May to call out transphobia anywhere you see it.

So I don’t really have anything else to say except to respond to her plea towards the end of the video just asking us as vegans to talk about transphobia, to call it out when we see it, so here we go, many of you probably know that I have a lot of disagreements with the social justice movement and I strongly disagree with the intersectional approach, particularly when it comes to intersectional veganism, I’ve made several videos on this, I have another video coming up at some point so yes check out the playlist if you are interested. [2]

But this doesn’t mean that I don’t support trans rights, gay rights etc and it certainly doesn’t mean that I align myself with the ridiculous anti-SJW crowd, whatever they call themselves, if anything I think they are way more harmful given their constant attempts to ally with fascists and literal Nazis. And their treatment of transgender people is often atrocious as well of course, you have the obvious transphobic like Alex Jones and Steve Crowder, their hatred and mockery basically boils down to it’s weird and I don’t like it and also appealing to a conservative base by making fun of “the other,” makes me money or maybe I just really like wearing women’s clothing and this is all just a bit of projection, maybe a lot of projection, he likes to do this a lot.

Then there’s the more insidious anti-trans ideas that many of the pseudo-skeptic community hold, you know these people trying to play doctor pretending that they’re helping trans people by really just being assholes and opposing the idea of calling them by the gender they want to be called like somehow if they don’t make people feel like shit then they’re enabling them. Now I’m not a doctor either which is why I listen to what actual doctors, psychologists and researchers say and the evidence seems to say that gender dysphoria is a real disorder and that the best treatment for most people with the persistent condition is transitioning. Concordance has a really good video on this topic linked in the description: [3]

C0nc0rdance: From this data it’s fair to say the Dutch transgender people who have undergone reassignment and hormone therapy have roughly the same quality of life as any other person from the Netherlands with the notable exception of sleep disturbance in trans men receiving testosterone, by contrast an US-based study of trans women found that those who underwent only hormone therapy generally had lower quality of life than the general population, those who have the surgery fared better and the group in the study with the best quality of life, with those who also underwent facial feminization surgery, enlarging lips, raising cheekbones, rhinoplasty in the US it might be suggested in contrast to the Netherlands passing for a woman had the biggest impact on quality of life, it could be that the more rigid attitudes in the U.S. create a hostile environment, prevents gender-reassignment from having the same therapeutic effect it does in the Netherlands, alternatively it could have to do with the challenge of finding health care in the U.S. that understands or is willing to work with people undergoing transition or the ambiguous legal status that transgender people have under US law.

And just to be clear my intention is not to dehumanize or disparage transgender people when I say gender dysphoria, I know that it can be a touchy subject for some partly because I think because some people do use it that way right, like you have gender dysphoria so you’re just crazy and you deserve stigmatization, like some of the comments I shared before.


When really gender dysphoria is akin to something like depression, someone who has it is suffering in some way and would benefit from some sort of intervention, like for depression you know cognitive therapy, medication, meditation, things like that, no matter how vague and all-encompassing these terms are, depression for instance can look vastly different from person to person, calling it depression or gender dysphoria, it means the doctors can treat it and that researchers are more likely to receive funding to study it and the insurance companies are more likely to cover the treatment, at least for now.

There are cases where treatment won’t work or will have unintended side effects or might even do harm, but these are exceptions and truly the same applies to any medical intervention, a simple surgery to pinback ears or Symmetrify lob sided breasts could result in a life-threatening infection and of course that’s made worse by antibiotic resistant bacteria, thanks in large part to animal agriculture, just a side note.

The point is weighing harm versus benefit is something that is between a doctor and his or her patient telling people I won’t call you she because I don’t want to enable your disorder is not psychiatry it’s shaming people away from treatment, it’s not acceptable and really it’s a conspiracy theory, again the evidence shows that transition is helpful in the majority of cases, to go against this means either:

A) You think you have information that the experts aren’t privy to or
B) you think the experts are lying

hint try option three first:

And really if you are against calling people by their preferred gender, why? Why do you care? How does it affect you? So they’ll go into your bathroom, shut the stall doors then if you really don’t like it or do you think that we should go back to having colored and whites bathrooms again and colored and whites water fountains because you know some people don’t like it?

Sad thing is I know a lot of anti-SJW’s would probably agree with that, so you feel uncomfortable, oh boohoo, you know they have felt uncomfortable every minute of every day for potentially decades, struggling with gender dysphoria, I think alleviating that trump’s your two minutes of discomfort in a public restroom and really the whole men’s and women’s restrooms thing probably needs to die anyway, so how about we all just leave each other alone when we’re not hurting others and instead focus on issues that actually matter, like real harm that’s being done to humans and non-human animals, sounds good to me.

So that’s it, thanks for watching guys, I know that was a little bit different, but I felt obligated to do it since Stef’s video was so good and yeah . . .and really open-minded and it’s not often that you see people just go “yeah, shouldn’t of said that, that was kind of shitty,” I don’t know, it was, it was really awesome, I wish I were better at that, I think we can all be better at that, it’s pretty dope.




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