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summertime_by_gina_sialiano-1.300x0Summertime: A Graphic Novella in 4 parts by Gina Sicliano

“…a beautiful, heartbreaking and redemptive tale of sex, violence, punk, love, self-destruction and survival. Not to mentions Ginas drawings, all skillfully done in ball-point pen are just plain awe inspiring.” – Mend My Dress


Art_Cover_2The True Story of Artemisia Gentileschi Part 1 and 2 by Gina Sicliano

Against the backdrop of a repressive and violent seventeenth century Rome, I Know What I Am tells the story of female painter Artemisia Gentileschi. In a world where the Catholic church controls everything, this extraordinary woman challenges the society she was born into and becomes a groundbreaking artist.

I Know What I Am portrays a time period full of philosophers, criminals, plagues, inquisitions, lecherous church officials, and high- profile artist celebrities. This gripping graphic novel serves as both an art history lesson and a coming-of-age father daughter story, as well as a new look at the history of sexual violence.
Using solely ballpoint pens, Seattle artist Gina Siciliano creates a unique work that interprets Renaissance and Baroque style through an entirely new lens. Bridging the modern “low” art form of comics with the traditionally “high” art form of painting, Siciliano comments on our forgotten past, the ways we define progress, and the history of women in art as a whole.

Art_Cover_11Written and illustrated by Gina Siciliano, Edited by Jason Conger

78 pages, notes, bibliography

I Know What I Am – The Trial of 1612 continues the story of seventeenth century painter Artemisia Gentileschi. As Artemisia strives to become a professional artist in Catholic Rome, she must also fight to uphold her honor after her father’s coworker, Agostino Tassi, brutally attacks her. With the help of family friend, Giovanni Battista Stiattesi, Artemisia and her father take the perpetrator to court, sparking a complex and suspenseful battle both similar and different from contemporary legal practice. In graphic novel form, Seattle artist Gina Siciliano provides a close examination of the eight month trial, which stands as a window into seventeenth century values and culture. I Know What I Am – The Trial of 1612 uses Italian Renaissance and Baroque history to further the dialogue on the social, political, and personal repercussions of sexual violence, the role of art throughout women’s history, and the power of the painters during this tumultuous time period.


r1Refugee Art Project Zines

Refugee Art Project was conceived amongst a collective of academics and artists united by a concern for the plight of asylum seeker and refugees who come to Australia and who are then locked up indefinitely in Australian detention centres. We conduct regular art workshops with people in the Villawood detention centre and with refugees in the community, from which we hold art exhibitions and have produced a number of zine publications.

re1Refugee Art Project Zine #1

a comic book zine that came from months of sequential art classes in the Villawood detention centre. It contains many short stories that relate the experiences and feelings of people in detention. Some are written and drawn wholly by asylum seekers and some are collaborations between asylum seekers and Refugee Art Project volunteers.

r3Refugee Art Project Zine #2 – The cartoons of Mohammad

A tribute to Ahmad Ali Jafari, who was a close friend of ours and a regular member of our art class. Ahmad passed away of a heart attack in the Villawood detention centre in late June 2013. He died under very difficult circumstances and this zine provided a chance to grieve for him and to honour his memory.


re3Refugee Art Project Zine #3 – Tribute to Ahmad Ali Jafari (20 February 1897 – 20 June 2013)

A striking collection of drawings by Mohammad. Mohammad is a Burmese refugee who was held in the Villawood detention centre for over 5 years.

For many of us this zine has been a way of coming to terms with Ahmad’s death, the circumstances of which were extremely difficult to process…

re4Refugee Art Project Zine #4 – Murtaza Ali Jafari

A collection of stories, poems and incredible drawings by by Murtaza, a  very talented Hazara Afghan asylum seeker.



re5Refugee Art Project Zine #5

a new collection of drawings, cartoons comics, poems, interviews and written testimony by asylum seekers and refugees from Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Iran, Iraq, Burma, Pakistan and elsewhere. It includes the work of adults and children.


r2Refugee Art Project Zine #6 – Women’s Art Zine

Our art workshop seeks to provide refugee women with opportunities for creative self-expression, a time to socialise, and for women who live in the community, a chance to create a sense of belonging.

Featuring the art and writing of refugee women from the Villawood detention centre and our art workshop in Parramatta.

re7Refugee Art Project #7 – Fairfield High School & Refugee Art Project Youth Art Zine

It is important to hear the stories and points of view of young refugees, which are too often neglected in conversations about asylum seekers and human rights.

Featuring comics and portraits made by children and young people of a refugeebackground in Western Sydney. This zine was made in partnership with Fairfield High School.

re8Refugee Art Project zine #8

Dedicated to the work of Fakhruddin Rajai, a young Afghan artist and refugee, whose images are stunning. The zine tells Fakhruddin’s story, in his own words, which gives context and meaning to the images.


re9Refugee Art Project zine #9 

Features the artwork of Mona Moradveisi, a young woman from Iran who is a regular participant in our women’s art workshop in Parramatta. You can see a gallery of Mona’s work here, though this zine contains many more drawings and sketches.


re10Refugee Art Project zine #10

A children’s book (‘Mr Man in the Garden’) which was conceived and painted mostly by children of a refugee background at our women’s art workshop in Parramatta. It’s a beautiful book, made entirely from watercolour paintings.



“inspired by our weekly art classes at the Villawood detention centre.” – Refugee Art Project

“Ahmad Ali Jafari was a friend and supporter of the Refugee Art Project. I met him the first time I visited Villawood Detention Centre for a drawing workshop. He died of a heart attack a few days later, the fourteenth refugee to die in detention since 2008. This drawing series is for a zine that commemorates his short life and mourns our inability to get to know each other” – Zanny Begg

To read an eulogy for Jafari by Safdar Ahmed in Overland click here.


Isy documents parts of her life through her comics, and the parts she documents are mostly about attending huge political protests and cooking insane amounts of food for hundreds or even thousands of people with the Anarchist Teapot Mobile KitchenDiary of a Miscreant: A Morgenmuffel Zine Anthology by Isy Morgenmuffel

Isy has been publishing her zine Morgenmuffel for over ten years now, and to celebrate, Last Hours has released an anthology of some of her best comics! The anthology covers a decade of Isy’s life. Included are personal accounts of G8 mobilizations, climate camp and other protests as well as more personal stories of feminist health, living in a housing co-op, and much more.