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New Book Review Material

Fellow Creatures: Kantian Ethics and Our Duties to Animals51yoPBQUbnL__SX324_BO1,204,203,200_
by Christine Korsgaard

The preeminent Kantian modern philosopher, read to get to the source of what it would mean to try to appeal to people with these sympathies.

Companion material:

Animal Property Rights: A Theory of Habitat Rights9780739189252
for Wild Animals
 by Josh Hadley

A legal argument to considering animals a right to their habitat as property. The podcast interview below also mentions a contrasting commons land take by Josh Milburn.

Companion material:

Rattling The Cage: Toward Legal Rights for Animalsuntitled
by Stephen Wise

The influence of Martha Nussbaum and Stephen Wise and their competing capabilities vs. autonomy approaches are discussed in a podcast linked below.

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The Ethical Carnivore: My Year Killing to Eat ethical carnivore.jpg

Louise Gray, newspaper columnist, challenged herself for one year, to whenever she wanted animal on her plate, to kill them herself. Obviously a sad state of affairs on the personal level to be aware of the ethical problem of animal agriculture and instead of going vegan, to actively seek out the chance to kill.

Also can be seen as a cynical attempt to have something interesting to write a book about, ride on the coat tails of vegan zeitgeist, that her fellow newspaper journalists were writing about and appropriate the word ethical, for ethical carnivore (even if more ethical than the standard American diet).

No doubt she got closer to a vegan diet through the challenge, did better for the environment, caused less death, but again you can’t help feeling like if there wasn’t an audience she would have spent a lot more time practicing tasty vegan recipes than shooting rabbits and experimenting with every different hunting method imaginable.

Main point being she wanted to feel totally responsible for the kill, so that she could face the bloody reality of her food choices. Also being a farmer’s daughter she wanted to connect to the traditions and primal work that shaped the home and community she was brought into. She is disdainful of mock animal products like vegan cheeses, I guess for trying to copy a unique object, like a chef trying to reinvent an already perfected recipe?

She talks about how everyone should feel connected to their actions, emphasizing the death of the animal, not just leaving it at free range. And says if she was successful as a writer, then she made the experiences of hunting and going into slaughter house real enough for the reader. The implication being that so long as you truly feel cognizant of the animal’s life and death to your plate, you’ve fulfilled your obligation as a consumer.

Advocates reducing meat consumption.

Companion Material:

New book compilations:51tTbpcGTNL__SX331_BO1,204,203,200_

Essays by all the big names including; Peter Singer, Martha Nussbaum, Robert Wright, Cass Sunstein, Christine Korsgaard and Cora Diamond. Plus PDF download links if you don’t mind getting a pirate copy to popularize the product in a video anyways.


New Video Response Material

The NBA Athletes Going Vegan | Slate Magazine’s Hang Up and Listen

Found this story of NBA stars going vegan after watching the new ‘What the Health’ documentary, and getting each other to watch it and in turn go vegan. Also the push back they’ve gotten from coaches expressing scepticism about protein. And some scolding on the slate magazine podcast for possibly taking all the claims in the documentary hook line and sinker, but opened up conversation on the benefits of cutting out junk food, and dense meats especially on off-season to fitness train, whether this is a practical long term diet for the athletes on the road, getting enough energy etc. Anyways good article below by the guy they had on. And I’ll link a video from ESPN also.

“Stefan and Josh talk to Tom Haberstroh of Bleacher Report Magazine about his recent feature on Boston Celtics star point guard Kyrie Irving eschewing meat, and whether slimmer NBA players are better NBA players.”

“Tom Haberstroh:  I think one reason you’re seeing it now is “What the Health” documentary from this summer, Garret Templar watched it this summer as well as many other NBA players and they got spooked! It’s a pro-vegan, almost radical extremist vegan documentary, I don’t know if you guys have seen it, but it’s pretty strong and so I think a lot of the players, who by the way are on airplanes and in hotel rooms late at night with not much to do, they watch these Netflix documentaries and I think a lot of them got spooked and decided to look into their diet.”

Companion Material:

Saving Indigenous Seeds | Native America Calling

Research on seed saving initiatives in the US which would be interesting to compare with other projects internationally. In Europe we have ASEED who help set up and promote food co-operatives and raise the issue for ecology, workers & culture if agricultural monopolies are allowed to continue forcing people towards seed patents they own.

“Center for Food Safety is launching a peer-to- peer online network for sharing seeds with the ultimate goal of creating an independent seed supply to bypass the corporations altogether and empower farmers and home gardeners.”

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Video Essay Concepts

Sea Shepherds anti-indigenous rights polemics

It’s a nice image of activists protecting the oceans that the public can get on board with because it’s protecting cute intelligent majestic dolphins and whales that the majority in the west want to protect like with campaigning against the Yulin dog-meat festival. There’s also black fish in Europe, recording near fish extinction populations and cutting drag nets.

Unfortunately their rhetoric to indigenous peoples about joining the global community and attacking their treatises with government only serves to push them further away as they want to hold onto what parts of their culture makes them different.

Would be great to get answers on video/voice or text with ex-Sea Shepard crew, their time with Donald Watson and why they think the org is putting out anti indigenous rights talk now.

I remember there was talk Watson and a few others were still eating meat, not sure they’d want that to get out, but it wouldn’t be out of the blue again with the campaign positively fitting into most people’s speciesist worldviews.

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Direct Action Everywhere – Organization & Strategy

Discussion/debate on their approach of disruptions and open rescues.

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LiberEAT’s Facebook

LiberEAT’s goal is to completely normalise the act of SOLO DISRUPTION! We aim to mobilize as many activists as possible, and work with one-another to build the skills and confidence necessary to walk into ANY establishment who profits from the bodies and bodily excretions of innocent animals and SPEAK THE TRUTH!

We post our disruptions on social media in oder to promote further awareness, and to motivate/challenge other activists to get out and do the same! Until every animal is free, we really cannot do enough to help them BUT we can do as much as is within our power, and as often as possible! Help us break the social norms of consuming flesh, lactation, and ovulation and Liberate Animals from this Hell on Earth! Join the movement!