New Beginnings: A Vegan Video Resource Library

Building on small youtuber’s ability to draw people into engaging educational videos and follow up channel content, their journey and how it impacts you, I’d like to build a resource library for making that content more accessible and maybe even encourage dialogue about what goals we share in common rather than the already plentiful dramaful takedowns.

Part 1) Is collecting lists from diverse youtube channels, in the process of listing I can help point out videos that don’t belong to any playlists on the users channel for easy updating:

Part 2) Is grouping together the same type of content like ‘What I eat in a day’ or ‘Ethics’ on one page to give people many channel options for diverse youtuber’s broaching similar issues from various takes that appeal to them:

 Part 3) Is transcribing more video educational resources into text for quick consumption, skimming, sourcing and linking:

So let me know what you think? Have you seen any vegan channels broaching important points of nutrition, lifestyle, advocacy or philosophy related to veganism, or even want to list them yourself and link in the comments below, all you need to do is tell me if you’ve captured a full list of all their videos or just in part the most important ones relating to veganism.

Here it is in it’s early beginnings:

Vegan Video Resource Library

That’s all for now folks.


Activist Journeys zine – a call out for radical submissions


Always open for new contributions – Watch this space for updates

Personal solutions which helped you keep on going, finding your place in something bigger than yourself.

– Developing skillsets and philosophies for achieving more, as one person linked into an entire movement, than anyone could do on their own.

I’m looking for collaborators as well as contributors. I am interested in the activist journey: I’ve come to see it this way and I’d be interested in hearing from others who can relate to this: my experience and observing others is that it begins with a growing awareness and resentment of social, political, corporate injustice – to a belief in ones own ability to effect change through direct action.

What for you, was the trigger to direct action, to militant activism, rather than a more validated or socially acceptable predisposition to dissipate anger through ‘grumbling’. Once active, what sustained you? What personal beliefs, experiences, made you ‘other’ than the norm, kept you in there from one campaign to the next?

My experience arose from abusive relationships which made me sharply aware of, and determinedly fighting, abuse of any kind. Then through experience of the activist struggle, relationships, direct actions, campaigns, travel, deprivation, joy – there came a realisation that in and of itself, direct action is less directly effective than at first hoped or expected. A wondering at ‘what I am personally achieving’ and, is it enough.

At first in this stage, I experienced disillusionment, and something close to burn out. And then I found that there survived, the human spirit, innate optimism that drove me in the first place and then an innate excitement, a ‘what next’.

There are so many stories out there of disillusionment and burn out, but if you can relate to this process, this ‘what next?’ or something akin to it, I’d be really interested in reading about this in your writing.

What drove you and what sustains you? Was it the advice and support of friends, was it your understanding of events as they unrolled, was it things you read, or listened to, elements of all these things? This is where I am right now, and I’d like to hear your journey to here, or to the somewhere near here where you are.

We won’t be able to publish everything that gets submitted, but may hold articles for future issues with the consent of the authors.

Wordcount Guideline: Articles should be between 1000 and 3000 words.

We are also looking for radical artwork so please submit high resolution copies to


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Further Reading – Suggested Topics

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26Activist Journeys Pilot pdf

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