Reading Interests

my table of bookmarked articles part 1

my table of bookmarked articles part 2

split into 3 categories…

Personal Politics

  • Sex critical reproduction
  • Consent culture – Male survivor zine
  • Essentialism vs Climates of oppression and symbolic learnt sexual difference

Authentic Self

  • How western thought has appropriated not-self meditation and left ethical self-development behind.
  • Being serious about developing one’s own self-theory, using mind and body in a skilful way in an absurd universe.
  • Living by your own experience, working with the world as you find it. Finding ways to be inspiring and continue to be inspired by others.

Ideological Prisons

Practical necessity – running on selflessness

  • Charity work; relying on emotion fuelled volunteer movement.
  • Self-employed, leisure industry, flexible creative class, overwork to do the thing you love.

Utopian Isolationist

  • Chasing ideal subject (fear of being problematic)
  • Meaning in militancy (seeking destruction of ego in site life)

Frameworks of Propaganda

When Your Politics Are Boring As Fuck

Liberation of desire

  • Creepy poly dominants
  • Separatist imaginary
  • Sex worker advocacy