Resources for People called out for Sexual Assault


Resources for People called out for Sexual Assault

on the road to healing: an anthology for men ending sexism

ed, basil shadid

this book was originally a series of zines that came out between 1998 and 2004. I was always so impressed by the work basil was doing, and am excited to have these zines all together in a book! It’s a great collection of short, accessible, powerful essays and stories. Includes: The Cult of Manhood, My Reisistance to Feminism, Intentional Masculinities Interview, Personal Goals for Ending Sexism, and a ton more!


Don’t Be A Dick: revised editions

A zine about rape culture, male socialization, a critique of traditional porn, the importance of consent, including being honest enough to look at one’s history, and a great article called “what kind of man are you going to be?”. This revised edition features “More sex positivity, more cock love, better analysis, more genderqueer!”

It is so important that guys start doing this work, and this is a really good introduction zine about these issues


Masculinities: inteviews

Interviews about role models and subtle things about masuclinity and exploring what we were taught about it, how that teaching effected us, and how we challenge it. With folks: including Shane (Ahleuchatistas), Brontez Purnell, Colin Atrophy, Larry (Pretty Pretty) and more!


What To Do When You’ve Been Called Out: A brief guide

this is just a onesheet zine. Its main themes are: Taking responsibility for your actions, Learning methods of supporting others, finding support for yourself, promoting personal and community healing, how to communicate on these issues, identifying and addressing behaviors.


Training Men To Be Rapists

a transcript of a speech from the 2012 Boise SlutWalk, this is a zine about rape culture– a culture that normalizes, excuses, and enforces rape and trains men to be rapists.