Vegan Video Resource Library

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Building on small YouTubers ability to draw people into engaging educational videos and follow up channel content, their journey and how it impacts you, I’m building a resource library to make that content more accessible and maybe even encourage dialogue about what goals we share in common.


Video Library


Vegan YouTubers

Long systematise-able list at: Vegan YouTubers at Philosophical Vegan Wiki .com

Same list of vegan YouTube channels with pictures and 3 video titles previewed per channel: Vegan YouTubers

This is a short list of mostly educational channels I’m breaking down into categories for usable library material: Educational Vegan YouTubers

At the same time creating a directory for easy searching:

Playlists Conversa-tions Responses Most viewed Full list of videos Categorised
Koi Fresco X
Vegan Gains X
Mayim Bialik X X
Paul Shapiro – Humane Society X
Sarah Lemkus X
Bite Size Vegan X
Happy Healthy Vegan X
Mic. the Vegan X
TheVeganAtheist X X
The Vegan Zombie
Antastesia X
Unnatural Vegan X X
Gary Yourofsky X
Gary L Francione X
Veg Source X
Vegan Athlete X
marinashutup X
Brianna Jackson X
Shelbizleee X
Henya Mania X
Light Twins X
The Vegan Activist X
Vegan Voyager X
Regan the Vegan X
That Vegan Mom
Dom Bower X
Unconventional Living X
Farm Sanctuary X
Josef Lincoln X
Mercy for animals X
James Aspey X
World of Vegan X
Jason Wrobel X
Banana TV X
Wild We Roam X
The Fairly Local Vegan X
Vegetable Police X
So You’re Dating a Vegan? X
Earthling Ed X
Raising Vegan X
Plantriotic X
Wavvy Carbs
The Viet Vegan X
Joey Carbstrong X
Animal Equality X
Vegan Speak X
John Sakars X
Emily Vegan Flower X
Jason Pizzino X
Vegan Geezer X
Sisyphus Redeemed X
Think About This X
Ask Yourself X
Vegan Revolution X
Beyond Carnism X
a privileged vegan X X
inmendham X
Shamus O’Leary X
à-bas-le-ciel X X X X X X
Anarchopac X X X
Lauren Kenzy X
Simon Amstell
Vegan Mark X
Alicia Silverstone – The Kind Life X
Plant Based Bride X
Fiona Oakes – yaksongs X
Rick Spry X X
Banana Warrior Princess X
Mexie X X
ModVegan X X
Aisha Ponders X
Lee Gaines X
Philip Wollen X
Go Vegan Gytis! X
BadAssVegan X
The Onion Knight Show X
Lemonem X
Ellie The Earthling X
Those Annoying Vegans X
Rehana Sara, Rehana Jomeen X X X
Violent Vegan X
Tofu Godess X
Footsoldier X
Dexter Devau X
Direct Action Everywhere X
VeganKanal X
Vegan Growth X
Reg Flowers X
Forever Vegan X
Vegan Motorcycle Pilot X
Sam McCallum X
Brighton Destiny X
evilupus X
EcoPeaceful, EcoPeaceful Gardening X
Farm Animal Rights Movement X
Vegan Vita X
Paul Bashir X
Abantu May X
Carb Up and Carpe Diem! X
Chris Hines X
Simone Reyes X
Vegan Sista X
Esoteric Noetic X
Mad Blender X
Veganuary X
The Vegan Anarchist X
OGMizen X
Kiwi Banana X
VegFest UK X
Dr. Steven Best X
Permanent Culture Now X
Adeja X
The Leyva Company
365 Vegans X
Vegan Victor X
Ellen Page Online
Comfortably Unaware X
Dumb Vegan X
Dumpster Cam X
The Vegan Socialist X
United Poultry Concerns X
Thom Quinoa X
The Advocacy of Veganism Society X
Roger Yates X
Eden Farmed Animal Sanctuary X
The Existential Vegan X
World Animal News X
veggieworld X X
Darren McStravick X
The Thinking Vegan X
Kosher Vegan Dad X
Earthling Liberation Kollective – ELK X X
Vegan Positivity X
David Pearce – Humanity Plus X
Josh Tetrick – Hampton Creek X
Liam Anthony X
Faunalytics X
Tim Jong In X
Jean Pierre Froud X
Veg Ready X
Vegan Police X
Philosophical Vegan
Joel Marks X
Stijn Bruers X X
Alberto Barrera X



Transcribing video educational resources into text for quick consumption, skimming, sourcing and easy application into closed captions.

Unnatural Vegan

a privileged vegan


veggie world