New Playlist: Activism – Current Political Movements & Projects


Why Westminster is not a democracy by Mhairi Black

Mhairi Black MP describes in detail why Westminster cannot be considered a ‘functioning democracy’. Mhairi spoke here as a guest of the Scottish Secular Society.

You can watch the full talk here and follow Scottish Independence Live Events on Facebook where I found the source footage.


Common Agriculture Policy Animation

Socialism for the Rich and Capitalism for the Poor.

Full 23m documentary here.


Alex Salmond on Project Fear – Question Time EU Ref Special 26th June 2016

First video I ever uploaded to the channel so I could share on facebook. Having question time on in the background with the family, a British affair that produces little in the way of substance on it’s own, except to get people viewing talking. Still you can say would be an improvement on many countries around the world like leaders having to face a weekly interegation from a house of representatives.

So anyway was welcome sight to see Alex Salmond really hit it out the park summing up both the scottish and brexit referendums and the tabloid press’s impact.

Alex Salmond: Project fear on our economy was a re-run of the Scottish referendum of 2014, the problem is that Mr.Cameron and Osborne didn’t understand that in that case they had the others to do their dirty work; The Daily Mail, The Daily Telegraph, The Sun. This time they were trying to get the sewage out, but didn’t have the sewer to transmit it to the electorate, because they were on the other side. So they ran a project fear, with no transmision mechanism, but let me tell you, I deplore that, I deprecate that, but that’s nothing like the project fear that divides communities on the basis of the color of a persons skin, and that, I know that people who voted out are not racist, I know that, but I tell you what the campaigns, and not just the unofficial one of UKIP, but the other campaign, featured immigration at their heart, because they believed that was their winning card and indeed it turned out to be their mis-information winning card.


Ireland Celebrates Yes Vote, No Camp Discuss New Battle Plan

For the longest time abortion remained illegal in Ireland because of the release valve of pressure from women being able to travel to receive treatment abroad. But the work to highlight the awful avoidable deaths of patients who weren’t took a lot of work and eventually resulted in a change in legislation.

Just took a few seconds of searching to find some laughably out of touch hate preachers reaction to the result of the referendum and mixed it with a music video party for how many would be celebrating in Ireland that night.

“Now’s the time for the protestants to step up before the Catholics have an opportunity to do so… I know you guys have fought the Catholics pretty hard before…”

NY Post – This tattooed hipster says abortion deserves the death penalty