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Vegan advocacy

  • Why you still eat meat.
  • Veganism. What it is & what it isn’t… One for the critics.
  • Vegan Video – Leaving The Cult
  • Vegan? ITS A RELIGION!!!!
  • An Ex-Vegan Speaks Out
  • How To Win An Argument With A Vegan


Bad vegan advocacy





  • Speciesism. A Debate


Response videos




Body Image

  • Going Bald? – How to deal with Hairloss



  • Intersectional Feminists and other SJWs. My Experience.
  • Terrorism in Europe. What Can We Do?
  • The Black Lives Matter debate. Just the #FACTS.
  • Black Lives Matter Whats the Real Agenda?



  • My Out of Body Experience. I Dreamed I Had a Soul.
  • Karma for Sceptics


Running a channel

  • Long Live Richie F. Why I removed my videos.
  • Why We Moved To Bulgaria