The Fox Hunting Debate


I grew up veggie in North Wales, so debating with friends who were from farming,  pro-fox hunting families questioning my vegetarianism was part of the reason that pushed me to go vegan when I was 15. Anyway, a fair few of my facebook friends are still farmers, pro-fox hunting and this last two weeks I’ve been in this long debate over the issue. You can tell tensions are high, but have really valued the chance to hear people’s experiences and re-visit this part of my past.

Fox hunting began with groups of farmers going out with their dogs and attempting to kill ‘the problem’ fox that had been daring enough to kill one of their domesticated animal ‘property’ the night before. Soon after it became a sport associated with aristocracy. Artificial dens were built into the land to keep the fox population artificially high. Foxes were even exported to Australia and New Zealend so they could be hunted there.

Today there’s supposed to be a ban in place that outlaws hunting with dogs, but fox hunters simply came up with a new name called trail hunting where they say they’re either chasing a person riding with a strong scented rag or they laid a scent trial the night before that hunters have to find.

What’s sad is those people who are anti-fox hunting get duped into defending the purposeful killing of foxes, and think they’re defending a harmless pretend game, all the while the hunting community can try to claim numbers at these events represent a will to repeal the ban entirely.

2 legitemate options are open to previous fox hunters who want to enjoy the thrill of the chase:

Drag Hunting, a legitimate sport created in the 1800s which was not intended to mimic animal hunting and is done well away from fox habitat. These have their own clubs with courses chosen for their most enjoyable riding, like race car tracks. A well scented drag is pulled along the ground so that there is no chance of the hounds losing their way and riders have to keep up at a good speed.


Clean Boot, or Bloodhound, Hunts are the easiest to distinguish. The clue is in the name. Bloodhounds. A clean boot hunt uses bloodhounds, as opposed to foxhounds, to chase a human quarry. The bloodhounds search for the scent of running people (one or more runners) who will reward them at the end with praise or treats. This type of hunting is also known as “hunting the clean boot”, and it had already been in existence for many years prior to the hunting ban.



Terrier men digging out foxes for the hunt – Jan, 2019

Credit to North Wales Hunt Sabs, Herefordshire Hunt Sabs & Scum Remover Podcast.



Labour Councillor Lewis Keen on Fox Hunting | Scum Remover #6

Original MP3

In which Gizzie Rascal speaks with Lewis Keen, a Labour councillor for Exeter. When not handling issues in the city, he’s out dealing with issues in the countryside. By disrupting hunts. We talk about how sabbing and being a councillor interact, Labour and the Hunting Act, and different approaches to the police.

Thank you to Cistem Failure for permission to use “The Hunt” as the closing song. Find them on bandcamp here:



Jeremy Corbyn on Education and Going To The People


Jeremy Corbyn Listening & Speaking at Teachers Meeting on Education

Corbyn has been attending small meetings like this all his life and he’s still listening, still engaging. The true test of a man’s character is what he does when no one is watching.


‘Populism’ – The Media’s Favorite Catch-All Smear for the Left | The Citations Needed Podcast #42

With the rise of Trump, Sanders, Corbyn and Brexit, hundreds of pundits, reporters, and talking heads have been warning about the problems of “populism” and its alleged attack on democracy over the past three years.

“Populism and immigration pose major threat to global democracy,” the Gates Foundation insists. “The Dangerous Rise of Populism – Global Attacks on Human Rights Values,“ wrote Human Rights Watch in 2017. “Trump’s Rise Proves How Dangerous Populism Is for Democracy” NBC says. “Populism is still a threat to Europe,” The European University Institute tells us.

But what exactly is populism? How is a term that allegedly applies to Hugo Chávez and Bernie Sanders also casually used to describe fascists and far-right forces?

Under the thin, ideology-flattening definition of populism, the term is more often than not used as a euphemism for demagogic cults of personality and fascism and as the ultimate horseshoe theory reduction to lump together movements for equity and justice on the Left with those of revanchism, nationalism and explicit racism on the Right.



New Playlist: Archiving – Vegan vs. Carnist Debate


Earthling Ed vs. InfoWars – See what they included & cut out.

InfoWars reporter goes to slaughterhouse vigil to make heavily quote mined conspiracy video and bumps into vegan street advocate Earthling Ed. Mind-numbingly stupid debate ensues. Almost as bad as the time socialist podcaster trolls infowars reporter when she proposes eating the rich.

See full debate here.


Matt Dillahunty vs. Vegan Gains with a summary from Unnatural Vegan

Vegan Gains makes an ass out of himself trying to corner Dillahunty with Isaac Brown’s ‘name the trait’ consistency test before first understanding the basis of Matt’s philosophy. Attached a video to the end of Unnatural Vegan giving a good argument for why Matt should be open to veganism, basically it helps advance the cause of rationality and secular morality, to not draw an arbitrary line at the level of species.


Vote Milkjar 2018 – “Some people deserve to be raped”

A very disturbed anarcho-primitivist, raw meat idealogue.



New Playlist: Archiving – Vegans Conversing and Debating


Discussing Kalel-Gate with LayVegan, Critical Thought & BernieBro

Analysing the fall out, other vegans reaction to another ex-vegan.

Lay Vegan: I thought this would be a great opportunity to talk about the coherency of labels, the definition of veganism, why incidents like this seem to divide us and you know what’s behind this dichotomy just in like the responses that her video has garnered as these inevitably do with with ex-vegans.


The uneasy à-bas-le-ciel + Unnatural Vegan collaboration

It was a thing once upon a time. Although UV holds the position of not mentioning smaller channels on youtube that they don’t recommend for concern of popularizing their channel, Eisel mentions her ever so often and sends a tweet their way.

They fought the good fight against diet pseudoscience, but it wasn’t to last. They still cover much of the same topics, even covering the same response videos to the same people.

I intended to make a series on their disagreements so as to hilight the different factions of the movement they represent, but after the first video it just became too much of a mammoth task to try and distill down so many videos. I may pick it up again one day:


Wazzup Ask Yourself’s Discord

All started off with this video recording of AY fans sabotaging another vegan project at his encouragement. In the description I wrote an open letter to Isaac and summary of the conflict with the Philosophical Vegan forum to counter his BS framing:

So public invite to your discord, I feel I might as well tell you I re-joined soon as you booted me, I’m really happy to come back under my real name if you’d prefer so you’d see when I was online, can answer questions and be the resident philo/commie punch bag, I just am going to be keeping tabs because you’re spreading racism at the same time as veganism and mixing the two. And it’s not like you aren’t encouraging your fans to troll the wiki and they aren’t vociferously combing the forum for screencaps.

Hope the share links for the Piers Morgan video are helpful, all the best, Theo.

— History of conflict with the philosophical vegan platform —

• AY dismisses FriendEd with poor use of NTT, Brim leaves comments highlighting the contradictions so could address the root implications of FriendEd’s philosophy with him. FriendEd invites Brim on his channel to debate.
• AY takes huge personal insult, starts making attack videos on the forum, portraying us as pushing absurdly complicated advocacy, when we’re simply critiquing his arguments and philosophy.
• At the same time as we’re simply discussing the arguments among a small group on the forum, I’m sharing wiki articles about vegan lifestyle to places like reddit, encouraging others to sign up and make edits themselves.
• AY pins a comment to his latest attack video encouraging people to troll the wiki, forcing us to lock the space up.
• AY opens up his discord with regular public links, so I release a video recording of them trolling the wiki.
• AY continues making attack videos, encouraging fans to crawl through the forum for information and make memes straw-manning the platform.
• Still being in the discord through public links, I’m able to make short jokesy videos and long recordings of content that interests me (NTT, racism, ethics, not personal gossip).

Racism in Veganism – 2018 Year in Review

  • Isaac defending Cory and Tara McCarthy on race IQ
  • Isaac stating his belief that having mixed race children will likely be lower IQ
  • His promotion of Jack Green while he knew his nazi beliefs.
  • Jack’s full outing himself as classical nazi.
  • Trying to cover his tracks without public retraction and denounciation.


Pirate Radio:


Disilusionment in his idol:




Playlist Updates: Activism – Current Political Movements & Projects


3 Animal Liberation Approaches + 1 Vegan Environmentalist Testimony

Open Rescue vs. Clandestine Rescue vs. Rewilding habitat & Reintroducing wild species. Plus one explicitly environmentalist vegan testimony that I feel we don’t hear enough from by George Monbiot the biggest vegan political journalist we’ve got at the moment.


Steffen Meyn report from the european resistance to coal, Rest in Power

Promoting reporting made by Steffen before he tragically lost his life.

With English superimposed titles. You can watch the original without subtitles here with german title. Also a collaborater wrote spanish subtitles you can access by hitting CC on the orignal video.


Tributes to Şahin Qereçox martyred in Deir al-Zour, Northern Syria (English Subtitles)

Edited this video to bring together the tributes to Sahin Qerecox (Waka), who died fighting ISIS in Rojava, Northern Syria. It’s said he went to learn from and defend the revolution when alliances on the world stage look their grimmest. Before Syria Waka was active in the UK and mainland Europe, working with communities to resist coal mining applications and expansion. He was a gentle man, welcome face around the campfire, a funny, intelligent and fiercely committed activist.

More Tributes by the YPG Press Office, Coal Action, Hambacher Forest, ceremony outside one & two.

Credit to Salem Medjahed and ANF News for the footage. As well as Osendale with help from FurcleTheKeh and Eisel Mazard for all the hard work on the translations


Campaigns & Remberences of Hêlîn Qereçox (Anna Campbell)

Long video, just putting footage back up that was taken down when YouTube deleted the international academies channel. Hopefully mine isn’t next, but I’ll just link to it on my account if so.

More online tributes made into a zine so I could print and share with people who don’t use social media.