Starting a YouTube channel – Advice Page

Running a channel

Plan, brainstorm, consistency in content and uploading…

Start a patreon?

It’s likely a good idea, to allow your fans to give you workplace solidarity when the boss is docking pay unfairly with no possibility of refund. You don’t want to be relying on that income alone, you should be able to expect some economic stability, and it’s great that viewers that get something out of the show can step up and help out where the boss fails.

Include Adverts?

Definitely a good idea to do, otherwise the youtube algorithm will never let your videos see light of day in searches. You can still suggest good ad blocks to use to your audience.


Promoting Community

Livestream, talk about scriptwriting, etc.


Given the relatively sparse number of places where people can find good rational vegan discussion, you might think about opening old 5$, 20$ posts up to 1$ patrons after a certain period of time when the early bird privilege is fulfilled.

Letting viewers know the ways they can help you

Give an example list of ways people can help improve the service you deliver and your public reach through transcribing, reviewing, academia, and publicizing, that you might like to hear about if or when it happens:

  1. Write a Review. If you’re a skilled writer who likes to talk about veganism, consider reviewing our site or a favourite episode for your website. We will give you press access to our site for one month in exchange for an honest and thoughtful review.
  2. Transcribe. Transcribe our videos to text. Each one is approximately 10 minutes long and take 20 minutes to an hour to transcribe. In exchange, you’ll get a free month membership to work on the transcription and then enjoy the rest of the time to watch what you like!
  3. Translate. Do you speak a language besides English? Transcribe our text content into other languages — especially valuable for vegan vocabulary that accurately reflects our nationalities.
  4. Educate. Use our videos / photos / essays to illustrate your educational articles on your website or lectures. Go to colleges across the country? Share our ideas with your students.
  5. Peer reviewed. Get studious about effective activism, writing your own research paper or graduate thesis? Interview our content producers or quote us and bring advocacy into the academic arena.
  6. Fundraise. We are constantly donating membership subscriptions to community fundraising events. Check our Charity Support page or Facebook for updates about events. Throwing an event? Ask us for membership giveaways.
  7. Earn Commission. Become an Affiliate and promote our site on your blog. Invite friends to sign up through your links.


If you’d like your videos transcribed, it is best to give your viewers some work arounds as the community contributions feature on youtube is in beta development, so the usability function is really poor, on videos where I’ve seen it enabled to a limited degree, you have to caption manually and fiddle with the time codes which would take forever and stupidly laborious. The easiest method is to copy and paste the auto-translate function into a word document and work on cleaning up the auto-transcript errors from there, see method below.

I know for some second or third language English people, that they find transcriptions really useful as they want to read as they listen. The punctuation and fixed auto transcript errors will also provide a better automatic google translation that can be worked on to produce foreign language transcripts. As well as for the hard of hearing and having text people can easily quote when using you as a source on a topic.


If you go to underneath the video title and username there should be 3 options: Add to, Share and More. Click on ‘More’ and it gives you a drop down list of; Report, Transcript, Statistics and Add Translation. Click ‘Transcript’ and a section will open between the video and description. Click on English (Automatic). Then if you right click and drag to highlight over the whole transcript section, click copy, open a word document and paste. Furthest right on the toolbar is a ‘Replace with’ button, in the ‘Replace’ section write 0 and ‘Replace with’ section leave blank, then hit ‘Replace all’. Repeat with 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9. Then Replace ^p:^p (paragraph + colon + paragraph) with 1 space. And you should get a block of text minus timecodes, it sounds complicated but only takes a minute once you get the hang of it. You can then find transcription errors and replace with correct spelling, add paragraphs for sections in the talk and punctuation. It’s also a really fast and free way of getting a good transcription of any video or audio you wish just by uploading to youtube, and after you’ve taken the steps above you can turn it into closed captions again by going to video manager > edit specific video > Subtitles CC > Create new subtitles or CC > Transcribe and auto-sync > copy the text from word doc and paste into transcription window > set timings (automatically).