Welcoming & non-dogmatic online vegan communities I recommend

Welcoming & non-dogmatic online vegan communities I recommend

Published on Jul 12, 2016
It’s shameful and embarrassing how many online vegan groups promote anti-science echo chambers that are wholly unwelcoming to non-vegans (and debate in general). Luckily, they are not all this way. Here are two that I’ve found to be welcoming and non-dogmatic

Friendly & Pragmatic Vegans & Vegetarians

Philosophical Vegan Forum


Hey guys this is just a quick video to talk about some vegan community, some groups and forums that I think are really good, that I recommend, I know or I suspect that a lot of you are looking for something like that and I know it can be kind of hard to find. Unfortunately a lot of vegan groups tend to be uh rather dogmatic or very, very unwelcoming to people who are not already vegan or who are not one hundred percent certain that they are going vegan, you know, I’ve even seen things where it’s like, if you have questions about veganism, you’re basically just considered a troll, which is absolutely ridiculous. So yeah I wanted to recommend some that are not like that at all and are actually good and they don’t promote things like you know, pseudoscience and coconut oil cures everything or raw food diets cure everything or anti-vax or any of that shit.

So the first one is a Facebook group, it is called ‘Friendly and pragmatic vegans and vegetarians, it’s started by Vincent, who is the animalist, you may know of his articles, highly recommended articles, they are great and yeah this group is actually huge, I did not realize it’s this large, it’s almost 7,000 members and it’s really great, you can tell by the title, friendly and pragmatic, it’s a great name for a group and it is very, very friendly and again you know does not promote any like anti-science kind of stuff and it’s very, very welcoming to those you know who are not already vegan or even vegetarian, are just you know looking for you know tips on reducing animal product consumption or have questions about how to do it or whatever else, so it’s a really really great group.

And the other one I want to recommend is the philosophical vegan forum, philosophicalvegan.com – this is a great group again for discussion, very much discussion oriented and you are expected you know to debate, if you start a thread and people you know critique what you say, you are expected to respond so it is very much pro-debate again, ah very anti a lot of the other vegan groups that just kind of seemed like they want to create an echo chamber, so again another one that I highly recommend, and that one is not you know on Facebook obviously, philosophicalvegan.com – it’s not a closed group either, you can just go and join and post or whatever. Oh and also you know not anti-science or anything like that

And yeah, those are the two unfortunately, only two, I will say that you know I’m not very active in like forum things, I never really have been, I am members of both of those groups, but you won’t see me you know post or anything like that really, but yeah I’m sure there are other vegan groups that are good, that I just don’t know of, so I would love for you guys if there are some that you really recommend, either facebook groups or forums or whatever else to leave those down below, that’d be really cool, and that’s it. . . I hope you enjoyed this video, I hope you found it useful and subscribe if you want to subscribe and I will have a new video very soon.


They have since promoted the Skeptic Vegan Discussion Group

And all the top rated comments promoted r/vegan sub-reddit, so that at least has popular appeal among her subs.