Tara Jay

blackout2Blackout #2

Blackout is a personal/memoir zine about memory and trauma.

“a memoir-fragment zine” Fragments of growing up poor, being hungry, working cornfields at age 13, physical abuse, needing to be the “sane” one, and the difficulty of creating a coherent memory out of the moments. the difficulty of moving in life. panic, self-sabotage, creative mania. imagination and memory. So beatuiful and dark. – Cindy Crabb

Stunned Lungs

Stunned Lungs is a poetry zine — Poems about sex, anxiety, class & poverty, family, illness, grief, hair-pulling, dogs, bodies & gender, street harassment, etc, etc.

stunnedStunned Lungs #1

If you have ever read the poet Shannon Olds, you know how poetry can tell a story stronger than a story itself. That’s what this zine is like. If you like poetry at all, you should get this. It is amazing. The poems tell a story of their mothers home a feeling of vertigo and suffocation; a story of body and sex, and such deep everything you really must read it. – Cindy Crabb

stunned2Stunned Lungs #2

another beautiful haunting poetry zine from Tara, with poems about love and bruises, annihilation and jellyfish, the last desperate thing we did. With a beautiful block print cover, each one hand printed and sewn. – Cindy Crabb


Taryn Hipp

il_570xN.350406349Sub Rosa #7: the sobriety issue

i recently reached two years sober & felt it was time to share my story of alcoholism & my recovery. this is the story of how i hit rock bottom & how i got (am getting) better. it may be triggering or it may be comforting, probably both.

il_570xN.527655397_aw6ulady teeth zine 2  

Ladyteeth #2 is finished (as of eleven oclock last night) & I want you to read it. I guess this would be the 8th issue of Sub Rosa zine but things change. I wanted (needed) to start fresh.

This zine is about being/feeling/reclaiming “crazy” & how that affects every single thing. This zine is about new love & how that happens after old, broken love, about traveling to Portland for the zine symposium, cuddling chickens in Olympia, watching the sunset from the Space Needle in Seattle. It’s about hiking volcanoes, Kurt Cobain, sobriety & feminism. This zine is a love letter to zines & life. It is a radical guide to self-care & self-love. This zine is for you.

lady teeth 3 / your secretary 15 split zine  

This zine is a split between Lady Teeth #3 & Jami Sailor’s Your Secretary #15.

Lady Teeth #3 is about going on a zine tour & what that is like for someone with brutal anxiety. It’s about dealing with depression & self-doubt when all you want is to feel hopeful. It’s about having a heart full of good intentions but being fucked over by your own survival skills. This issue of Lady Teeth is just as honest & raw as the last two.


Your Secretary #15 is so good it makes me so thrilled to have it be the other side of my first split. Jami writes about what it feels like to constantly try to believe in the good intentions of others while not questioning your own intentions but trusting yourself. Jami is an “extreme extrovert” & yet, I feel like our brains are so similar, we just process in opposite ways which makes this zine that much more interesting. This zine is about the struggle of writing, of dealing, of living.

40 pages / quarter letter / made with love

il_570xN.531992630_kf83lady teeth zine 4

Lady Teeth #4 is about relationships, not just those of a romantic nature but friendships & family too. It’s about traveling & spending time with people who “get you” & about living side by side with people who might not. It’s about the complications of maintaining friendships when you sometimes have trouble maintaining your own emotional stability. This issue also has a follow-up to the “Radical Act of Self-Care & Learning to Love Yourself” which is my guide to feeling better & surviving. It’s about staying sober in order to stay ok. It’s about living up to everyone’s expectations while letting yourself down & how you can fight that feeling.

This zine is intense, maybe triggering. It’s about death & abuse, love & survival. It’s quarter letter & 40 pages. I tried to be honest, to write from my heart. I’m not perfect, neither is my heart. But this zine is an attempt to work through shit that is happening in my life, my head, my heart.

il_570xN.624293971_oqimlady teeth zine 5  

It’s 1/4 legal & 30 text heavy pages of miserable heartache with a glimmer of hope. It’s a breakup zine mostly but it’s also about San Francisco & Ladies Rock Camp. This zine is about people in my life dying & going off my meds. It’s about Internet dating & falling for heavily tattooed babes from up north.

il_570xN.745543375_lymvLady Teeth zine 6

Lady Teeth #6 is a tiny mini zine that is huge & emotional & probably the best writing I’ve done in a long time.

I sat down & purged everything I had been choking on for months. This is a text heavy itty bitty secret.

Lady Teeth zine 7   

This issue of Lady Teeth is a split zine of sorts. It’s a collection of correspondence between my friend Jonas & I. It’s questions asked & sometimes answered. It’s friends trying to helped each other figure things out & it’s painfully, brutally honest.

Quarter legal / 30p


Trish Segundo

Tiger-Stripes-3-768x1024Tiger Stripes: bodies

I am a mother and an organic farmer in rural missouri. The tiger stripes project came about because of my need to heal my relationship with my body. It came about because of a strong need to share with others around body shame and, together, learn how to heal. The project exists in the physical form of a zine – a small self-published magazine full of photos, my writings, and interviews with other women.


Takru Dearest/ Vampire Sushi Distro


summer 2015 i asked my friends for writing prompts / what they would like to read about via twitter and ended up writing about my garden, mummy parcels, the x-files and snack time.
16 pages – quarter size





tiqqunTheses on the Terrible Community

Everyone knows the terrible communities, having spent time in them or being within them still because they are always stronger than the others. And because of that one always stays, in part – and parts at the same time. Family, school, work, and prison are the classic faces of this form of contemporary hell. But they are less interesting as they belong to an old form of market evolution and only presently survive. On the contrary, there are the terrible communities which struggle against the existing state of things that are at one and the same time attractive and better than “this world.” And at the same time their way of being closer to the truth – and therefore to joy – moves them away from freedom more than anything else.

The question we must answer in a final manner is of a more ethical than political nature because the classic political forms and their categories fit us like our childhood clothing. The question is to know if we prefer the possibility of an unknown danger to the certainty of a present pain. That is to say if we want to continue to live and speak in agreement (dissident perhaps, but always in agreement) with what has been done so far – and thus with the terrible communities – or, if we want to question that small portion of our desire that the culture has not already infested in its mess, to try – in the name of an original happiness – a different path.

This text was conceived as a contribution to that other voyage.