New Playlist: Ethics – Authentic Philosophical Conversations


Stoicism & Existentialism; Compare & Contrast

A discussion between Massimo Pigliucci & Skye Cleary, with Daniel Kaufman moderating.

You can read the full color coded transcript here and find the original video on who operate a great vibrant discussion board under each philosophy video too.


Daniel Kaufman On Intuitionism and Folk Psychology

Where a part from one conversation nicely finishes off a part of an earlier conversation that reached a deadlock. Does the “self” exist? & The Scientific Image of Man.


Saul Newman: Post-Anarchism from Revolution

Original video with french title and subtitles. I re-uploaded, gave it an english title and english subtitles so you can read the parts where the wind makes it difficult to hear.

Saul Newman is Professor of Political Theory at Goldsmiths University, London.




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