New: Campaign Networking & Collaborating Space

I’ve created a discord directory of online communities; anarchist/socialist, vegan/freegan, atheist/religious, language learning, etc.

Plus campaign networking & collaborating space.

Check it out:

>>>> <<<<<

community discord directory

What is Discord?

Discord can be thought of as a hybrid chat messenger (ICQ, MSN, Yahoo, Skype etc) and lightweight social media platform for focussed groups or communities to interact.

The site is available for free on the web, or as an applicaton on your phone or destop. While the design aesthetic leans toward computer gaming enthusiasts, as a platform it has been embraced by many varied groups and for many purposes including activism. If you can think of a reason why people might want to get together and share content and ideas or just be sociable, there’s probably a Discord server out there or anyone is free to make their own.

While voice chat is an available feature, it is entirely optional and many groups focus much more on simple messaging and content sharing.



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